KINO - Spokoynaya Noch (Calm Night)

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English Lyrics: Rooftops are shaking under the pressure of the dayA heavenly shepherd herds the clouds,A city shoots its lights into the nightBut strong is the night, great is her power...To those who got to bed - good dreams, good night...I've been waiting for this time,And now this time has comeThose who were silent aren't silent anymoreThose who have nothing to wait for, mount their horsesYou won't catch up with them, it's too late now...To those who got to bed - good dreams, good night...Neighbors come, they complain they hear hooves clickingThey can't fall asleep, it disturbs their dreamsThose who've got nothing to wait for - they take off,Those who are saved, those who are saved...

English KINO Spokoynaya Noch' Translation Victor Tsoi gondola meme Кино Спокойная Ночь

So basically pewdiepie watches a short russian video featuring a clip from a regular show with this music on. It lasts for few seconds, he giggles like an idiot, you can easily tell he doesnt get it.. then skips to other stuff. It was like maximum 10 seconds of exposure. And now everyone in the comments give him credits.. ffs.. degenerates..
A Major Pleb
There's something about that guitar that makes me feel sad, but I can't tell what it is.
Alex Paskal
Что за pewdiepie? Дайте пожалуйста ссылку на это видео. Очень интересно с чего так иностранцы заинтересовались Цоем.
Andres Gonzalez
I love the pic, is the university of moscu i think, with the snow, the moonlight and the trees.... it makes me feel sad, melancholic and a kind of cold sensation... i want to be there listening to this kind of music with a beloved person
Ands Ferrer
Tsoi lives!
Bad guy 777
classic soviet rock, that can get all of the slavs together around one table with bad mood and bottle of wodka...Fabulius.....
I'm Canadian but have always been in love with Russian music. Found DDT, KINO and Lyube in late-2006/early-2007, and even though I don't speak fluent Russian (since then I've learned a decent amount of words I've picked up from movies, music, motoring or rail transport technical terms, and of course mat'), KINO and DDT in particular speak to me, their musical quality is above anything that Hollywood and Nashville, and of course Ontario where I'm from (*cough ugh Drake, Mendes and Bieber *cough *wheeze *choke like the Leafs) could come up with, and the lyrics are straight from the heart instead of prepackaged to fit the sensibilities of Hollywood's backers and what's \
Bepoo Squash
Viktor was a musical genius.
Carlos Martínez
What is that black creature in front of the tree? Also, thanks for the upload!
Daugmantas Petrauskas
If you're going to bed, I wish you goodnight. And to all brothers and sisters that goes into that other \
Favorite version of this. Thank you so much, thought I lost this forever. :)
Draran Buhanovich
Ты должен быт сильным ты должен уметь сказать руки прочь прочь от меня ты должен быть сильным иначе зачем тебе быть ....
Driving along the night in Vladivostok with my Lada Riva...
Eduardo Gonzalez
Here cause l want to learn Russian!
Edvard Sidoryk
*Český překlad*\n\nStřechy domů se třesou pod těžkostí dnů,\nnebeský pastýř pase oblaka,\nměsto střílí do noci broky ohňů,\nale noc je silnější, její moc je veliká.\n\nTěm, kteří ulehají ke spánku, \nklidný spánek,\nklidnou noc.\n\nČekal jsem na tento čas, a teď ten čas přišel,\nTi, kteří mlčeli, přestali mlčet,\nTi, kteří nemají na co čekat, usedají na sedlo,\nuž je nelze dohnat, nelze je dohnat.\n\nTěm, kteří ulehají ke spánku, \nklidný spánek,\nklidnou noc.\n\nSousedi přicházejí, slyší klepání kopyt,\nnemohou usnout, ruší jim to spánek.\nTi, kteří nemají na co čekat, se vydávají na cestu,\nTi, kteří jsou spaseni, ti, kteří jsou spaseni.\n\nTěm, kteří ulehají ke spánku, \nklidný spánek,\nklidnou noc
Egor Kosenko
так приятно, когда иностранцы наслаждаются творчеством Цоя!
