Vishwaroop - Auro Trailer (Hindi)

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Auro Trailer of the film "Vishwaroopam" ft. Kamal Haasan, Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Andrea Jeremiah, Jaideep Ahlawat & Shekar Kapoor.

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my dear sai ... first suicide bomber is not a muslim.\n
Abraham Lincoln
Muslim bros and sis, as a Muslim I have only thing to say.\nstop being butthurt. \nit is not that what's being shown in the movie isn't true. There are finer points of the reasons and emergence of Islamic terrorism and western imperialism but that doesn't mean this movie is some propaganda. grow up
Akhtar Nafees
If you think Why every Terrorist is Muslim?\nCome to Jharkhand, you will not found any terrorism in muslim religion.\nWelcome to Saranda............................
Anirban B
Who are you to decide others life - mind your own business....
Anupran singh
hey guys why d hell r u fighting.......srk and kamal haasan both are very good INDIAN actors...and both r ambassadors of india in the world.....we love them both....iam from rajasthan nd iam going to watch vishwaroop coz d movie is really looking great
Arbaz Shaik
srk is kid compare to the kamal hasan and rajni khanth and amir khan they r heroes wich they got brains srk is the hero works on others brain yash budha mar gaya ab kiski pagdega srk lets wait and watch\n
Arpit Sharma
buddy y u people always irritate whn we say terrorist .... ok tell me three names of terrorist belongs to cast hindu cristhn sikh etc without google\n nd please tell me the cast of osama, saddam,gaddafi , ajmal kasab ,, the people who cut the body part of army man , i thnk theyr muslims bad muslims but my some frnd collg ffrnds are also muslim but they r gud and they dont care about there polictis because thy all r educated nd can understand the things
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Bibu mathew
Rk well done
Chetan Gupta
and chachi 420!\n
Chirag Shah
you know...Actually ANURAG KASHYAP is taking Indian cinema to the world BEYOND the nri market
pl also make movie about 1984 genocide..............when indira and her 30 miilion hindu terrorist army attackted on more than 100 gurudwaras in india and commited genocide of sikh community........
Ganesh Parameswaran
lol, kamal haasan is an atheist
Himanshu Deshwal
Hats off the all muslims who are fightinng for their religion here on post, instead of going on war. They are true humans and muslims.
Iftikhar Awan
kamal hasan is big terorist in the world
Juliana Borges
King Don
Rahul Bose good villain acting plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Rahul Bose aur south indian movies mein villain ka role karo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Magesh Maggi
Very thrilling trailer.....\nnd i hope movie will be so...\n
Mandeep Singh
o that cheap nonsense movie.
Mefith K M
let me tell you something ..Kamal hasan is not a dictator of any religion.He is not beleiving in religions,believes in humanity.He always stood up to the interests of the country.I am also muslim.I saw this film.He is not blaming islam here.In the film his character is also a muslim.He here shows that how a great religion and concept like islam gets blamed by some freaks activities.dont comment on a thing of which you are not completely aware
Miraj Zaman
Fanatic people like you brought this world here. I will pray for you that someday you will be enlighten with humanity and the word respect..
Mohammed Amir Kadam
I feel ashamed and pity of my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, who don't understand their own religion Islam. \nISLAM NEITHER ALLOWED KILLING ANY INNOCENT PEOPLE NOR ABUSE OTHER RELIGIONS. \nAllah Says in Quran, \
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Nikhil Pandey
awesome movie....must watch...
fanatic people like me?? Please say that to your people in Bangladesh and to your muslim brothers in the arab world. The whole world see how human and respectful you muslims are against minorities and people of other religions. Don' try to defend your muslim extremists. Be grateful that you live in a country like USA, far away from sharia law.
Prashanth Ashokan
Comparing Shah Rukh Khan and Kamal Hassan is like comparing Virat Kohli to Sachin Tendulkar. Shah Rukh Khan has the talent, so does Amir, but they haven't done so many quality movies. Amir has been doing good in the past few years, but we need more from him, Shah Rukh has been doing a mixture of good and bad movies. Both need at least 20 yrs more of consistent production of good, quality movies, to even be compared with Kamal Hassan.
Prateek Emblem
ye movie terroism pr bani h naa k kisi religion pr.........isme afganistaan, talibaan, and USA ko target kar ke dikhaya gya h....shahrukh, salmaan sabne support kiya h is film ko.....plz insaan baniye hindu ya musalmaan nahi......being human...!!
Rinku Jangid
You are best sir !!!!!!!!!!!!
Riya Sharma
fantastic.... #india
Did you see Chak De India shahrukh's movie... first watch it then talk about shahrkh's acting...
Unfortunately, Islam is the only religion which has profound and long history of committing murders and waging war in name of religion till date.The problem with Islam is it says Islam is the 'only' superior way of life and asks its followers to spread and make others to accept it.\nIslam is the only religion which has more fundamentalists who are ready to kill kith and kins in name of allah. show me suicide bombers from other religions kill people in name of religion?
