Watain - Waters of Ain

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The last track of the new epic masterpiece of Watain, "Lawless Darkness".

2010 armagedda bathory black darkness death dissection fields heavy lawless metal nephilim of ondskapt sweden the watain

Aaron Reskovac
a true connection w/ the Divine
Ailton Vikernes
the best music watain. the best.
10:28 !!!
Areg Melkumyan
I love how nobody cares about the beautiful part at 5:00
Avik Chowdhury
5.00-5.56 magical.
Bears Beets
Get that sweet Bathory vibe from this. Magical
Beast who had Wisdom
Soloing here is beautiful.
Bloom revear
I haven't listened to Watain in so long
These 14 minutes sound so short, magical song
An EPIC piece!!
Bruja Circe
Absolute masterpiece!!
C.I.Feitan Feitan
Selim burn our souls!R.I.C
my all time favorite song. it must be played loud enough to split the face of the earth wide open at my Viking funeral
Cata Muñoz
Great song!
Cory Banasiak
Saturn, great dark in the yonder\nI give you my soul to devour\nSo that I may be judged in your death-like glare,\nAnd purified\nFor thou art the wisdom's keeper\nThe shoreline where truth shall unwind\nA truth that in life I am doomed to search,\nBut shall die to find
Craig T
Guitar sounds like celtic frost in certain parts.
Great track!
One of the best black metal solo ever.
Dav Sand
Please put the lyrics in the comments
Deniz Dönmez
Desi Ozuna
Beautiful luv this 🎸........
Duan Torruellas
this is monumental.
Dylan Aramini
What does \
+RockorangeEdits (The Thrash And Death Metal Fan)  You must check this song out, it is my favourite song of all time.
Eliana Dan
it makes me feel better somehow..
Evangeline Sutherland
I'm a right-hand path Gnostic, but this album and _Reinkaos_ just suggest the idea of spiritual insurrection against the Demiurge. Hell yes!
FNC Danium
Fell asleep on this song omg.. missed the best parts
Federico Rudolph
Lyrics, please? This sounds very good!
Follow your Ethics
I work as a janitor at a hospital, delivering goods. This song came on via Spotify when i made a turn for our autopsy section. It was Epic!
Fuck Nazis
Gablood C
4:12 that riff \u003c3
Gabriel Maia
Epic !
Geert Verthé
Country roads!
Igor Živić
Pure black metal perfection. Definitelly, one of two black metal songs of 2015. The second one is \
Imma Makeup
Damn, this is sooooo god💟😍
J. N.
I can't like this enough, it's so beautiful!
Jeff Fleck
Nargaroth winter
Johan Nordgren
Is this dubbel cd with them, some one know.
Josh Villarreal
one of the best bm songs ever made \\m/
Julián A. González Ibarra
Absolutely amazing.
Kalevi Golay
totally epic !!! it's a shame it has to stop !!!!!
Kevin Marshall
Brought tears to my eyes...beautiful stuff.
Kieran Genovese
Wouldn't say I agree with their ideological views, however I realize a masterpiece when I hear one.
Kishan Patel
Great song rly makes my day better when I listen to this xD
Kuba Mankowski
bloodstock !!!!!!!!
Lars Alpha
Lethal Infection
Amazing intro... is totally darkness and black in the air...
Luca Innocentini
nice song!
Luis Anner Leyva
Marco Hernandez
Saw these dudes with mayhem and rotting christ brutal show
Melody Dovahkiin
This song is one of the most powerful pieces of music I've ever listened to. I could listen to Selim's haunting solo forever.
Michael Aquino
Luke I ain't your father.
Mickey Ram
A TRUE MASTERPIECE !!!! Sacrifice !
this sounds like celtic frost
This song just blew me away👊
In Arabic Ain means tap
Nigredo Putrefactio
Nory Sebaâ
Masterpiece !
Ramon Martin
pedazo de banda ¡¡¡¡¡¡ trabajo perfecto¡¡¡
Rapid Steel
I'd just come.
Rishi Deka
Such an atmospheric, beautiful, powerful, and raw song!
Ritual Sounds
one of the best black metal songs of this decade...
This seems to be a bit more thrashy than typical black metal, is this blackened thrash?
WATers of AIN...\nNice track!
Sinister King
Best track of the album together with \
Sirzechs Azazel
This may really be the best Black Metal song of all time. Of course, classics like \
Skjald The Bardbarian
If anyone doesnt know what Ain is \n\nIts a well thats Eight miles deep... i Drank it in one single sip
Sohayb Chaar
This isn't black metal
Authenticity is key, obviously.
Trace Moore
When I listen Watain. So does my neighborhood.
Where's the repeat function?
Varg Vikernes
r`n`r black music
W.J. Christophe
Incredible swan song from a once amazing band.
Wheel of Ixion
I burnt myself out on Watain, but now the flame is starting light again
Xul Nargal
I had a lucid dream tonight where I saw black purple flames all around me. I have seen the vision of the black flame. im so happy.
Los dioses nórdicos están desatados y lanzan rayos y truenos.
cesar fuentes
Great song!!
One of the few black metal bands out there who actually believe and mean what they are about.  They're bringing the spirituality back into black metal therefore bringing it back to what it had once been but some how became a joke by less than worthy bands.  Hail Watain!
By far the best watain album for me.
jussi __
if only i could press the like button more than once, that solo at the end . . . .
melisa ilhan
mükemmellik \u003c33
Mystical , Awaking Track , that is all i can say
hail evil from croatia
noah gundy
oral orgasmic Orion
if normal people would hear the beauty in this, i would play have this played on my funeral
God damned this is too good.
per ohlin
raam reuven
im not sure why watain are so loved? the solo is nice, but this is mostly just standard black metal with tasty mixing
A touch of old school Morbid Angel here and there....
l love this song!!!!
I love how it slowly fades away in the end. Like, I hate it when it just stops after a powerful song. It's like a shock and I hate it.
typhos 84
That solo is awesome. I hope Selim enjoys the afterlife.
Saturn great dark in the yonder, I give you my soul to devour!
yukthi dwivedi
This right here is art!!!!
Ευγενία Θεοδωροπούλου
με τρελανε.......................