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The Silly-con Valley | Life of Software Engineer | Harshdeep Ahuja VinesSubscribe for funniest and craziest vines ever.Actors: Harshdeep Ahuja, Surya Prakash Singh, Deepak Panwar, Manisha Soni, Heena Sethi, Ajay VermaInspired by Vipra Dialougues - C-BossEditing by: Harshdeep AhujaLocation credits: Hughes Systique Corporation (Gurgaon)Follow me on:Facebook: (Harshdeep Ahuja)Snapchat: harsh_nexus (Harshdeep Ahuja)Harshdeep Ahuja Vines V11Harshdeep Ahuja Videos V11

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Abhay Jamwal
Reality of today's corporate world.\n\nThe only reason men prefers 15k bank clerk jobs reather than entering in corporate sector.\n\nThe only reason why Indian industries are not much globalised.\n\nThe only reason we are still a developing country.
Abhijeet Bhatt
Every tharki employer 😂😂😂😂
Abhishek Bhardwaj
Sahi dekhya hai yar bilkul.....
Abhishek Kohli
that one was awesome man 😂😂👍👍
Akash Pal
monitor change karne se pehele backup kon letahain???😂😂
Akshay Kumar
bro to good
All 4u
bro family pr vedeo zada bnaya kro nd jb family vali vedeo bnate ho to thodi lmbi bnaya kro
Amanpreet Singh
Monitor change & backup nahi liye was good one :)
Amit kumar dash
This is the harsh reality of not only in corporate world but also in every other offices. The good hardworking talented guys/girls never get apprication/promotion etc. But the good looking guys/girls can get anything without even asking.
Anil Singh
haaye kinni sohni kudi
Ankush Tyagi
IT wale ek dum sale aise hi hai
Anupam Sharma
06:29 backup and monitor ? What the hell was that ?
Arun Kharbanda
Monitor sai backup😂😂😂😂
Arvind Sharma
It's totally true in the IT industry. Apart from this if u are guy from North India then u have to struggle a lot to get job in South Indian cites like bengaluru. If a interviewer is from south India will never select you even the interview was happened good
B S Yadav
I wish that you have 1million subscribers
Beautiful Life
Bahut saandaar acting...
Bhaskar Yadav
Let me give you one example: i worked for a project day and night and trained other new employees as well but there was a new punjabi guy who had my level of experience but not in my field, so he came in started working, although he was good but no where near my proficiency but the way he was promoted in the management really shocked me and that was because of the fact that my boss's boss was punjabi.\nNow this boss's boss of mine was sitting in Australia and you know what in his onsite team there were only and exclusively people who could speak punjabi or were punjabis.\nIts just plain sad how regionalism and casteism is so prevalent in our country and even if they are living abroad their mentality still stays pathetic.\njust let me go into the higher management i will set examples for generations to follow.\ni don't care if you are punjabi,brahmin or is work and people who could be useful should be promoted.\nI hope my generation or future generation learns from this and stays away from such bull crap.\nand it actually begins from your home.\nIts pathetic how some parents force these kind of feelings on to their children
Brock Lesnar
So Indian govt. says that the development of our country is slow cuz talented people go to foreign countries for jobs instead of working in their home country...this vdeo is the proof that in India there's no value for a hardworking& talented people that's why people don't want to work in a place where their work doesn't get appreciated.
English Squirrel
I am not beautiful but my best friend is beautiful. I am talented and have a good knowledge related to work and good communication skills too but still whenever I and my best friend went for interviews, she always got selected but not me despite all knowledge and experience. She is just beautiful but no computer and work knowledge, no communication skills and poor English. I had to struggle 50 times than her to become what I am.
Gaming War
Bhaiya use kyu nhi mila 😭
Gurdeep Singh
ਮੇਰਾ interview ਤਾਂ ਗ੍ਰੇਟ ਸੀ but ਬਾਅਦ ਦੀ ਕਹਾਣੀ same ਆ ਪਾਜੀ
Gurinder Singh
IT Kha he oh me hi hu..
Gurpreet singh
Budget itna hi hai 😂😂
Guru Singh
Aapki har video achi hai par ye vali video bekar hai isme sirf ladki ko highlight kiya hai bekaar video
Harkirat Singh
kamaaal hai
Harpreet Singh
bhai interview wale bus fudu swal krte or salary per hasi atti h
Hemant Bhatia
hahahahaha so relatable..!
Humble Sardar
hahahahaah\ngood siraaa end videoo broo
I'm the best
India tharak Ka desh Hain. Sab sala tharki Hain. Isiliya rape hota Hain. Mother jaat Indian
Isha Maini
This is exactly as my husband(software engineer) says....\nawesome Harsh Punjabi Putt
Ishpreet Singh
I have started relating with this video after landing in corporate life....
Ishu Singla
Banda bande ka bairi hora l, bandiya ki balle balle
Seen this concept earlier but still u were able to make me laugh through out the video. Keep Rocking Paaji.
Karan Chotwani
Actually #Hughes or #HCIL or #hughessystique or #hughesnetfusion has this kind of work culture only...this is for real
Krishna Rathore
Exactly, Is diversity killing IT industry?
