Placebo ft. David Bowie Backstage (Irving Plaza, New York 29.03.99)

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Very rare footage of Brian Molko and David Bowie rehearsing for the live performance of 'Without You I'm Nothing' backstage at the Irving Plaza, New York on the 29th March 1999. Filmed By Stefan Olsdal.

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2 stars and a great sounded unplugged guitar.
369 ballantine
Good bye my friend
Thank you so much for sharing this!
Aidee Rodriguez
Algo para recordar, dos grandes figuras de la música, todo un deleite verlos juntos, talento puro!!! Gracias DB R.I.P.
A musical genius, and a prodigal son.
Ale Cedillo
la mejor etapa de Molko, me encanta la imagen que tenia y la energia que reflejaba, no dejan de ser excelentes pero en el camino han ido perdiendo un poco de chispa
Aleksandra Kim
Brian look so happy ❤
Alessa Dall
OMG what too you so long to upload it? SUCH A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anazareth Pendragon
Y de pronto aparece un comentario en español desde México :3\n\nIgual soy el primero
This is absaloutly beautiful and amazing!! I cried watching it i can see how happy Brian is that he got to perform and become good friends with David Bowie. We are all hurt by David's passing but if you're reading this Brian and also Stef i am deeply sorry i know how much he influenced your music career and help made Placebo and also alot of other bands who they are today. I know how much he meant to you guys and it breaks my heart also for all of his loved ones family friends and fans....we love you god of rock....our Hero of music...forever in our hearts you live on..R.I.P David your free and in no more pain that's the main thing xxxooo \n\nLLLove you too Placebo please look after yourself's with lot of love from Alice (AstrayXHeartz)
Averan Vrishti
Is Brian Molko or David Bowie my crush? I can't tell.
Bert Cervantes
Thank you for posting
Callum Robertson
This is the most beautiful thing. Two of my all-time favourites, David will be painfully, painfully missed. Absolute hero.
Carlos Hernandez
Their voices go so well together
Christos Koukos (83)
Εκπέμπει ο άνθρωπος!!
Claudia Martínez
thank you for your music!
Clorox Bleach
Brian looked like he was having the time of his life. I mean who wouldn't while singing right next to David Bowie. :) awesome
Count Orlok
I'm in love with both these men
David Datura
David Bowie and Placebo...what a combo!
Demi Krueger
they both look so happy in this vid!
Ela Col
This is so sad and I love you both Placebo and Bowie forever Brian and David in music´s heart R.I.P my dear David
Elliz Moon
What an amazing time machine turned out to be Youtube.. it feels so good to be back in 1999..!! Miss u DB...
Enith e
Ow how I miss David Bowie 💧☹️
Ernesto Osorno
13 people dislikes this...this makes me fell really weird!!
Evelyn Oliveira Abreu
Jeeeezus. David is literally GLOWING CHARISMA! Stil devastated by the news of his death. R.I.P. Big Guy!
Fresh Hennessy Records
i miss you bowie
Giuseppina Nibbi
thank you so much for sharing this.... we're so heartbroken and grateful and inspired all the same.... we'll love you forever David. Brian... you must be a great person as he was so keen to work with you and the band. love xxx
dammit, you have me crying all over again… \n\nthanks for the behind-the-scenes footage. the live performance of this one is one of my favorites.
Iris Popa
OMG, their voices are beyond this world together, this video is priceless, thank you
Jackie Morris
Thank you for sharing this piece of history...just beautiful 💔
Je Ma
I wish I could have David Bowie nod in approval at me
Jeannette Baumbach
Jessica Girard
Thank you so much for sharing this.
Jessica Snabel
I love the look on Brian's face, in total awe, hardly believing he is playing with David Bowie. Love both men dearly for who they are and what they have put out in the world! \u003c3 RIP DB!
Kabali 17
Priceless Footage.Brings a smile Yessss !.
Katy Molko
Brian's smile
Kayla Sh.
David was extremely popular, so he could have been arrogant with the beginners like Placebo, but in this video he's a bit shy.
Ken Di
Omg Brian was awesome!
LTF Melanie
Soooooooooooo Magnificant!!!!
Brian looks Bowie with a lot of esteem and regard, as a learner looks his mentor. It's a wonderful picture.
Lois Wisler
Thanks for sharing Brian. So sorry for the loss of your friend. \nMy daughter, Heather, and I are crazy about Placebo and I loved David Bowie, so this video is a real treat, although it is bittersweet as well.\nMay David Bowie RIP \u003c3
Lou Brochu
this video is so amazing, thank you so much for sharing this with your public.
MSQ- Hologram
A true legend!Rest in paradise Bowie ♡
This is beauty...
Mathew Chartier
Thank you for giving us a glimpse into David's life outside of the normal media Brian. This was pure gold and I hope you and the band are holding up as good as can be Brian. Let David's spirit and music live on through you and your music
Mathew Elliott
This is so beautiful
Beautiful video. R.I.P. Bowie
Milo !!!
I miss him
Они такие классные 😍
Omar Garibay
The true music lovers will mourn the death of David Bowie, he was one of the best in the story, I felt so horrible when I read about David Nowie's death, RIP\nThanks guys to share this backstage video, it was a nice version
Oportunismo Poético
I'm smiling and crying at the same time. This is gold.Beautiful.
Oğuz Kayra
We were very lucky you chose our planet in the first place. You were my hero. Thank you, DB ⚡️
R Bowie
🔊GÊNIO ÚNICO🎤🎭🌟!!!\ndescanse em Paz!!\nA DEU STARMAN❗❗❗❗❗\nEternas Saudades .