Salman Siddiqui
@sid62 or whtever first chk and verify that many of the non muslim people are also u know d name of ABNES(akhil bharat nepali ekta samaj),india me ye org top list me aati hai or do u know the name of tamil tigersor all tripura tiger force or communist party of india i.e maoists. tnla and tnrt u know all these....they are all terrorsit org....and do u know they are all not \
Shakir Shaikh
film banane se islam ko describe nahi kar sakte \naap apni sooch pe rahu ham hari sooch pe ..............\n
Sunwiz Moktan
why don't you upload full movie?
this movie would have been much better with chachi 420 running around with a gun lol
Vasundhra Sharda
vishwaroopam is a outstanding movie......i love d movie and kamal hassan he desrves round of applause for his acting:)
Trailer looks good enough for a Bollywood movie. Cannot compare with Hollywood, the loud background scores & music adds too much drama. CGs, direction & cinematography in action sequences are not at par with Hollywood action movies. @1:32 the running guy gets in the SUV breaking it's glass, too lame and Bollywood style..
Vicky Masih
Vigneshwaran sukumaran
u bullshit u are a just a mud in front of him,first understand it!no one can make a movie like him,we have to be proud to have in INDIA
Zubair M
Togadia, Modi, Bhindranwale, Bush, Ariel Sharon, ashok singhal, manohar joshi
ahmad javed
This is the stupid movie of a life time. Kamal stop making movies or retire.
anush garimella
Amazing film!! To all my muslim brothers and... maybe sisters (not sexist) Kamal Hassan is a Muslim in the film
As famously said by a world leader, \
binay sahani
It is far better than tiger zinda h
u do know that Shahrukh's Red Chillies did all the VFX for this movie. Shahrukh has just as great of a vision for Indian cinema as Kamal Hassan does. Shahrukh's focus however is more towards the technical aspect and the manner in which stories are told while Kamal Hassan's focus is largely on the stories and direction aspects. Don't compare please. I'm a huge fan of both. And I would for the two to come together again asthey both amazed me in \
faiz malik
Nice MOVIE.\n\nKAMAL sir is the best.\n
honest guy
''ISLAM''Aman or bhai chara ka Mazghab hai or''ALHAMDULILLAH'' wo Deen hai jo puri dunya mai sub se zayada tezi se pelraha hai,or kashmir mai india per,or palestine mai israel per or afghani,mai america per Jihad bilkul faraz hai samje kameeni,qk wo apne mulk k leya larrahai hai apne azadi k leya kameeno,tumhari Rss or bjp terroist pelrahe hai Muslim k khailaf Samjota express mai Muslimano ke khoon k zeemawar kon hai tum sharabi log or kon Babree Masjid Makkah Masjid shaheed tm ne keya or ter hm
kam luve
sharuk,,, worst over actor in history of india cinema...only mind less people watch his mindless movies\n
kamal tomer
Second Name of Terrorism is ISLAM\n\n
flop movie. waste of money and time. bakwass.
Do you know how long Kamal Hassan's movie career is ?\n53 years.\nShahrukh Khan's age : 47 years.\n\nShahrukh Khan is too small to step into the shoes of Aamir Khan, forget legends like Kaman Hassan.
pravin raja
ahmad javed abhe chuthye kamal haasan kon hai malum tuje lovde movie samja nahi thuuuu aisa international level peh movie nahi dheka rega
salman kabaap
dont forget that kamal hassan is uneducated King khan is educated guy
saroj saphi
Bakwasss film.. Flop
saurabh sharma
persons called terrosit just used the name of god allha , becoz they can hide there real mistakes of life in front of their religion person . all countries are wake up ... so i hope with in 10-1`5 yrs all terrorist will be killed by fbi , raw and some by our indian army\n
agree with your views except that Sharukh pursues technical brilliance - not. Kamal does. Srk just pumps money into his production house. His movies never seem leverage that say Ra.One which was a blunder otherwise. I do like him but the fellow has not been up to the mark at all.
sheik babu
if you think kamal hassan is against muslims check out my video indian braveheart in my channel (it is his dream project the most expansive movie in india ,not yet released ) the name of the movie is marmayogi or marthunayagan ,many producers came like wal disney and paramount pictures later all of them backed out so he could not finish the movie .there he is a muslim so am i a great muslim (wahabi) just like the talibans and saudis yet i like him cause i know he is not against muslims .
what happened in gujarat is of-course condemnable. but again, it started with a few muslims burning the sabarmati-express. Upon it, the main accused was a maulvi -Maulvi Umarji. Similarly, the bengal riots during partition was started by muslims on the \
srkfarsh khan
dhayyuus movie in the world
suresh raghul
one of the best spy thriller film Bollywood can never make a movie like this
vikas soni
kya bakwaa tralar hai pure trailar me sirf goliya chal rahi he bom fat rahe he ek bhi dailog nhi ghatiya hogi movie bhi