Watain live Hellfest 2014 FULL

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Night Vision(intro)

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Arny CZ
the best show, i have never seen
Aubrey Moeketsi
the devil makes really bad music...i think thats why he hired Jayzee and Kanye west, you guys sound horrible
Christian Stieler
Krank ist krank
David Santos Pereira
Sinceramente o Hellfest é um puta evento, mas, no show desses caras deixou a desejar na sonorização, mas mesmo assim o Watain realizou um showzão.
Delhi Delirium
Great sound, shame the guitars are too loud in the mix , especially the rhythm one, so are the vocals, these should be \
Hilarious! :)
Dirty Dan
I saw watain during March. pretty good show. very happy with their new album and everything I think watain did an amazing job they are truely black metal gods.
Enrique salinas cruz
ImI ImI !!!!
Fausto Sanchez
esta porqueria es watain? por eso tanta mamada?
my number 1 favorite black metal band ever watain hope i will see them live one day also at 42:51 the guy 2nd on the right side looks like a youtuber called kanyon bickel who shows his black metal vinyl colection.
Josue Joaquim
cool Band
Kalosbulgaria Antitheist
bad sound!
In the meantime, Shining plays a 30 minutes set and leave the public with a middle finger.
Lorenzo Hernandez
Thanx loose asshole
Matt Buck
Set Teitan sounded like he was having some input jack problems
Does Erik just carry around a bag full of old bones, goblets, and other satanic stuff? Imagine if he took his gym bag to a show by accident and started taking out his sneakers and shorts instead?
0:26 What's with the pissy attitude? Same thing happened when Nile played there.
Nils Bodin
I hope someone was fired for the shit recording of this gig
Pato Aranguiz
Asi se escucha el infierno !! Son almas que se lamentan estar ahy !! Hasta satanas se lamenta y sus demonios lo culpan de traicionarlos porque ellos confiaron en el y el no pudo !! Porque fue derrotado por DIOS ,!!
Robson Otto Aguiar
Venom 2.0
Shaun Dalton
Guitar techs, sound guys, errybody gettin' fired
Tim Wildes
Sound like a sloppy version of Kreator.
Yodiearmand Armando
This is not bad
Zamiel Mourningstar
the first time I heard Eriks vocals that was it, he reminds me of a modern Quarthon
Low self esteem is a terrible thing.
man that's awesome!! thank you VERY MUCH for sharing!!
hayat verenin bir kulu
gozumu kirpmadan izledim. deliriyorum sana, evlen benimle erik danielsson.
Fix the damn cable !!!!!!!!!!
linkin park 4 ever
i love watain!!!
metl dude
id kill to see them live
Love it when I can't hear the guitar....
Holy shit was that a hot mic at the beginning?