Erik Danielsson of Watain interview at Hellfest 2018

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Erik Danielsson from Watain spoke to us at Hellfest 2018 about signing for their fans in blood, the secret to keeping the band alive for 20 years, and the recent furore about the supposed Nazi salute and Set Teitan's departure.

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Anna Miller
It's just me or Erik's having a hard time finding appropriate English words to convey his thoughts? Too much time in the Swedish underground 😌 I always loved how he thinks twice before saying smth, but this time seems like it's the lack of practice.. And the woman... she's... giant 😂 and has to learn not to interrupt the interviewee)))
that was a pretty bad interview tbh. stale questions, the ones that were asked in the first place, leading, not a very lively, interruptions… the list goes on.
Harry Pedigo
Would it be possible to remaster the audio on this to have some more background noise?
Jesus ,
Whats the thing on his arm
John Mattison
I went back and listened to the interview again. Still did not find any question that has not been asked before by another including the silly matter with a member making a certain salute in jest.
She's so annoying!! Ong what an airhead!
Shay Mathiesson
interesting. thank you for uploading
Satanism is an Abrahamic sect. Turn back to paganism. Hail Odin!
Xathorizanoth Haganathosis
Hayley Leggs Got Some Hellish Sexy Legs
i hope set teitan will return.
mayhemic draco
Chick is braindead. She acts like she's drunk or high too.