Placebo - 20th Century Boy Feat. David Bowie [The Brit Awards 1999] HD

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Placebo 20th Century Boy Feat. David Bowie Live at The Brit Awards 1999

1999 20th 720p Awards Bowie Boy Brit Century David Feat. Live Placebo The at hd suckerlovehd

For placebo, this must have been a 'now I can die' moment. Lucky bastards.
Sad Molko was overlooked for the 2016 Brit Awards tribute they were very close friends. Brit Awards going for commercial appeal over who Bowie would have preferred.
Adrián Saldívar
I dont know why that crowd ws like nothng happened....
Amanda Wilson
Bloody hell \nThat's good!
Isn't it cool that molko sang this as the soundtrack of a movie that kinda is about bowie faking his death?
Angelic fruitcake
Awesome as ever x x
Benjamin Thomas
Looks like a Steinberger guitar L-Series guitar. They didn't have a headstock, so the tuners were at the other end of the guitar, and the odd shape of them meant a lot of people referred to them as \
Blue R
Holy WOW this is greatness!!!!!
Buster Nutt
Very cool.
Carolina Acosta
I Love Bowie
Chá de Hortelã
Cindy Burrell
A moment in time
D.M.I Disturbed
Great to see no dislikes and what an epic version of the song, love bowie and placebo and you gotta love t-rex.
Daniel hernandez
Danny Den
what a fantastic BLAST! David Bowie RIP Marc Bolan RIP both in Rock Paradise
Dirce 17-04-1953 Barros Sbravartti
fantástico lindoooo demais
Domniki Lagonika
Holy shit! Did I just die and went to Heaven?!! OMG!!
wow David looks fantastic! (but thats nothing new)
El Bonsu
Hate the eye make up David,
Elena Medvedeva
I adore the song and DRJ of course))
Fiona Maclean
it must have been amazing #placebo @placebo
Gary Strachan
Bowie was excellent placebo were awful and ruined the song lyrics
Gemma Cooksey
r.i.p David Bowie xxx
Gustavo Pedro
Aylai love kis ♥me encanta edii muak♥ gusti
Hugo Santana
incrível! melhor cover, esses dois juntos sempre é show na certa, talentoso David que faleceu, mas sempre no coração de quem ama a música e o Rock.
Damn it ! Placebo and Bowie on the same stage !!!!  :D\nAnd the song is wonderful and wonderfully interpreted !!!!!!!!
James Fichaux
R.I.P. David Bowie
Julia Devitt
I was waitressing a table at the back that night. I deserted my table for this, so glad that I did. Fantastic!
Kevin Clepps
a T. Rex song by David Bowie's friend Marc Bolan
Kkakadd Campo
Lizbet Ibañez
my heart \u003c///3 happy birthday bowie
Luke Napier
Interesting that both Brian and David sing the wrong lyrics. Robin Hood?
Melissa Williams
Superbe reprise d'un des plus grands titres de T.REX dont le leader Marc Bolan est décédé trop jeune dans un accident de voiture . Magnifique hommage et magnifique prestation De Brian et David .
Michael Schatz
Love it! But given how Bowie wanted nothing to do with the project where Placebo originally covered this, I'm still having a certain disconnect.
wtf is David using to play?? XD never seen this performance, thanks for posting!
Nick Garrett
Bolan genius
Omar Vicente García Sánchez
Diganme si estoy en lo correcto, pero las coristas de esta presentación son Jordan Bailey y Georgia Lewis. las mismas que estuvieron con Depeche Mode durante la gira del Exciter Tour y que aparecen en el DVD One Night In Paris.
Placebo Is Life
Russell Barnard
Well, I liked it.
Sai Shalala
I'm a poor fangirl watchin' this, mercy please. Bowie & Molko, the perfect duet~
StarWarsfan100110 1
as much as i love this... that placebo dude has zero clue what the lyrics are. lol...i cringe every time i hear someone say \
Sybil Collas
I'd pay for an HD sound of this.
Tamara Klüver
Tayler Allwood
Teagan Mago
A bit funny, isn't it? Bowie threatened to sue the producers of Velvet Goldmine for creating a story to similar to his. This song was on the soundtrack.
Tiago C
Bolan, Bowie & Brian. That would've been a great project. :)
Travis Thornton
how do you stand still to this?!
Undead Countess 1334
Great cover of T rex
Jan 1st 2017 and still loving it.
Bowie covering Marc, two legends never to be forgotten
Zal Moxis
Yukko........... zero feel....
Why do all the great duets seem to involve David Bowie?
Awesome !!!!!!!!!
colin wright
You would have thought Bowie would have got the lyric right!!!!
derp derp
That squeeky bitch shouldn't be singing with Bowie.
Looks to me as though David and Brian should have swapped guitars before performing... The size differences! xD
healyourself xx
So cool.i love this cover.lucky to see david bowei also here.i have lots of respect to him.RIP.
julien bastiani
luc luc
Man i need TV when i got T.REX !
tremendo, excelente na da mas que decir ..........................potente
Awesome performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...\n
mariale duque
so amazing... it should be millions of views
I'm a little old for Placebo but after watching this maybe I need to check them out.
cool to have it posted by Placebo themselves on their FB page :)
I knew this song since a very long time but never with David Bowie's \
What beautiful babies Bowie & Molko could have made
sonic jet
what kind of guitar was Bowie playing with? :) looks like a stick with some strings, Placebo rock the T-Rex cover
not even the immortal bowie can make that absurd guitar all right. yikes.
If only Prince had been there then he and Bowie and Molko could have dug up and bumraped Marc Bolan's corpse, which is essentially what they all based their careers on anyway.
God that bassist is tall.\n\nGoogle tells me that Stefan Olsdal's Height is 194 cm or just over 6' 3 and 1/2\
They absolutely butchered the great Marc Bolan song, I'm sure Marc was rolling in his grave as they sang and played this.
trudie wingfield
Wow - two of my favourite musical heroes together! Thanks!
t rex meets the cure
David and Brian would've made a sexy couple.
he says \