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I do not own any copyrights im just a fan, every album i upload is an album i own, plz buy the album if you like it thank you \m/1. With Hearts Toward None I

2012 Album Black Epic Full Hearts Horna Metal Mgla None Polish Sargeist Toward With

1999 Media Studios
to the people who disliked this, where's your black metal album?
Abysmal Lord
Great album, I must buy this.
Adam Wrona
zajebiste to kurwa jest  :DD
Akram Souki
i usually listen to this and exercises in futility everyday for the past 1 and a half year is it getting out of hand... ? never once thought i over played it...
Alejandro Lino
Perfecton on the first 7 songs, then it goes to shit, tbh-
Alfredo Beda
I dont even know how to speak this name, but it´s a bloody great horde!!
My favorite song on this album is With Hearts Toward None.
Balázs Pintér
With Hearts Toward None III Brilliant!
Ben Bremer
41:30 .... Brilliant
I'm in love with this album. Perfect blend of classic Black Metal with just the right amount of melody thrown in \u003c3
Brian Jackson
Haven't listened to BM in years as my interest in it is no longer there, but will check it out on occasion to see what's going. For the most part, I couldn't be bothered with it but this is definitely worth future listening. I like the production, a little grimy but still clean enough to hear all the individual instruments. Nice tempo and melody changes as well. Not a fan of nonstop blast beats. This is good.
Błażej Zdunek
kiedyś nie cierpiałem black metalu. Gdy usłyszałem Mgłę, pokochałem tę muzykę.
Carl Bernroth
This is the best black metal album I've heard in years. Strikes a perfect balance of griminess, chill and complexity. Not since the nineties has riffs spoken so deeply to me as on this album.\n\
These guys have the best closing songs
Chris Anderson
The name of the band is MGŁA in english is FOG
Coola Tönten
I would say one of the best black metal albums ever.
Damian Marciniak
Masterpiece. It's a shame such magnificent bands get international recognition while here, in Poland, they are demonized or at least neglected.
Daniel Russell
One of the best BM albums EVER !
Dawid Rogiński
Co to kurwa jest?! Całkowicie przypadkiem odkryłem  niesamowitą rewelację!! Ten album brutalnie wjebał mi się w moje top6, a ostatni kawał po prostu zagina poślady!\nMgła! \\m/
I hope I will be able to see them at Hellfest 2014 !
Drevial Zerathustra
I love the distant guitars in the first song.
Dynamis Prime
I love this and will buy it.
Eddie C
really nice artwork like damn that enhances the music alot
Elena Albucuri
Awesome content, they got lot of talent! This makes me love your metal music, Poland! \u003c3\n!~\ngreetings from Romania \nXD
Erika Lioness
Excellent album
Very, very good album.
Fernando Maldonado
One of the best albums in Black Metal history.
Made by Cracow, Poland...
this is some of the best black metal stuff i've ever heard, it's getting dark right now, time to smoke some joints and listening to Mgla
Now I understand the hype. Powerful release.\n666
no comprendo el por que... pero todo material de mgla es lo unico que puedo escuchar de black metal.... es algo especial... unico... fuera de lo comun... emotivo y crudo... letras que expresan demasiada realidad... y una musicalidad de suma profesionalidad...
Ignacio González Pohl
increible album! 
This music makes me feel so good it's healing me , it caress my soul
Jacob McEvoy
if the recordings were a little shittier this would be gold. still good though
Jakub Zdzienicki
This is actually better than Behemoth\n\nEdit: before you ask why the hell would anyone compare these 2 in the first place, it's simply because Mgła and Behemoth were the only two Polish black metal bands that I listened to at the time of writing this comment.
Jarek Sabrowski
perfect music for d irish weather :)
Joanna Olichwer
great stuff!!, proud of the guys from my town
I never got why people say they sound like Uada
John Lewis
one of my favorite bm albums
Karol Mreła
Nie wiem jakie dragi brał koleś od bębnów, ale w motywie od 35:03 stanowczo przegiął.\nTo jest kosmos!
Katax Emperor
... Thanks for share.... I bought it today .... great work .... \\m/\\m/\\m/
Key North
This black metal has not negative space, nothing is stagnant their is something always moving.
