Vishwaroop 2 | Official Trailer | Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose | August 10, 2018

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Presenting the official trailer of Vishwaroop 2 directed by Kamal Haasan, starring Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapur, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah. Releasing on August 10, 2018.The Master plan attack of New York City by Al-Quada terrorist Omar Qureshi Was destroyed by an Indian Intelligence Bureau Agent Wisam through investigation. Meanwhile main terrorist Omar and Saleem had escaped from New York, Wisam was given the responsibility to kill Omar along with his co--terroristsPresented by – Rohit Shetty & Reliance EntertainmentProduced by – S.Chandrahasan & Kamal HaasanWritten by – Kamal Haasan Music by - M. GhibranFor more information log on:Facebook:

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Adya Samal
Without a doubt Kamal Hassan is the classiest superstar ever that the world cinema seen. Can't wait more to watch this film.
Ak nation
Best wishes to Kamal sir fans from THALA AJITHKUMAR and SALMAN Khan fan💥💥😘😎😎🤒🤒🤒
Altaf Memon Gujarat India
Good trailor my favourite kamal sir
Amartya Chakraborty
Ew that kissing scene was gross\n\nLooks like it's inspired by both James bond and Jason Bourne.\n\nBut Kamal sir is 🔥
Amrish Pandey
Moving University of acting is Kamal Hassan
Ankish Agrawal
South Indian movie industries are making such fantastic movies nowadays that we are forced to change our habit of using Bollywood as umbrella term for Indian movie industries as a whole...Most awaited movie since a long time!!
Ankit Desai
Vishwaroop 1st part was excellent. This part two looks mind boggling. Eagerly waiting
Apna Purvanchal
100 times #better than race 3 trailor...How Many Agree #Hit_Like
Arafaat Kazi
Most awaiting movie \nKamal hasan is the great actor in the universe \n👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌
Arghya Jadav
If there is rahul bose and kamal hasan in one film ,then I'm in
Babaji Rockzz entertainemnt
saw it more than 15 times..and saw viswaroopam 1 thrice..waiting to see dis in u kamal sir..the script u wrote 10 years ago is still mind boggling..that proves how u r way ahead of ur tym..
CHHAYA Suryavanshi
He's back😎😎😎😎😎
Fahad Khan
Kamal Hasan is real legend of Indian cinema.... So much Underrated.... Super genius writer Director and Actor.... Noone can match his skills 👍👍😊😊
Farjii Baba !
finally the trailer is out.. thought Kamal hasan is out of these movie making scene. I need to watch the first part now, damn!! the fight sequences look really well. kudos to the makers
I guess this movie was one of those few movies (before the Bahubali phenomenon) which part 2 was awaited.. Action sequences were really top notch.\n\nFinally ayega part 2.\nBut it's BN a bit too long wait perhaps.
Gaurav Shukla
This is what an action called 😍
Gurashish Singh
Finally after 5 long years vishwaroopam is back with a bang!!! 🔥
First day first show collection 100 crores
Himalaya Norbu
Vishwaroop 1 was extremely well made, about 10 years ago I guess. Kamal Hassan’s acting, the plot, production value, top notch action at that time, and finally the second part is here n the spark is that it’s directed by THE MAN himself!!!
Hyd Ops
Always king of acting
Ilhombek Safarmurodov
the trailer is much better than Race 3 and Kaala
That 0:15 dialogue (Dekhiye, Mussalmaan hone ka gunaah nahi hain, lekin aap jaisa insaan hona, haram hain. ) Brilliant!\n\nSuperb trailer and this was the foundation of 2 parters (a continuation rather than a follow up sequel like most movies pre-Bahubali.) Despite being in development hell for 5 years (completed in late 14/early 15), film looks fresh! Probably the makers wanted to showcase the action cuts since Part 1 trailers (search for them on Youtube.) were more world building (setting up the NY sequences, Wiz/Omar's past and present dilemmas) like Bahubali 1 did while 2 showcased the lead up of Kattappa's kill & the present day final battle scenes. Coming back to the fast cuts and VFX shots, I hardly think the tone hasn't changed. For those who complained how slow part 1 was, this was the response (The VR2 trailer itself.) \n\nCan't wait for 8/10/18!
