Watain - They Rode On

I do not own any copyrights.The clips are from the Opus Diaboli DVD.

Alex Stockholm
😍😍😍😍 Beautiful Depressive !
Antichristian Tormentowers
\\m/ \\m/
7:48 ...............
Hail Wolves, Hail azerate 218
Black Mirror
Black Ritual
Blair Lilith Medusa Amei a música
I love watain.Beautiful.
Bleak Solipsism
Bruce Laplante
I have not enough horns to raise.
C Pierre
Charlene Gatt
Questa si chiama musica. Musica e alcohol. Che vita!
Chelsea Rae
This song makes me cry.
Cyberus Morphous
this song truly beautiful and the video is every bit as good
Cyrus Mortem
This is perfect!
Czarownica z lasu
Daniel Nates
ilias michoulis, assuming you made this yourself, you've done a fantastic job. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Darth Vaper
very best of WATAIN.......nothing to say...
David Murphy
WHERE IS THE LOVE?!! Wait that's W.A.S.P. whooops
Dawid Sulikowski
awesome song...
Diana Luna
nothing else matters from black metal ...pop's stuff
Elizabeth Sobel
They ,Watain were true students,shall I say disciples of their anti cosmic teacher ,Jon Nodtveidt. Set Teiton is showing the world Jon's spiritual secrets. A masterpiece.
Emilia Koob
Hail Watain!!!!!
Forever Metal
Black Metal ballad song, HAIL WATAIN!!!! \\m/ \\m/
George Darkthrone
μπραβο ρε μαγκα για το βιντεο!
Hanna Carissa Holyshit
Hails watain awesome
voziti bicikl kroz planine i sumrak u jesen
Honza Vaverka
This is pure art...
Ines S.
Wow, so amazing... ;-)
Irén Csicsai
Beautiful! Thank you!!!
Jana Elizabeth Sekelski
awesome!! \\m/
Jason Mcdaniel
Yes!?!? Open ended enough for you! The guilty must be punished and the light must never be extinguished shodows may remain only as proof that the light is not bained! For what is the point in living when living just to die and what is the point in dieing when dieing to survive?
Jewdo Master
Excellent work.
Joan Tavares
NUNCA irá existir satanismo mais cristalino e perfeito como o do Ghost B.C.
Jon Aegon
This solo is soo emotional love it.
Juan Diego Gallego Villada
Beautiful and dark song.
Juan M. Q
Men, this is simply beutifull.
Malice Ninie
Mark Thompson
nice song, but not on the level of their first albums. or the song waters of ain. now that one is amazing.
Michał Kaczkowski
That reminds me of cult Polish horde called Budka Suflera! Hails !
Miguel Mainieri
Congratulations from Brazil! This is a great music! Congratulations! Love your songs, Watain!
Mr Wiseguy Construction Channel
Naughty Cub
Me cuesta trabajo pensar que esta canción es de Watain.
The song is amazing but worse video ever
Olivera Medić
Paco Gop
Μπράβο ρε φιλαράκι,, τρομερό βίντεο, τρομερό κομμάτι.
Pedro DVC
Awesome work, man!!!
R. Hekall
Música muito foda! Ouço zilhões de vezes seguidas! Hail Watain!!!
Rafał Bieliński
its like a Bathory- i am crying, where is my young life?
Ragnar Wotan
Samane Sadeghi
great song for ever
Sandro Warrior
Sarah Stuart
FTW TTD fucking beautiful
Very powerful track. Can't. Stop. Listening.
Shogun Rua
Killer fkn ballad. One of the best.\nNamaste.
I sense a strong heritage from Dissection and Bathory.
Sigurd Anders
AMAZING!!! Thanx for the uploading (y)
Silence is where we are
Nice video
Souless Basterd
Stefanos Alimatiris
ποο!Ρε αδερφε,αν δε διαβαζα το πρωτο σχολιο,θα νομιζα ηταν official!\nτι εκανες ρε μαν...τελειο....ετσι...
Suando Rego
The Inundation
Out of the dark, into the light,\nIn the dawn of terrestrial birth.\nNew-born yet older than time,\nConceived in the depths of the earth.\n\nThough strange lay the waters from which they emerged,\nThey glanced upon the world as their own.\nYet deep in their hearts they knew all the time\nThat this was not really their home.\n\nSo they rode on.\nYes, they rode on.\n\nOn hidden roads, through barren wastelands,\nUntrodden by both man and beast.\nFrom the distance their fire was gleaming\nLike a lamp amidst dark eternity.\n\nA bitter moon hovered above them.\nThe night lit sole by its glow.\nFrom high in a sky of ominous dye\nIn which dark clouds drifted slow.\n\nSo they rode on.\nYes, they rode on.\n\nThey rode with shut eyes as the sun rose.\nRegardless of earth's vanity.\nBut with wide open eyes, they paced the night\nAnd pondered its mysteries.\n\nThey sat at the crossroads with high and with low,\nYet neither could alter their course.\nRiches were offered unto them,\nYet indifferent and without remorse\n\nThey rode on.\nYes, they rode on.\n\nAnd each lonely vagrant that crossed their path,\nFelt how his heart grew cold.\nYet be marvelled at their scarred faces,\nSo beautiful, distant and old.\n\nSome say they've heard them singing\nIn strange tongues of melancholy;\nOf the gods, of the night, and of glory.\nOf the dead, and their memory.\n\nSo they rode on.\nYes, they rode on.\n\nSay goodbye to the light.\nCome twilight, come dark night.\nSay goodbye to the light,\nCome twilight, come dark night.\n\nCould you have rode there with them?\nWould you have joined their march?\nOr would you have them ride on?\nAway into the dark?\n\nWould you have been able to let go?\nOf illusions of right and of wrong?\nAnd if they came to die;\nWould you have rode on?
The Rock Casserole
People used to make the argument that black metal vocalists had not the talent to sing clean vocals. This song proves those folks wrong!! Erik Danielson has a gorgeous voice. Beautiful song.
Twan Jacobs
great song!
Tylog T.
Thats what i call a masterpiece
Vatroslav Morbidović
Uau... Dis iz actually nise.
Hermosa cancion lml
Windprinzessin xyz
I love it \u003c3
Z. S.
ok i have that dvd but i see now its familiar.Thanx!
The Night is here
ad van hoeffelen
Such a haunting song. Excellent!!!
adolfo villanueva estrada
Jon & Quorthon!!!!!
best bathory tribute ever!
domingo yañez
Excelents Feel, Naturals Vibration touch me ...
I agree with the previous comments, but might I add, I sense some Madrugada influence in this song.
FTW~To The Death!!!\nDisciple #628 \\m/
jelo metal
Superbe merci
Salve Azerate!
lycan ov nekropolis
Watain 4 = ever
maxviles viles
inevitable not to think about Quorthon and Jon.......
melisa ilhan
Tapıyorum ya ❤❤❤
impresionante ritmo y solos de guitarra \n\nme encanta esta banda /,,/
nbanville7 YouTube
moi et moi merci 😉😱💪💀👀👻👍✌😎😎♠🍃
paulo ramon
musica muito foda de mas \\m/ 666
shay bangs
This song got me into Watain. I should have gotten into them long ago. Better late than never. Incredible song and imagery. Powerful!
sofia palacios
great song!!!
perfect video greetz from Disciple #559
What is this Song about for English is not my native language
yukthi dwivedi
so beautiful.
Αlεxαndroς papapap
Γιωργος Στρατηγος
great song !!!
Παναγιώτης Παπακωνσταντίνου
this reminds me fields of nephelim wonderful
Евгений Чекуров
So boring)