Along came Polly - Sandy Lyle speech

From the movie: Along Came Polly (2004)Sandy Lyle speech...

Alec Baldwin Along came Polly Philip Seymour Hoffman Sandy Lyle Scene funny

Ben Milliron
Sandy Lyle is a rock star! Bloody Rippa!
Benjani Nuelz
I clear my throat like this now
Darin Velikov
Indurby and Friends... OMG!
George Pope
Of course, you never ask, \
Germán Maldonado
simply perfect, thanks man. RIP
Glenn Clark
his spleen burst?lol
God Chaos
This proves white guys can bullshit their way into anything.
James Gatz
If you like this scene then never watch this movie on a channel called 5star in Britain.
Jaset Wells
Alec Baldwin’s facial expression during Sandy’s speech kills me every time
Jose Osorio
God I love that man. So awesome.
Justin Gomez
His spleen burst, LOL
Kael Salvz
Klauz Belmont
1:36 always cracks me up lol
PSH is an absolute legend. Miss him dearly
Leo Nards Bro
MMmmmmmmmmmm. MMMMMMMMMM!!!
Marcus Godfrey
0:11. \
Martin Šlesinger
Im gonna vomit haha
Os Musick
Freaking Genius !!!!! RIP
Pavel V.B
This scene made the movie!
I mean, he's a sexy guy right\nAnd he is sexually active in the community.
Robert Ferguson
One of the funniest scenes of all time. Plus it has such replay value! Can come back to this every year or so and get a big laugh. I miss Seymour Hoffman. He was awesome.
Rocco Drums
the best scene...!!!
Ruben Delgadillo
Damn pussy pubic hairs!
Ruben Martinez
Trump is also sexually active in the community!
Inderby & Friends lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Hufford
best actor of all time
Silverstone Serenity
RIP Sandy, we miss you.
Every time I clear my throat, I think of this scene.
Stephen Oe
he was great oh damn
Ziggybam Murphy
This was easilly on of his best roles....I loved him in this movie....Just a complete hilarious slob.....he was classic...a true underrated comedy..
My Dogs name???? Sandy Lyle Koufax
I'm in a public speaking class and forgot that I had to give a speech that I had 3 weeks to work on, this was my inspiration
I was laughing so hard just thinking of this scene. I'm so glad somebody put this up. *Clears throat* thanks Phillip I'm in fucking hell this helped.
fukqyou asszhole
He was right Leland didn't die but he took himself out with a broken bottle of Louis XIII.
which goes by the last name ripper first name ... ----\u003e .... last name ripper ...
Life, health AND automobile insurance 😆