Kunal Sharma
इस्लाम = आतंकवाद
Madhavan Manokar
Wow it's look like Hollywood.. awesome Kamal sir you are a library of Indian cenima 👍
Mars Mars
kamal sir again proved , he is a good director than a actor
Mohammad Ahmad Husain
Finally the second part is releasing.\nFingers crossed as it's Kamal Haasan movie. The trailer is more interesting than earlier one. Which is a really good sign of great script. Awesome, mind blowing Actions. Leveling up the Indian cinema. Just the background score was bit weak as compared to earlier title track which literally gives thrill and goosebump.\nEagerly waiting for this movie. \nMovie of the year. Finally this year something comes worth watching in theatre 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mr Perfect
*HE is A Legendary Artist* 👌
Mudit Singh
Wow finally the wait is over.. part 1 was mindblowing
Nadodi Tamilan
viswaroop 1 blockbuster and viswaroop 2 going to be mega blockbuster!! waiting to see his magical screenplay :D
Nicky B
Been waiting for it.. Good luck the entire team of Vishvaroop..
Nikhilesh Sharma
I watch tamil telgu hindi n he dubbed his own voice in three language great legend
Sir please release vishwaroop first part in better quality
Prasad Kasu
After long waiting he comes \nAnd he looks much better than race 3
Prashant Pandit
Kamal Hassan = Awesome
Pratap Bhagare
Now, this is what called filmmaking with perfection & dignity.
Prateek 0401
Honestly VFX & Action Sequences Looked Average 😕\nBut Strength of Movies by Kamal Sir has always been A Solid Script backed up by Brilliant Acting Performances.\nCasting is really good 👌
Prime Movie
*Kamala Hasan is Back*\n💝💝💝🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍
Priyanshu Raghuwanshi
Love ❤ kamal Hassan
Rabi Rijal
Fan of Kamal Hassan from Nepal
Ragava Das
Advance Comrajulation for this blockbuster movie
Raj Dahiya
Tralier is awesome but i don't know am i right action sence little fake because the action vfx is normal not a outstanding compare with vishwaroop first
Rajesh Anand
Can you match this trailer with any Indian movie...groundbreaking indian action movie making... simply awesome
Now this is how you make an action film!! Totally feels like a high level hollywood action film!! Cheers to the entire cast and crew!!
Ritzy Glitzy
The legend is back and just killing it.. *Kamal* Sir 👌👌👌
Riya Roy Saini
सुपर हिट साउथ इंडियन मूवी\n\nलव यू #कमलहसन सर
RizVi Rizwan mEhdi
Dear Kamal Sir, congratulations to you and to the entire team of Vishwaroop 2 ! Wishing you all the very best. \nLove and respect always. \nAamir.\n#Vishwaroop2Trailer Kamal Haasan
Roshan Iyer
Wow superb trailer 👌
Roshan Rakesh
To all the people out here who thinks VFX is not good, get to know one thing first.... This film was shot on 2012, most of the sequence I suppose!!!! And polished by 2014 for a little further.... I think during 2012, this scenes would have been breath-taking.... Salute and bow to the LEGENDARY GENIUS ULAGANAYAGAN PADMASHRI PADMABHUSHAN THE GOD DR.KAMALHASSAN
Watch viswroopam 1 trailer is superrb\n2 is ok bgm awesome goosebump
Kamal sir really lokanayagan acting superb first part viswa roopam me namaz time fight scene really goosebumps hatsoff u r acting sir rajini nd kamal unique stars nd legend al d best to viswaroopam 2👌👍💐🙏🙏🙏😘😍
Kamal Hasan sir is all rounder. Even loved his first hindi movie Ek Duje ke Liye
Saifi Alam
Superhit 2k18 biggest movie...
Sajan Randhawa
Muslman hona gunah nhi hai lekin aap jaisa insan hona Haraam hai👍👍👍👍
Salim Mohammad
Loved Vishwaroopam and was waiting for its 2nd part to release, thanks to the team of the film to finally have a release date and wish massive success for the film
San Ravi
It's a 5-6 year old movie being released now. I hope they fix the vfx. \nPlease don't compare with race3 etc.. if you do so , then you don't know Kamal Hassan nor understand his movies.
