World Cup Team Profile: HONDURAS

Featuring interviews with Noel Valladares, Maynor Figueroa and coach Luis Suarez, this preview looks at Honduras' FIFA World Cup (

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Adelante Honduras! 
Abrahan Murillo
Honduras vamos con todo
Whoever makes World Cup can't be bad. Simple.
Alejandro Mejia
Marathón is a big club, too! 
Andres Zamudio
Sorry but Honduras was probably the worst team of all of the 2014 fifa world cup group stages
Andy Park
4-0 against korea lolol \nGood luck
Anthony Quan
Let's go honduras!
Bob Clover
C'mon Honduras! I'll be supporting from Wigan.
Bobby Mora
great country full of great ppl. HONDURAS!
Brayant Castillo
You guys forgot about Marathon:( the other big team
vamon HONDURAS!!!!!OBJETIVOS: ECHAR UN GOL Y GANAR!! si se puede !!
Increíble la cantidad de vibra positiva entre los miembros CONCACAF y los demás países del área, que bello! así debe ser brothers!! nunca olvidemos que todos somos la misma sangre, buena suerte a todos los miembros CONCACAF y gracias por su apoyo al resto de países que disfrutarán de ver nuestros partidos :-D VOLVEREMOS, VOLVEREMOS A CELEBRAR JUNTOS!!
California the Bay
Honduras sucks\n
This time , the whole Honduras soccer Histotry will change , cmon Catrachos let's do this
Carlos Castillo
Lets go Honduras!!
Carlos Vázquez Nicolás
Soy Mexicano, pero por ética y sinceridad reconozco el respetable y sólido potencial futbolístico de Honduras. Por algo están en la copa del mundo, son de los cuatro representantes de CONCACAF. Ojalá puedan poner en alto el nombre de nuestra región futbolística
Carlos Yanez
But someone Bork is leg in hondorus and is name was Carlos arevz
Christian Nationalist
wht does the Honduras national team have a lot of afro players bit i see no blacks in their population?
Daniel Salinas
Somos la Mejor afición en apoyo a nuestra H.... ¡Viva Honduras! ¡Catrachos! Honduras es mi corazón. #PorqueLaHNoEsMuda
Danny's YouTube
Do mexico
David Schultz
I can't believe that a professional institution in the year 2014 would say that Columbus discovered Honduras, when there were over a million people already settled there. It is unjustifiable.
Dennis Deras
Love it thanks guys Catracho 4 ever
Dennis Emilio Hércules Rosa
Vamos H!
Eduardo Castro
Grande Honduras! Orgulloso de ser Katracho!!!!
Eduardo Marroquin
Vamos Honduras! Buena Suerte! De un Salvadoreno!
Eliezer Medina
Que indo se ve mi pais Nicaragua en el mapa con sus dos lagos
Ennio Mongioj
When are you guys going to do a \
Eric Stubblefield
I have an extremely good notion that Honduras will win at the Azteca Stadium on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 just like they did in September of 2013.
Ernesto Moreno
I love Honduras but when they play it does not seem like they want to play! Always just walking around, I see no passion in them anymore.
I love my country! :D #forever representing
Franklin Pavon
Honduras pride baby!!!! #hope
Da colera que todavia digan que paises en este continente fueron descubiertos por Colon.  Honduras un Salvadoreno esta orgullozo de ustedes y el azul y blanco de su bandera. 
Beware of US banana companies.
Algo así de decente pudo hacer Univisión, pero no, prefirieron vender a costillas de nuestras desgracias.
Hayato the Sky Gamer
Et bien bonne chance le Honduras ;) Mais ALLER LA FRANCE =D 
Henry Sabillon
Viva Honduras cabrones
Hidalgo Production
No sé si es de verdad Pero ellos compraron su boleto de vuelta a Honduras el primer juego pero como ganaron 3 ó 4 no me acuerdo o 5 todos estaban en solamente iban a visitar el país y regresar. Pero como que nunca su país iba a llegar al quinto juego pero hicieron un buen juego
Insaneye app's
I can't wait for it to begin and i'm also using Social Sweepstake mobile app to do a sweepstake with my friends... exciting!!
Isaac Campos
Saludos a Honduras desde Costa Rica!
Isabela Stephens
It's disappointing that a country with such a passion for football performed so poorly in the World Cup. They let down the entire nation..
JCR Photography
Waiting for Mexico PLZ 
Jairo Fuentes
Vamos Honduras¡, Nuestro apoyo de su hermano País El Salvador
Jairo Venegas
Buen video
Jared 2nd Channel
Jennifer Maldonado
I love my country \u003c3
Jordy M. Mendoza
VAMOS  SELE...!!!!!!!!!! y VAMOS HONDURAS...!!!!!!
Jose Arita
Nombee ningun hondureño sabe ingles ! Saludos desde Honduras ! A ganar en el mundial!