It's so strange. I have a friend with whom we occasionally do acoustic gigs and we often play this song in their version, she sings for Brian, I sing for David... and it's really weird seeing them rehearse in a small room, not unlike her kitchen... with background noises and a silly twinkle of an unplugged guitar.... is a very human experience.\nThanks for sharing.
Real Rim
I don't know why so many people are meeting and greeting death these days. Indeed, this life of world is nothing but a temporary delusion.\n Can't express my feelings into words. Rest in peace David Bowie, who is definitely in a better place than this funny deceptive bubble. \n\nForgive and forget, love every soul unconditionally and most of all, be happy and grateful. This life is your shortest and toughest test and you don't wanna waste your time in negativity, regrets and pain. Do whatever you can to make your life and other's life worth living. GOODLUCk :') Believe and optimism is the key and you will be there.
This brought tears to my eyes :') we lost a legend, but he shall live on through his music
Rod Sáez
thank you for sharing this
Ryan Santos
did someone put their sneakers in the dryer?
Samuel Hernández
Simplemente genial! :D
SomeOtherSon many in this very sad day, listening to his music...he really was one of a kind...I actually didn't know that he was so close to you and that's another reason to love you and him even more..
Sophie Stockmann
saw placebo live 2 weeks ago and when they played this song this video was playing in the background...really heartbreaking
Stefan Djusic
The drumms ruin it
This song should be renamed\
*this is amazing*
Tomtom Latomate
Placebo is showing this vid on big screen on their current anniversary tour when they play Without You I'm Nothing. Very emotional tribute.
Twenty Three
I think its fairly obvious for all to see by now.....Ziggy was holding together the very fabric of civilisation.....seriously.....since he's gone the world has quite literally shoved its collective fist up its gaping arse and prolapsed misery...... Please come home sort us all out......PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
V Stasievicz
Вялiкiя таленты Молка й Боýi! Складана паверыць, наколькi моцна яны зрабiлi гэтую рэч... Глыбы, непаýторныя ды недасягальныя!
V. L.
placebo and David bowie...just perfect. we'll miss you David.
Thank you for sharing \u003c3
the world has lost so much...I cried like a baby when he died your mind should always be ready when a HUGE man dies but it doesn't...It's actually unnatural because He's immortal
Victor J
I really like the way they give a sht about the drums background ;)
Xulio César
I'm gonna cry (╯︵╰,) it's true, not kidding!!!!
Yumemishi Aokata
They will be Forever my two loves, my favourites and that one of my favourites songs, so cool !!
Brian's smile💕
Can anybody tell me what did Mr. Bowie say at 3:12?
curious monkey
like the person previous to my comment, Thank you for sharing this. Bowie a beautiful person. my condolences to his family and friends.Thank you Placebo love you Brian Molko. you are a beautiful person as well.
efi k
So magical and full of emotions, what an amazing combination!! pure gold.
ester vulpiani
lovely \u003c3 ...RIP David Bowie
Thanks so much Placebo for sharing this, that's touching.
ginette lucian
THANK YOU for this VERY SPECIAL GIFT. Brian sooo sweet, looks over the moon, having great time with our dearly missed legend David. Loved the still shot of David's beautiful face too. I also was in my late 30's when I eatd Taste In Men' & been smitten with Placebo, Brian ever since. Always loved & admired David Bowie, such a gifted and BRAVE beautiful humanbeing. Brian's tribute song says it all, sincere condolences to u Brian & Davids family. You two very special and know u have positive influence in our lives. Wish cud gve u bug hug & kisses in person. Take care. XO :(
Another \
How you can push dislike?!?!People,what is wrong with you?!
Few things make me proud to have lived in this period of history, this video is one of them.
Wow, that's an amazing piece of footage to have and an equally special experience, I am sure. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. My heartfelt condolences to all of David Bowie's family and friends. What a great loss...
zarpangata wacho
αα ρε bowie...
maria artino
David my immortal hero and Brian son of the moon .... when the music is art ❤️❤️
this is so sweet but sad at same time :(
mina panahy
What a duo. Thanks David for all that you have given us. Brian you are amazing too.
I feel like an idiot now, but when I was younger I thought that the lead singer was a very pretty girl!
norah herbie
two of my favorite ppl Bowie and Brian ..lov you forever Bowie
What a talent and such a wonderful gentle mentor, the musicians he worked with must be hurting.... he was just a very hard act to follow, so generous with his natural skills and his experience, those sort of people don't grow on trees.
operator elevator
Placebo, David's fav band.
sara way
Everytime I see it I feel a little bit sadder , better, more complete and emptier.. It's so confusing
This is so great to watch. Amazing
Ραφαελα Βασιλακοπουλου
relationship goals : find someone who stares at you the way molko stares at bowie
Дмитрий Федин
Without you I'm nothing NOW
Радостина Савчева
this fills me up and leaves me empty at the same time..
Vi este vídeo en el twitter de Molko luego de lo sucedido. No podía parar de llorar, fue tan extraña la sensación al verlo... David se ve tan feliz, siempre se le vio feliz, con su hermosa sonrisa. En realidad soy fan de David desde los quince pero a los 8 años recuerdo que era una real fanática de Placebo (y en la actualidad sigue gustándome, de hecho) En fin... este vídeo tocó mi corazón. Todo fue tan repentino... No dejaba de llorar al conocer la noticia pero al ver este vídeo me sentí un poco más tranquila. Gracias por todo Bowie. Muchas gracias.