Sandeep Chaudhari
He is the legend...😍😍
Sandeep Kumar
The way he wrote vishwaroopam is fabulous
Satyajit Mukherjee
mind blowing awesome outstanding......... #Vishwaroop2
Shahed Ahmed
Kamal Hasan a living legend
Shekhar Pandey
This is the Kamal Hassan ♥️
Shekhar Srivastav
Behold God's very own collection of talent Sir Kamla Hasan is here again with world class action story dance direction and what not.
Shubham Thakur
Another box office king is here
Singer Sunny Singh
Tom cruise + Leonardo DiCaprio = Kamal Hasan
Sslimey Slime
Waiting for kamal hasan intersting movie, kamal Hassan fans hit like
Status Queen
Pahle Vishwaroopam to dekh Lun...👁️🤓😜😋😘
Striker Ray
Kamal the Indian tom cruise,awesome
Subham Banerjee
International standards trailer hats off kamlji 😀😀
Subhash Chand
Chalo is bar to original trailer release hua warna hamesha fake trailer hi ATA tha
Tarun Singh
Can't wait for legend kamal haasan😘😍😍😘😘😘😍😍
Tony krish27
Tamilans hit like 😀😀😀😀
Umar farooq
Kamal Haasan is undoubtedly the finest Indian actor. His 90s film \
Un- known
Wow .... This is Kamal Hasan , all action is acceptable
What a raw agent\nSee this Vishvroopam 1 \nNot Faltu Tiger zinda ha
Varun Kumar
Batter than bakwaas Khan movie race 3..........
Vijay Kumar
I was waiting for this and after 5 years the wait is over now. Vishwaroop (2013) was outstanding movie & now, expectation is high from Kamal Hassan. But I'm still searching the original hindi version of first part Vishwaroop (2013). If anyone have link for hindi version please let me know...
Xzing Dinglo
Ah.... Finally the wait is over. I've been waiting for this sequel since ages. Extremely excited. 🤘🤘🤘
achu laxman
I think this will be the biggest Tamil film of 2018👍
ajay raj
south Indian film industry going to next level ❤ Kamal sir brilliant!!!
ajeet tt
another Blockbuster....kamla
alisha production
Look like Hollywood trailer. mind blowing😍😘
amith kumar
Viswaroop 1 was awesome & superb but y that movie is not avaliable in any TV channel.. star gold zee tv sony ...itz awesome movie show it in tv
brijesh rudani
I like kamal own voice in Hindi
Looks like some real film making effort went into this!!\nLooks promising.
dinesh babu
Holly wood level......sir movie
green boi
I am going to watch , not going to miss
iCompletion Factory
Okay, How many character did he play this time? 😍
kavitha foods
God of Indian cinema..we proud our kamalhassan iyya....hats of sir
khushal mohite
Oh god.. was waiting for this one for a long time now... thank you Kamal hasan and Rahul Bose
love life
And movies like these set a new trend in cinema industry
mahesh chamoli
It's far far far better than dhadak trailer......
msr raju
I am from Vizag. I used to watch many films of tollywood, kollywood, bollywood and even hollywood. All I can say honestly is I never seen an actor like him. Give him any character be it a old lady, young man, warrior, priest, innocent boy, mentally challenged person etc... This man can do any character with 100% accuracy. Salute to you sir. You have an immense following in telugu states equal to tamil nadu. No doubt no one in this nation can replace you interms of facial expression you give and the way you perform. Jai hind.
saka entertainment கதைகள்
Super trailer i am from tamilnadu
sayyed suhaib
VFX is not good \nBut trailer is fantastic 🔥👍👌
shibu kumar
Ye hai Hollywood ko takkar dene wali move👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
sk adnan
Legand is back 😀😀😀😀
to laugh and think get inspired
Good to see as Kamalji dubbed his own voice and the shots too, 0:14
upendra ahir
vishwaroopam 1 is hit\nsecond also blockbuster movie\nkamal hasan nice actor
yashdeep keer
I am from north but how much i have seen that kamal hassan movies are better than rajnikant in every aspect