World Cup Team Profile: GHANA

Featuring interviews with Christian Atsu, Fatau Dauda and coach James Kwesi Appiah, this is an in-depth look at Ghana's World Cup history, how they qualified and their current squad (

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Where is Korea Republic? It is the only country that hasn't showed yet...
A Bear with phone 408
Cus damn they gave Germany a fight
Im a proud American but Ghana is going to beat the hell out of us 3-0.
Aalisha Mcnair
Now the usa sees what kind of player Ghanaians are,we could have beat them easily but we underestimated them. WE did NOT think they could throw a ball
Abdula Fuseini
2024 or 2026 it will be ours
Adjetey Boye
8:13 Phillip Lahm took that big nutmegg smoothly though!! heheee
Alex Rincon
Can't wait till the world cup!
Ama Pokua
No public comment
who's the player that made that insane jump at 2:25??
Brayan Velez
Make me proud Ghana! :) Love from Mexico \u003c3
Brian Storm
Dauda: \
Bryan Castillo
I'm a USA fan, and we can't wait to see the match between you guys! We are in no way shape or form underestimating you guys. Our defence is going to have a tough time against your wonderful attack. Best of luck! May the best win! :)
Churmain Alberto
GO ghana
imagine being the old White guy to play for the Black stars.. xD
Im from Guyana, but im rooting for Ghana!!!!
David Jarrett
If Africa is going to take the Cup!!! The Black Stars will do it!!!!! 
Eddy Dnk
gogogogogogogogogo Ghana 
Escape Net
Its gonna be Ghana and Germany. Forget it USA and PORTUGAL!
Ferdie Adoboe
Wow, they mention me at min1:52. How awesome!
Football UCLA
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Henry Ahinkan
Been waiting for this all week. We are going all the way this year.
lets do it Ghana!
Hornstein Production
한국비디오 언제예요?
Ilya Feldman
Ghana is the dark horse to come out of Group G .  I like their chances along with Germany's.  The US and Portugal are probably going to round out the bottom half of the group after the preliminary stage.
Issac Davis
Do people from ghana speak English?
Jack Steinbruckner
lets goooo ghana!!! we are gonna shock the world again!!!
Jadyn From England
Junior Otwey
I'm born in Holland and have parents from Ghana. Holland and Ghana will be missing in Russia 2018. But in 2022 i hope both teams reach the world cup. We come stronger back!!! believe me 😉
Ghana will win 2-0 USA :) i'm sure or even higher :) wish them final
Karim Vlogs
I am from Algeria and I damn love Ghana national team Good luck for all African teams
Khin Ninson
The goal keeper should speak the local language so they translate to English !!! 
This' nice
Marfo mediahouse
Go Ghana GO\n\nYenko Blackstars
Merslaydez/Mercedez Benz
Ghana have lost against USA this year which was shocking. But its okay. Because the US actually did pretty good. But I still thought Ghana could do SOOO much better! LETS GO GHANA!! IM COUNTING ON U! MAKE AFRICA PROUD!
you will be crushed by the United States and it will be the end of you 
Nikos Patsamanis
Onarashin The Peppers' Daddy
I support you guys over USA (who should stick to 'foot ball' and the rest of their sports lol) and Portugal (who are way stronger than ya) but all i can wish ya is good luck. Gonna take  A LOT to beat or even tie Portugal and Germany.
Patricia Aboagye
Ghana need to improve in 2018 and they will
Quophy Brooke
It's about time. The Real Dark Horse
Resie Zuniga
Rober Kwadwo
Obvio que pasamos junto a Alemania #ForzaGhana.
Rome Life
will Michael Kwapong .... Michael yaw kwapong be on the AfCon team I know he is the best 20 year old in the world
Roxy Kalifar
Go go! Ghana, more vim
Ruben T
Best team in the African region. By a long way.
Ghana is the best
Don't worry guys. Ghana will reach the semifinals.\n\nThey have all the potential to go very far, and at the very least I can see another quarter final run if they advance from the group. I hope they do well.
Sri ElechTRIK
AnGGer Jene
Sorry Ghana. USA is gonna win it all!
The One Who Knocks
Wish you all the best, from Saudi Arabia #TeamGhana
Thomas Frempong
Ghana Forever !!!!
Travis Powell
best singers of the tournament
True Knowledge
Decent video... The Black Stars are ready to illuminate over Brasil!!!!
VarinderSidhu ROMANS6
Goodluck guys
W power
Ghana.... wow terrific team!!!
William Steinfield
Great, great team! As a USA fan I wish we weren't in the same group, but if Ghana knocks us out once again I will have no hard feelings and will root for them to go far.
Good game yesterday Ghana. Play like that against Portugal and you might get out the group.
Yaw Obeng
the blackstars will surprise the world..
Zack Parker
I think holland will win the world cup
Zippazz Jr
I hope that Ghana get out of the group and I hope that they get to the semi finals \nIM SUPPORTING GHANA
ahmed alcarori
ok smart views
Such a humble team! I wish them the best of luck 
bossman K
The grp stage will be our toughest challenge yet. Let's go in with the right attitude and we will surely progress.
African teams should learn of Ghana, they play awesome, the have good field position, outstanding players, not divas, i saw them 4 years ago and now they still doing things well, they almost win Germany, for the good of this 2014WC and for good of football, Ghana must qualified at least to quarter finals, greets from Mexico.
feezy hafiz
wheeew    At last...
Everyone in the UK looks like the Monopoly man
Can someone explain why egypt never qualifies even though they usually win african nations??
What a great Team! Greetings from Germany
Tightest group in a WC l have ever seen
johnnytos 94
I  wish  Ghana  has  drawn  an  easier  group.  It  is  so  unfair.  Some  groups  are   way  easier.
manaf shaibu
yes that is right how 3 is the best but i hope am going to be the great 9 as from Ghana
mireillenzeekome God
Ghana will win the World Cup 2018.
The happiest team in the World Cup. They break into songs all the time.
Just want to give a big shout out to Ghana. Out of all the African teams they had the toughest draw. I was a bit wary about Ghana's attack by Gyan and Ayew, but those doubts have been laid to rest. The defence & goalkeeping needs some work.\n\nAlthough Ghana were edged out in the first round, they never failed to score in any match. Any other African country would have been annihiliated and made a laughing stock, but not Ghana, Ghana represented Africa well. They held their ground, and came close to matching their opponents.\n\nRegardless of who the opposition is (whether you have beaten them before or not), never underestimate them, I believe this was the case with the US, which cost Ghana victory.\n\nBig respect to my Ghanaian brethren (via Nigeria). The black star of Ghana shines undimmed.
omar mohsen
after watching by luck this video sorry Ghanaians its time for the Egyptians to make the glory over you in Russia 2018 bye bye black stars :)
I wish Ghana was in Argentina's pool instead of Nigeria.
Black Stars :)
rusty shackleford
My favorite clown team.
only ghana can defend african pride in this WC .
shirleen Amiani
If Ghana and US end up in the same group next year......I swear I'll assume the drawing is rigged!
Ghana nearly won the AFCON 
vanessa q
I love Ghana! Ghana is my team!!!
x Lucker
عمر عمر ان اميناس
برازيل افريقيا