Honduras: World Cup Profile

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Can Honduras win a World Cup match for the first time in team history this summer in Brazil?Check out Howler Magazine:

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3lite Crusader
Damn these losers go to the World Cup but Sweden doesn't...
LOL Palacios.
Abraham Gates
Don't be surprise if Honduras makes it to the next round..we grow some balls when it really comes down to it. If not, ask Mexicans that they love to talk crap and we beat them.. AZTECAZO!!!
Admir Rahic
Can you do Bosnia
Adrian Tello
Do a team that can actually win the World Cup,like MEXICO,VIVA MEXICO
Alex fregosi
They wont win a single game
Hell yeah baby! Finally I see something about Honduras on kicktv !!! So proud to be from there! Arriva Honduras!!! Tegucigalpa!!
Ana Murillo
Honduras, to Brazil. \nJune 2014\nHappy\n Viva la H
Andres Lanzas
finally it came!!!!!!!!!
Andrew Klang
Lol Honduras FTW please get to the second round
Honduras is probably the worst country in the World Cup LMAO they're gonna lose every single game & it'll be a miracle if they even tie a game
Underdogs? Good. :)
Bob Muller
Do USA please kicktv, #1 of CONCACAF :)
Brayant Castillo
Lmao Im From Honduras and I find it funny.
Brendan Flaherty
Kick TV! The leading goal scorer is Jerry Bengston!!! He's from the revs. The one player we have in te WC... Damnit
Brian Montes
So much ignorance in the comments, damn, just grow up.
C D Pineda
hahaha great vid!
I dont get why everyone is down talking us we work hard like everyone else and managed to make it we may not be the best but we have surprised big teams before and can do it again
Cam Dally
I'm Australian but I'd love to see Honduras do well!
Cesar Garza
hundunegros pan calientes cualquiera los compra o se los coje jajaas putos ccccerrrroootes asi se van a casa.... marcando cerotes de gol ceroooo
Craig Ward
emilio izagurie celtic loves you more then you will know ooowoaooo haihail
There's like a Hispanic war going on in the comments lol
Eduardo Lobo
That last comment was uncalled for.  It's pretty dangerous here, but damn people that is such bad publicity.  These fuckers at kick tv should moderate themselves.
Finally Honduras been waiting a while for the profile
about your joke of be carefull, some guy say \
Fernando Zelaya
Come on KickTv! Can we leave the 'murder capital' schtick alone? Can you focus on how the other 99.9% of Hondurans work hard honestly? How the team keeps together no matter what? We are in the 2014 WC and that is what matters.
Honduras got violently raped in the world cup ! Hahah what the hell happened there hahahah didnt even win one game and got mangled by every team in the group !
Gabriella Vallecillo
Viva Mi pais bello. The fact that We have made it there is good enough for me. Honduras is the biggest underdog of the World cup. Yea We loud and aggressive But It's the World cup. Wtf else you expect.
Gurpreet Singh
Are they only gonna do vids about the underdogs or about countries like spain and brazil aswell?
Hilde Venegas
Horacio Avilez
Javier Sanchez
The murder rate joke wasn't necessary
Jelon Hotskull
Really like the world cup profile vids. good job guys
Jerry Domingo
Viva Honduras!!!!!!
Jesus Gameros
Costa Rica can surprise. Don't count them out yet!
Jona 10
Are you guys counting this World Series that Honduras is qualified for ? If so the actual number of World Series that Honduras has been in including this one would be 4.
Jose Antonio Rodriguez
Honduras sucks they were never ment to in a World Cup.
Jose Pancan
I love the music
Joshua De Alba
Honduras is garbage!
Karla Chavez
The murder rate fact supposed to be a joke was unnecessary and tasteless.
Kevin M
Good as mexico? Honduras got more wins and points in the hex then mexico.
KraaPzZ MaN
Doo Ghana!!
TITS!!!!!!!!!!! That is all....
