Aaron Swartz - SOPA and The Day We Fight Back

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For more information on the upcoming action - The Day We Fight Back - click here: These are clips and excerpts from interviews featured in the upcoming documentary about Aaron Swartz called "The Internet's Own Boy." Sadly, Aaron took his own life on January 11th, 2013 after a two year legal battle. These clips show some of his work on SOPA, and his thoughts on the NSA.


RIP, Aaron Swartz.
Abbot Jackson
You can't be against SOPA and use a mac at the same time. Disliked.
Rebelliousness in the iMac age, pretentious videos and hipsters all around
Avada Anon
I see a lot of great material here for the Day We Fight Back, but the Internet is much more than english-speaking people. I think we should translate the website thedaywefightback.org to spanish (and other languages as well) and write subtitles for this video. There are too many people who don't speak english and are missing most of this information...
Betty Deluxe
I'll be calling and faxing and emailing my congresscritters on 2-11-14!
It was heartbreaking to see Lawrence Lessig crying
Chris B
Time to stand up and be counted. 11 Feb 2014 stop TPP stop internet censorship. For Aaron Swartz memory's, stand up.
Dc Gloria
Dom Hunt
could you change the license to creative commons,i want to make a video about this on my youtube channel which has almost 1000 subscribers
Drago Musevini
People shouldn't be afraid of their governments,\nGovernments should be afraid of their people.\n\n\
FIFADobby14 YT
Don't he'll just take all the credit for this video
Florian Roth
This is awesome. \nThe only thing that I don't understand is why they attribute \
Gary Lee-Nova
Brian Knappenberger, doin' it right!
Jake P
What if he didn't actually commit suicide, and that he was assassinated and it was made to look like a suicide? I honestly wouldn't be surprised. I'm not saying that actually happened, but it's no secret that these greedy corporations would kill in order to keep or expand their cash flow. I'm sure that opposition to their power has resulted in the deaths of activists like him. Just a theory though.
Kim Hunter
Today, here we are again, defending our freedom of information from corporate tyranny and these \
Stop the TPP!
Loading Mikke
And anyway did the FBI arrest the founder of megavideo the day after sopa got turned down. 
Paul Hicks
Roger Fleming
Now onto saving Net Neutrality!
RIP Aaron, hero
6 hours
Lamar Smith received SOPA/PIPA from Clear Channel Communications shortly after Mitt Romney's Bain Capital took over the company. Clear Channel is in Smith's district in Texas. Follow the money, and the companies Bain has its hands in.
Will there be a theater viewing for this documentary in Vancouver? If not, will it be released onto the internet at some point? I really want to watch the full documentary =D
RIP. Worse birthday gift ever! :(
February 11th is the day of action!! March on Washington DC!
christoph lieding
Aloha Mark all  I can do is send big love to Aaron, me too feel sad and teary eyed. Very unjust.
RIP Aaron Swartz.
I'm all for internet freedom like this guy, but why exactly did he have to steal thousands of JSTOR articles? It seems like all of these activists (Swartz, Assange, etc.) eventually shoot themselves in the foot. There's no doubt that Aaron Swartz was a brilliant kid, but he should have known there would be consequences for his actions. Surely there could have been a better way to advocate for free academic articles than just blatantly stealing them.
how can someone so brilliant be soo dumb...i have fought through cancer, have been physically and emotionally altered and i will forever fight to be alive...dam dude! imagine how much more he could have accomplished.?
Personally I believe he was murdered by the USA govt and agency. They can make anything look like suicide or anything they want. If the public does not understand that it has understood nothing. Freedom and Constitutional rights have been eaten away at since so many years few people realise how very much is GONE!
Nice work. Now you just made Jack Bauer's job much more difficult. He only has 24 hours!
The Day We Fight Back, we win!
The tragic lost potential that occurred one year ago today effects everyone on the planet. This is not an overstatement. \nThis man remains a treasure that I will honor by never letting go of the fight. Please join me. 
3:38 Boom! Right there is the question we should be asking those in charge. 
This video underscores the importance of defeating the Trans Pacific Partnership which rips apart a free and open internet. Defeat the TPP.
The world looses a Hipster hacker.
Why did they do it? One word: jewry.