Jax Jones - You Dont Know Me ft. RAYE

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Jax you don't know me you don't know me jack jones you don't know me jax j... you don't know me jax jones you don't know me lyrics you don't know me remix

100 Abonnés sans vidéo ?
Qui est la après la vidéo de Mohamed henni ?
8D version of this track on our channel.
zeko haceme un hijo!!!!
Adam Games
Mum:what do you want for breakfast \nMe:il have some you don't know me
Adrian Jiménez
0% sex\n0% drugs \n100% cereal box
Ajša 2803
Where can I buy this?
Alexandra Leduc
why is this cute
André Leslie
Obviously ..the loop is from M.A.N.D.Y/Booka Shade’s “Body Language” - but I guess all 211mil of you knew that, right?
Arizonapex hacker
Like si eres latino :v
Avasa .P
the best type of froot loops
Bernhard Kogler
Best song
Black Rose Beatz
📂Documents\n └📁Music\n └📁Jax Jones\n └📁 Bad Songs \n └⚠️ This folder is empty
Brittany Seville
The only cereal advertisement i like
Bxbbii Dxddii
Mood (when?)\n\nAt the club\n\nAt school\n\n24/7\n\nWhen homework says it knows you
Charli Alford-smith
I would seriously buy that cereal...
Charlie's Piano Show
Cool song!!! Really awesome! Who is still listening this in 2018? :)
David Maciel
Dig220 Bang
Si faut prendre 20 jprends 20 ans je m'en BAT LES COUILLES
Dulce areli Martinez Cervantes
Elizabeth Gonzalez
I love this song so much
Emju Lps
Vengo por Coscu y Zeko
F1exx X
Legend has it he is still stuck walking in 1 spot 🤔
FiiZeR_ deltapsy
Je vote que pour Fortnite il mettent la danse de Mohamed Henni
Francesco Ardizzoni
why do I think I've heard this song years ago?
L'homme Tv
Geico Lizard829337
Violence: 0%\nLanguage: 0% \nSugar 48g
Jax Jones - You Don't Know Me ft. RAYE\n0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 4:31\r\n⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Hol' Up Niqqa
This is possibly one of the best music video clips of all time. No gross sexualisation or cryptic symbolism. Just some dude on a cereal box.
Its Sxde
That dab xD
ItzMe Rohit Gaming
Why is nobody talking about \
Who's gonna listen to this in 2019?
Jake Werner ( Student )
Maybe actually dance not walk
Joel & Eleazar
''Good source of vitamin G''
Jose Heredia
I need to send this song to my cheating ex
Jose Leyver Lorenzana
alguien en 2019 casi?
Juampa ZC
Cuando la escuche me recordó a zEkO :v
What the point in dabbing now 😑😑comment if love dabbing like if you hate dabbing
Kailee Broadway
I thought that was drake on the cereal box 😂😂😂 it's so cute
Kamil Wojciechowski
December 2018?🔥
Karmen Feger
Kiki Lnn
C est la fete🎉🎈🎈
Kookie Stole My Heartu
*Legends say that little man is still walking in that box of cereal..* ~
5% search: you don't know me\n50% search: cereal box song\n45% search: na na ay \n😂😂😂😂
Lalla 12
That dancing boy is so cool
And where can I buy this cereal box?
Linus Odorasse
#mohamed henni 😂😂😂
al carrer dijo djcarrer
*I Love This Song ❤*
Madeline Dumont
I forgot the title.. And I typed \
Madison Alexis
End of story the guy never leaves the cereal box....idkw but I was hoping he would
Maya ABA
8-12 -2016\n8-12-2018\n#2years🔥🔥💕❤\nAwesome
Mlle jojo
Qui est venue ici grâce au story snapchat drôle de Mohamed henni 😂
0% sex\n0% drugs \n0% cost of the video\n0% Justin\n0% Trump\n100% cereal box \n\nIt's just perfect!
My th
0:54 un na na eh
Nabil Mellal
Y a des followers de mohamed henni fils du vent et de la pluie ici?
C'est la fête ! #MomoHenni
Poker Joker
This coreografia is... So cool!
Purple Bookworm
I *cannot* be the only one who thinks of that vine (you know the one (the cowgirl (I think) when she goes \
Reda Cancerous
Team momo henni
Regenbogen Einhorn
10% Search You Don't Know Me \n90% Search Na na eh \n👍🏼👍🏼😂👍🏼👍🏼
Shinji Ikari
When you don't know the name of the song and you have to search \
Simon Faria
Where’s my dancing man cereal box like what I need one 😂
Sno Knite
The only bad part of this was the dab, could have done better, I fucking love the song, make this into a Fortnite dance
Sofija Radojevic
Where can I get this cereal? 😂
Sofía M
when im 13:\n\n-do you want a drink?\n-no, thanks for asking
i just watched a guy walk on a cereal box for 4 minutes and 31 seconds.\n\nwhat is life
Star Melody ShineTM
2018?? no one
SuperBlock 331
Acá todos hablando en inglés y yo soy de Argentina, yo busqué esta canción por zEkO... GRACIAS A LOS QUE DAN LIKE
Sweeter Life
An introvert's nightmare.
The Allstar
Bröther, may i have some lööps?
It looks like a cereal commercial
TwinTime Productions
When your cereal box starts dancing.
Unicorn Dolls
I lowkey watched till the end just to see if the man would go away😂😤
Valeria Ramos Costa
Para los españoles que les gusta el fútbol al Carré XD
Vidhesh Govender
That cereal looks so GOOOOOOOOOOD .😺👅
Vishnu Haridas
Oh shit it's 2018 and I badly wanted to hear this song but forgot its name and searched billboard 100 lists from 2010 to 2017, googled \
Wiktor TY xd
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searched for this song as \
I Wan't To Buy Dat Cereal
Yann R
Si t es la grâce à Mohamed henni 😂\n\nC est la fête 🥊🥊🎈
Zachary Dalton
205M+ views!??!?!? come on you need 1.6B+ like baby shark
ZerO rd
“Good source of vitamin G”
amy joshua
2018 anyone?
carl fullard
Who wants to de code. This???: (ARN) is the best ;) try figure out ARN decoding
challenges squad
2\n 0 \n 1\n 8\n ?
2020 anyone? \ni wonder what the kids from the future would say\nyo wtf is he from the future 2 years ago?
im a banana
Im a banana\n 🍌
omar l
budget of music video= 2$
I'm addicted to this song \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nhelp me please !!!!
vijaya laxmi
Anyone in December 2018?????¿
{muaaz} 525
2018 ??
.. I’m literally waiting to see if this man leaves the box ..