Elena Potemkina
Кто понял текст ? Отсюда лучше для себя отбыть . Есть ещё кто - нибудь, кто это понимает или интуитивно чувствует. Здесь НЕ БЫВАЕТ спокойных ночей. И отсюда обязан быть выход. И с пожеланием спокойной ночи этот бардак никак не заканчивается. Здесь вообще ничего не во благо
Erro Vorago
I can't understand the words\nBut I can feel them
Federal Federal
мне 24. это лучшее гитарное соло,что я слышал в своей жизни...невозможно не прослезиться,а иногда и взахлеб \nСпасибо Виктор.....
Hakan TAŞ
The fool movie brought me here. Great movie
Hunt3r v2
im her because of S.T.A.L.K.E.R game and this song is just amazing same as gruppa krovi
Ivan Miasonkin
Только сейчас заметил стоящую около дерева Гондолу.
Jim Morrison
In the description it has beautiful lyrics
Цой пел для Советских людей
Ken Castle
как же плохо и одиноко на душе
Khatuntcov Mikhail
Мощь совецкого и сталинского ампира. \n Мне порой кажется, что Союз опередил своё время. \n Союз - страна солнце.
Kim Jong Un
After months of looking for this from a meme on a deleted video, I finally found it.
King Kachowski
Russian singing is really nice...
Цой жив!\r\nПриветствия из Польши!\nСпокойной ночи всем.
Viva la URSS y su música , it's so cool!!
Amazing song, only found Kino recently, they really great, no idea how i didn't know the band before since the level of quality in their songs are just as good as the top bands from the late 80's and 90's, guess not singing in English really limits your exposure to the world.
Mark Adamenko
I recently found out about the band but when I found he died on his Wikipedia page I felt so sad, I could imagine relaxing to this song in heaven deserving the rest of his life. R.I.P Viktor :c
Max Gaevski
My dad brought me here, one if his fav songs.
Perfect music for driving down country roads at night
Mindaugas Kaminskas
Considering this music was created in former soviet union, huge lack of professional recording equipment, comparing to Western Europe recording studios, or American studios this was... wow, absolutely top quality at that time. Warm, clear, punchy sound.
Misfortune Follows
I'm addicted to it, every time I'm done, I come rushing back to listen to it again... it gives me a great fucking feeling that I just can't explain!
Misha's Fun Channel
Гениальная аранжировка :-)) ,Виктор в своём репертуаре -_0
Are other Kino fans also getting mad at bloody Pewdiepie bringing funny teens which can't say more than \
amazing song, it gives me a vibe i've never felt in any other songs. Its hard to explain but i love it.
Murat İlbay
Electro guitar solo very beatiful
Neo Reptile
Thank God for Shazam
Nicolas Yerkes
Bet you nobody else noticed the Gondola until now. Nice edit
Nikita Perevozchikov
Viktor Tsoi the great romantic.
Thats bring me strange feelings
Omega 1917
That’s unbelievably good, I love it!\nПривет из Польши!
Pavel T
Watchin in 2018 from Canada.
Rahul ydv
Pewdiepie brought me here 😊\nThank you
Great song, also that's the best version 👌\n\nЛюблю Кино, самая лучшая советская группа 😁
This song is unnaturally soothing
You groove you lose
Good night to everyone
Samuel Klest
Цой жив
Serbia Strong
Отличная песня! Поздровления из Польши!
Sergej Nikolaevich
Виктор живее многих живых..
Stanislav Veliky
To think that this was actually written in the Soviet Union.
Stephanie Lightfoot
The first Russian band I was introduced to while learning Russian.
Vladislav Fink
Playlist - SOVIET UNDERGROUND ROCK\n\n1. Ночной проспект - Кислоты (\n2. Промышленная Архитектура - Политический Труп (\n3. Хуго-Уго - Мне Так Страшно (\n4. Звуки Му - Гадопятикна (\n5. Младшие Братья - Вода Окраин (\n6. Элен - Зима (\n7. Тупые - Шоколадное Кафе (\n8. Урфин Джюс - Человек Наподобие Ветра (\n9. Аквариум - Капитан Африка (\n10. Миссия:Антициклон - Если Это Революция (\n11. Гражданская оборона - Оптимизм (\n12. Dzeltenie Pastnieki - Chemodans (\n13. КИНО - Твой Номер (\n14. Игры - Небесные Двери (\n15. Аукцыон - Волчица (
kak dela comrades!!!