Julio Meza
This is my Country Honduras
Humble guys, they deserve the support.
Karl Henry
I thought Marathon was a pretty big club in Honduras... like notable at least to be mentioned, but whatever. I'm totally going to root for them in their matches.
Katy Zelaya
Que bonito video :')
Ecuador and Honduras lead the way for Group E!!!
Viva Honduras!!!
Leonardo castaneda
Honduras pride, I love Honduras soccer team 5 stars beautiful country, vamos garra catracha!!!
M. Montes
I'm so so so so so proud of my countryyyyyyy... ★★★★★
Arnold RIP
Marc Zaruma
Honduras is sick
This is my Honduras baby, I'm so proud!
Mario Ng
Glad they are here to make up the numbers
Mitchell W
Do Korea! 
Good luck from Algeria
France - Honduras 1 - 1\nHonduras - Ecuador 2 - 1 \nSwitzerland - Honduras 0 - 0 \n\nLet's go Honduras!!!
Ecuador 2 honduras 1
Nazli Nazareth
Arriba Hondurass!!! Catrachos!
Nicks Corsair S1 Tips
Nation's like Honduras and Costa Rica will always produce talented players because football is part of the nation's DNA.\nI hope Honduras play with more belief and confidence at this world cup. At the last one they were more concerned with making sure the opposition didn't score rather than trying to get goals themselves. It's a tough group, hopefully they'll get their first ever win. \nThey have more experienced players now as some Honduran players have played for English club sides
Pastor Felix
Honduras Siento que Este Mundial haremos Historia en lo Positivo
Pedro 8
HONDURAS \u003c3
Even though my roots come from Guatemala, they failed to Qualify for Brazil 2014 i feel that Honduras is one of the two of the Countries along with Costa Rica to represent and try to lift Central America up =)
Grande mi H. Tenemos chance.
Raul Lopez
Honduuuuuras Honduras !!! 
Ricardo Valladares
gracias bonito reportaje, si DIOS lo permite lograremos clasificar a la segunda ronda , y asi representar bien a nuestraconfederacion
Rudi Arroyo-Garcia
My pick from group E! Go Honduras! \nNow.. where's the team profile for Mexico! 
Saul K.K
Wow! que buen canto, mucha suerte HONDURAS! Hagan el mejor mundial de su historia aqui lo festejaremos con ustedes, Respeto. Desde Mexico
Sussan Interiano
WOW! Excellent report :) I'm so proud how Honduras had progressed. I like the positive comments i had read. Thanks guys for the support :)
Felizidades Catrachos de un hermano Salvadoreño, voy estár apretando por ustedes en la Mundial jejeje.
Walid Hm
agostino perrone
Pondran llamarlos de lo peor  oh denigrarlos por ser negros ___________pero para mi seran  Mi GLORIOSA  H.......I  Never let you Down  Boys ....All ways  Be my Heros ..Catrachos Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....
alen boskovic
dinamo bez mamića
c c
I´m mexican and I will be supporting the whole Concacaf region, I wish the best to Honduras. I wish we would stop fighting all the time and help each other out..
Saludos vamos hermanos de concacaf a demostrar de que estamos hechos, saludos departe de un Hondureño....
Saludos desde Mexico, vamos Hunduras con todo, Costa Rica, y claro vamos Mexico con todo muchachos!!!
fuerza Catrachos!
Soy mexicano pero quiero decirles a los hondurenos que les voy a estar hechando porras durante el mundial. Yo creo que si pueden pasar su grupo. Todo es possible! Usa, mexico, costa rica, y honduras, con todo para representar bien a concacaf!
#Honduras #VamosCatrachos #HoySiPapa Remember Honduras took Spain out of the Olympics and Won against Brazil in Copa América so don't rule them out! VIVA HONDURAS!
erick toala
por favor el World Cup Team Profile: ECUADOR
ivan medina
Respect to Hondura from Mexico!
lulu maju
m michels
FIFA Neo-Co;onial mentality. Europeans amd descendent of Europe only have to play to small countries and are exempt from competing against each other.\nThis system keep the inequality and superiority of the eastablished teams. Just like in the rel world economics.\nMoreover Europe got to send 12countries, African only 4. [email protected]!
prettypapiiflacko ha
im proud to be an honduran with puerto rican on the side
Great vid .. Let's go honduras we could strive for a W in a World Cup best of luck..
sweet Teslita
Me encantó :') se siente bonito estar en lugar exclusivo, viva la H!! Catrachos en Brasil como dice el narrador del video :)
Honduras drew against Switzerland in 2010, France is talented but inconsistent, and Ecuador isn't a far reach. Group E is one of the more wide open and interesting groups of the tournament and I'm hoping all 4 teams give it their best and we'll see what happens. Honduras have a small chance but a chance in deed.
why would their flag represent the five countries they have borders with :