Def Leppard 20th Century Boy 2006

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Def Leppard on the Tonight Show with Jay Lenno (2006) performing "20th Century Boy"

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Cebollín WP
Me encanta la banda me enamoré de ella en 1988 con el tema don't shoots shotgun\nI really love this superband\nlead vocal Is amazing ..first theme i heard was .don't shoot shotgun
Chrissy A
Colleen Grail
OH WOW,, Def Leppard will always have some Marc in their heart! ROCK ON🎸
mmamma come godoo!! che ccarica!!\nsaluti da Latina Italia! regà!!
Uzi Patrol
Great post! I love it when a band covers someone that influenced them!
This video sounds/looks like they are lip syncing along with T-Rex's original recording of the song.  Not saying that I think that that's what they actually did, but, usually when a rock band covers another band's song, they put their own twist on it.
c. lince
their drummer is awesome
As covers go this is pretty damned good.
merryn holland