These Polaks know how to play Black Metal better than about 90% of the newer bands out now.. Hail satan and Hail MGLA!
Leonard Kowalski
Seriously.  I love this album
Lisa O
Wow! I think I like this even better than Exercises in Futility.
hm... is this melody somehow mgla's signature melody ? ~ 1:00 I'm pretty sure the same was also in Groza I . \nStill both great albums, they just are sometimes a little too similar
*999,999 views* lol
Mariusz Barejka
Made in Poland and we proud of it !
Mat K.
riff that starts at 11:32 is mindblowing
Nelly C
cant stop listening
Neptabyss, The Atlantean Prince
saluting and giving respct from an all black metal country;greece!XAIRE POLONIA
Rozpierdala po całości.
This band is just getting better and better on every new album!!! A gem in the BM world
7. With Hearts Toward None VII 33:45, name a better opening riff that repeats for three minutes and is still interesting, PROTIP: You can't
Orlando Crowcroft
11.30 is my favourite bit
Patrick Kronberg
*5. With Hearts Toward None V @23:29
I am not that much into black metal but this is amazing.
Raymond Calitri
I need all of this all of the time now
Scor Pion
One the best bands out there.
Shrieking Dread
For some reason it takes a couple of listenings to Mgla before it kicks the door in and captures the listener.
Since round about everybody here uses the term ``masterpiece´´ almost all of the time,\nI'll restrict myself to saying that this release is ``very atmospheric´´.
Tom Joad
It's going too far, much too far saying that this is one of the best albums in BM history; but it is very, very good nonetheless.
Tomasz Bieńko
bought it yesterday, proud of the metal bands from my country!
Tomasz Jureczko
Uczciwy łomot. Przyjemnie się słucha. Od czasów Bathory Return jakoś nie znalazłem czegoś dobrego w tym guście.
Poland!\nThe Metal is strong with you!
Zara Thustra
so good!
I was waiting a long time for a black metal of this type. Plaga and wiegedood come close , but MGLA fascinated me.
aron norrby
ive been to hundreds of bm shows but their show this year was like a top 5 ever. only bad thing? too short
Creative song titles
They killed it in brutal assault 21 ! All i can say is perfection
kocham to zbyt mocno
poland rules!!!
If you liked it - check Odraza, Morowe, Furia, Vesania, Outre, Medico Peste... Black metal as it is supposed to be, not even partly comical, not trying too hard, pure true shit. Simple, yet genious riffs and song composition. Hail Polish black metal scene, makes me fkin proud. \\m/
der todesking
bone chilling atmosfear!
dio kat
One of the best black metal albums in black metal history
haven't heard of them. thakfully up till now - they make my day \\//m
Ta płyta urwała mi ryj. Dzieło kurwa absolutne. Takiej kulminacji sieki, melodii, emocji i natchnienia się nie spodziewałem. Chwała Panowie!
indicamanita hallusativa
in this sound i drown\nintense!
jeremiasz rebelka
Best traditions of polish metal kept alive . I was a teenager during 90-ies (thank you dark lord ;)  - having all those metal bands seemed obvious and normal at the time - but now I think bands like KAT, Pandemonium, Magnus, Vader  are the best. I'm sure Mgla deserves  to stand among them in glory. They take Black to the whole new level.
kazi riasat
its not just another generic black metal album! its a musical thrill with along with meaningful lyrics! hail from Bangladesh!
marcio henrrique
bandaça de Black Metal, na minha opiniao está entre as melhores do gênero
I´m not a big BM fan at all, but this has some kind of strange beauty packed inside and I loved this album instantly.
monika k
fog kidnaps our souls imprisoned in chains of ....\nnihilism
cold, dark, beautiful and authentic black metal.
Wasn't sure what to expect when checking this out, but wow, this is good.
prze mo
nie slucham blaku ale to niszczy jak pierwsze Ulvery
This is pretty bloody good!! Much love! 
One of the very few BM bands that are not partly comical.
dojebana muza!! ;)
i na starość przyjdzie mi zostać fanem black metalu ;0) - żarcik - dawno jestem
αλώβητος κανένας
του σύμπαντος λαρύγγι