placebo- 20th century boy feat. david bowie (T-rex cover)

Download videos:

enjoy =]

20th bowie boy century david feat placebo

Great band Placebo and great combi with Bowie. Of course Bowie remembers Marc Bolan, who was a personal friend of him.\nThey sang together both in songs of T Rex and songs of Bowie.
Cassie Anne
How did I actually JUST find this video???
My guitar teacher who I no longer go to has the same headless guitar that bowie has :P\r\nAwesome song by two awesome artists
How did I not know about this performance! It's absolutely brilliant. Thanks a lot for sharing :D
Karolina Urban
Here David Bowie doesn't like who has under 50 y.
Michael Norris
sounds like good stuff . love it
molko = cunt\nbowie = god
thats so great thank you! long life to glam music!!!