Wytse Wolf
Yes, from Pewdiepie, but it's also a good song.
Rooftops are shaking under the pressure of the day\nA heavenly shepherd herds the clouds,\nA city shoots its lights into the night\nBut strong is the night, great is her power...\n\nTo those who got to bed - good dreams, good night...\n\nI've been waiting for this time,\nAnd now this time has come\nThose who were silent aren't silent anymore\nThose who have nothing to wait for, mount their horses\nYou won't catch up with them, it's too late now...\n\nTo those who got to bed - good dreams, good night...\n\nNeighbors come, they complain they hear hooves clicking\nThey can't fall asleep, it disturbs their dreams\nThose who've got nothing to wait for - they take off,\nThose who are saved, those who are saved...
Yana Ruskova
Love this song ! I'm originally from Russia and live in Canada , Comment where you were born !
Yevgeniy Levin
все мы скитальцы
abbat ramiress
у каждого есть место где можно ночью зарядить этот трек
Anyone else spot Gondola?
billaras tg
I unironically like this
This is so fucking beautiful
cerf edition
Кто то от пьюдипая, а я нашел винил \
daniele concina
great respect from italy!
I'm here courtesy of Sergey Bodrov and Sveta (Oksana Akinshina) Sveta in the movie Syostry (Sisters) is very much into Kino, and that got me looking after having seen the movie in 2001 or 2002...
Kino and singer Victor Tsoi were already pretty big before pewdiepie gave it any exposure, The man was like an Elvis or Kurt Cobain type of idol back in the 80's for russian speaking countries, there is nothing ironical about listening to it, it's music magic made by a long gone legend. Just enjoy it.
ingrid Ferguson
He has a beautiful handsome voices. Wish to one day marry a russian man
jasiel delgado
Even east Europe had great post punk
jo pitomnik
Viktor Tsoï, we miss you...
Watch the Russian Film the Fool. That's what me here to listen to Victor & the band KINO. The film is fabulous, it's about corruption and human nature. About a hero that risks everything to save people in a destitute housing block. The song features twice in the film.
safe amer
my father was fighter pilot and he was listening to this song with his russian coach every day ....
victor never left, hes just out for a smoke.
The noch is not so spokoynaya when that strange monster in the woods is staring at me
foreign songs (that i come across) always have beautiful lyrics
vb vb
Недавно ехали с отцом в машине , влючили радио \
Їбучий Кузя
Витя, прости нас, мы все проебали!
Акакий Акакиев
че за маленькая черная падла в кустах там прячется
Антиватник. За нами правда.
Привет из Беларуси. Музыка Цоя даже спустя 100 лет не устареет.
Антонов Георгиан
I was singing this in Philippines and people loved it. I’m planning to share it on tv and media. When I did it at the contest they said “I can’t understand the lyrics but it gave me chills”
Данияр Куканов
Город стреляет в ночь дробью огней, но ночь сильней её власть велика!!!! Круто!!!!
Шедевр ! Цой Всегда в наших седцах
Евгений Евгениц
Мы слушали это в 1990-1997. Спустя 20 лет. Это эхо сильнее... И не были песни Цоя за свободу,не был он и за правду. Он просто был
Евгений Коженбаев
Я один заметил что то справа существо какое-то чёрное и с светящиеся у него глаза
Зейнеп Раманкулова
хочу улететь в небо сним. витька мой кумир моя сказка мой любимый моя мечта
Никита Несчанский
Здравствуйте , братья и сестры...! Привет из Казахстана !
Рустем Саляхов
сейчас ночь... \
Саша Кривых
Витя Цой ты пророк с девяностых тебя слушаю, и буду слушать!!!
Хорошо музыка (:
this song is KINO