Leon Noel
The fact about Honduras having the highest murder rate was offensive. And specially the comment below that. \nIf you never been to Honduras please don't comment. \n\nAnd forgot to include Andy Najar, Carlos Garcia and Jonathan mejia in your European category. (If that matters anyway)
Leonardo Castanheira
Definitely title contenders. They're not known as the \
Luis Guillén
Viva Honduras!! My amazingly and beautiful country!!
Marlon Ramos
Decent vid.! These are players that play for the love of the game with little to no structured soccer schooling. I am Honduran and proud to see a country like mine go to a second WC in a row with less than a tenth of Mexican National team budget. Less than a then!!! BTW, this is the second in a row and there will be a third and fourth mostly because there is outside interest coming in due to the cheap talent, and part due to just being in CONCACAF hehe. Suerte muchachos
Matt Andrade
Do the next one of these on Ecuador
Michael Reyes
You guys might think im crazy but mark my words, Honduras will pass group stage but will get eliminated after that.
Pedro Larach
Honduras is the best
Power Money Respect
Song name?
That Costly guy is my friends uncle
Roger Castro
Emilio Izaguirre, Celtic loves you more than you will know oh oh!
nice! but i also want a video of my country.... G R E E C E !!!!!!!!
I'm from Honduras :D
The American Soccer Guy
So when do the countries that matter come? Can you at least mix them in there. I have ignored all of this up until this one just to write this lol.
I saw Honduras play against Brazil once, they were insane it was only 2-1 Brazil they're actually good contenders!
Still better than Mexico and England. But they should reduce the WC to 24 teams so that teams like Honduras don't waste our time
Victor Bernardez plays for the San Jose Earthquakes and is such a rock
Victor Manuel
Mexico next please
wait. Who ARE Honduras? :/
carlos oyuela
i dont know why hispanic people talk shit about honduras they all should hope that the concacaf do good in the world cup im from HONDURAS oviously but ill scream every goal that the teams of the concacaf make
daniel albo
Only teams i l am rooting for are from CONCACAF and EU
deven mathur
nice music
The only thing I dislike about Honduras is how dirty they are. Not the people, but the players are insanely violent.
I hope honduras does well! Saludos de un mexicano americano!
jinson buri
So one for ecuador
jonathan garcia
Honduras isn't exactly a good team, but they can at least get one win, I mean, just look at your group, Honduras should make it out of this group, if they don't , then they suck more than I thought they did.
Make one of Argentina
Yet another team that is worse than the likes of Sweden but only gets in because it's on another continent than Europe.
luis Valverde
from confacaf i think the worst team is mexico , they suck
Can't wait for your video on my country... S W I T Z E R L A N D !!!!!!! HOPP SCHWEIZ!!!
Opponents better start taking Zumba lessons 'cause you'll be dancing all day. Adelante Honduras!
pato SO
Honduras is a good country they don't waste time they starting to challenge other countries and beating Mexico in the azteca. Yall just talk without knowing shit
Muma ain't retiring until he gives the Quakes another Shield and MLS Cup!
Do Mexico!!
The murder comment is completly unnecessary. No other country had a comment as disrespectful as this. What are they even trying to say with that comment \
raza prego
Hijos de puta todos los mal vivientes que hablan mal de mi país porque cuando los verguemos en el mundial ahí van a ver que somos mejores que esos cerotes
Honduras!\nIve been waiting for this profile, so excited hopefully we get our first win and make it out of groups\nLets make history catrachos!
I LOOVVE HONDURAS ......either we loose or win ,if you like us or not , because at the end the day we make our soccer parties The crazies!!!! and we enjoy them when they play :)
Hey Honduras beat Mexico, USA, Venezuela and other big teams. So we are somebody. We worked hard just like every team in the WC. So respect La H because we are as good as everyone else.
Awesome video. But I do have to say as a Honduran I am deeply offended and think the murder rate statistic is overplayed and an unnecessary cheap shot. San Pedro Sula for example only has 1 morgue in like a 5 \