Krunal TV
some women like that Girl in the Video sleep with their Boss to get Promotions and Onsite opportunity . Anything to climb up the Corporate ladder Fast . #Shame
Kumar Prashant
This is not comedy reality of private work culture
Kushal Sharma
Bhai monitor me kaunsa backup hota hai
Lakshay Dulani
many lines copied straight from boss video of vipra dialogues
this happens to me everyday
M -
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 \nSuch ma iasa he hota hay
MS Yadav
This is typically a north indian Mentality.
Manish kumar
This is reality
Mr. L
6:19 is epic!!!
Nadeeem Ansari
software field me sirf laundiya bazi hoti hain aur jyadh tr bhaduwe rahte hain
Naved Khan
reality of MNC'S.
Niraj Choraria
P Kaur
sir plzz dont stop making these videos....thnk u so much for making these videos as we all enjoys it so much
Palakshi Nautiyal
it was a good video\nbut it was a partiality between a hardworking employee and a mauj-masti employee. a person should not be discriminated at all. just because a man talks to a girl very sweetly and to a boy very harshly, it shows a prejudice between a boy and a girl. nowadays this is happening in our society. really it was an OK video but still I would give👎👎
Pappu Kumar
is karan se Bharat me Apple Facebook Microsoft Oracle Amazon jaise brand ka janm nahi hota hai
Piyush Dhingra
Maine apke doggy ki pic pe comment kiya tha 😂😂😂😂
Prabhnoor Singh Bagga
ek no pajji love u
Pranjal Yadav RaoSahab
Ye bahut galt bat hai...
Prashant Soni
That's why I didn't select private job option. I prepare for government and proud to be a Central Government employee. Kuch bhi ho kam se kam society me respect aur self respect rhta hai
Raghav goyal
This is the hard and harsh reality of Indian culture.....very bad....😢😢😢
Raja Raghav
great stuff
Ramanjot Sadhal
Ravish Mehta
bahut lengthy video haiii
Eh chped aa dalle gande corporate wale loggan de...
Sabarna Chatterjee
ha ha ha..
Sachin Kumar
Its not about software but in every corporate only beauties have all the fun and they elevate to top management, we call it FACE VALUE.Not so good looking girls should join govt offices or seasoned business houses where promotions are rule based.\nEx. You will see Punjabi girls being successful in all walks in life in compare to talented and hardworking south girls.
Sachin Rawat
Ander ghuske router m debug Kiya.....bc
Sachin Sati
Great work Harshdeep Paaji & team.
Sahil Kapoor
awesome man...
Saikat Bag
Happening with me
Samrat Mukherjee
thnx 4 shearing heard core reality in Indian work culture.....
Sandip Das
hardcore reality -- in last many years of software engineering experience I am saying this is just pure reality
Sangam Barnwal
Anyone 2018??
Shubpreet Kahlon
awesome video unfare with hardworking employe
Siddhi Jakhotia !
Mast video hai bhai I loved it !!!!!!
Sourabh Gaikwad
इसका वास्तविकता से पूरा संबन्ध है।
Subhadeep Ray
Actually no one is much skillful as a fresher, whether the employee is male or female ; And thus new joinees are always leveraged based on their glamour , and sometimes even on the basis of gender, if the manager's two balls(considering both male and female managers) are too itchy.\n\nBut the story quickly changes, once the same freshers continue for sometime within the organisation. Soon the talented and hardworking ones become well known faces to the clients , and the initially leveraged ones become even lazier than before and are thrown out of the job at the next down-sizing.\n\nAll the service based companies work for clients and clients love their job done quickly and efficiently - from the other side of the telephone.
Sunil Tammati
Maa Kasam Aisa hi hota h
Suraj Ahuja
This one is great. i am happy to be a subscriber of this Chanel .you are great paaji.
Swastik Swarup Das
Monitor ka Backup
Technical Singhji ― Official
Best Vines
The kanoujia show
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😂 😂 😂
Travel moments
yehi hote hain....uper wale maze lete hain...or niche wale marte hain...chod k or interview dete rehte hain..
Yaarivanu Ee Manmathanu
exactly what goes on
Zahir Junejo
And phir companies rotai hain, why software developers leaving all the time.
ankita sinha
Had this been the absolute reality, women representation in the Indian workforce would not be lesser than most of the countries...infact I have witnessed a lot of biasness at my work place towards myself and other female colleagues solely because of our gender.
deepa g
that workholic victim boy looks soooo innocent. pity😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
deepak singh kandari
feminists are blind
manan kathuria
Its ur worst vedio😒😧
mohit saini
Router me packet fass gya tha.....lolz
mohit sharma
bilkul sahi bhai......laundo ko to aisw treat krte h......jaise hum alien h
only IT
BC shi bakchodi h yr, me developer h
that moment when ' lagawelu jab ' 😀😀
shahbaaz khan
Tht is the real f**king truth of every single corporate here
steve sexy
he looks like prakash javedkar
sujit gupta
Common.. no one gets CGPA of 4.5.
sunpreet singh
the Eccentric
Critical bug pe kaam kr raha tha :)