Brian Molko in Velvet Goldmine

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Brian Molko of Placebo preforms 20th century boy in the movie Velvet Goldmine

Brian Goldmine Molko Placebo Velvet

They got some crazy out fits
Afroditi F.
fabulous brian!
Amalia Higham
love it.. no one can beat brian molko!
I could watch that man in ANYTHING!!!! Such a cutie! I am going to see Placebo in concert next month at the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR. I am SOOOOOO excited!!! Brian is a hottie!
@VliegendeHollandse i know! im the most awkward thing of life on them!
Aron Kaiw
it's not STEF
Constanza Fernandez
Se ve tan sassy *~*
Sweet :D.. But the movie sucks though
Dani MT
Brian on high heels .... it doesn't get any more glam than this!
David DM
ok: BRIAN sings '20th century boy '\nbut I know he plays also in this movie\nmay we can see it too, please?
Dr. Knows Best
@iluvspikyhair Me too... omg.... T_T
This movie is awesome!\r\nI love the actors. And Brian Molko really fits perfectly into the scene!
Goo Goo Bonehead
I don't deserve this ..... placebo for life.
Gorran Gorran
lmao; \
Oh, yeah! I wanna be your toy, baby! *____*
Hitori Koumori
One year ago I incidentally saw this video here on YouTube and decided to see Velvet Goldmine. Back then I hadn't even heard of David Bowie. Now he's my favourite singer. Thank you for uploading this :)\nPS: Don't you think Brian was born in the wrong age?
hes so pro
J P gallagher
ooooooooooooo gandioso brian molko mi amor platonikoooo\n
What's the song at the end of this video???
Fuck you!\n
Karla Macmacmac
omg you're right...i spent the entire movie looking for him...the credits said he was in some other band in the movie and i still couldnt find him T_T...but steve cheered me up :]
Karolína Zábojníková
Yes, he is.
Brian. Is. Wow!!\r\nNo words to describe it!\r\nUgh, love him!!!!
Lottie Aston
Brian moves way better in platform heels than I ever will... and I'm a chick.\r\nI'm kinda jealous. XD
Lyson Payne
I wanna watch this now!!
M Ton
molko looks hot ;D
I adore this movie! All my fav actors AND my fav band! What else could anyone ask for?! \u003c3
awesome song !\nBrian is great !
1:50 - 1:53\nBRIAN SO HOOOOOOOOOT!!!!
Holy crap. This is Placebo? For real? I totally don't see this. Dang.
Mia Mackay
OH MY GOD YUM but Stef and Steve werent in it at all
Michael Haller
I was a Teenager in the 70ies - I was there - It was a gas!
Michelle Walker
The best bit in the whole movie
So What !!!
Hot damn! I love a guy in makeup. And I love this song. Great cover of it! Sexy movie. I saw it a long time ago and keep wanting to watch it again. I may just have to buy a copy soon.
Mo Nete
god sake I love this movie! the best movie ever and this song is one of the best in the movie :) I love Brian!
Noche Vampírica
Briannn, siempre espectacular en todo lo q hace ^__^
omg the song after that is so awesome too, this movie is filled with great songs
Pamela Sepulveda
UUUuUUUu... ke wen extracto... aunke no se así como ta femenino.,...!!! weno en el fondo es una caracterización.. está bien..!!! =)
Rachel Henderson
OH. MY.GOD. just that ...
Radostina Ivanova
Actually I think he was.I think he is that guy with big hair on the left.I know it doesn't look like him but look at the teeth ; )And besides,it sonuds like him.
@SingAlongJennie There is nothing against you but your comment reflects the approach to R'n' R today.\r\nI'm an old fart (over 50 yo) and in the old days we used to buy albums and read everything on them: musicians involved, producer, sound engineers, fotographer, recording studios, etc. It seems that today record buyer (or downloaders) have not interest in that kind of things and, in my humble opinion, there is a lack of musical culture.\r\nCheers from Spain
Sure you're not gay ... ? He he. No, but it's true. Brian Molko is really, really hot. Even straight guys are turned on by him!
Sindy Gutterheart
omfg i don't think i'll ever get over that!\r\nsexxy! woop woop!\r\nit makes me hump him with my eyes!
Sum1 Switch'd tha Game up,M8
Wow his eyes!!!
Tamara Klüver
Stuart dancing is literally me dancing at a T. Rex concert in the afterlife
Tayler Allwood
i smiled the whole time ;)
...OMNOMNOM. \u003c3
Lol at christian bale!! only a few years later he played batman!
i loooooooooooove this movie and im addicted to the placebo's performance!! i would see it every momentttt!! it is fantastic!! i adore the brian's moves *_____*
Vinicius Urcioli
lindo demaaaais
We Play Wax
christian bale's acting in velvet goldmine is utterly rubbish!
Zen Dilan
he's a fucking poof!!!!
wow he's really amazing, stunning!
this is the perfect role for Brian!! it just fits him like a glove, and so does that outift ;D.
araceli vega
La mejor pelicula del mundo!\nes todo tan perfecto!
belle girl
Amazing Bri!!get weel dear we miss you
mmmm tanx redcap!!! love ya!!! x x
Moi aussi!!!!! :D
I have this movie and listen to Placebo but I never put it together...I had no idea they were in this lol
Babe i'm gonna be your man\r\nAnd it's plain to see you were meant for me, yeah\r\nI'm your boy\r\nYour twentieth century toy\r\n(8)\r\n\r\n\r\nI love this song, I love Brian. :P
damn!!....did u notice the blond moving through the crowd at the end of the clip.....
emma morris
hot as fuck
20th Century Boy....the definitive Glam Rock anthem.
it's called \
His shoes are perfect for him... he is so tiny. I saw him in concert a few months ago (which was the greatest night of my life) and even when stefen was on one knee beside him, stefen was still a few inches taller... lol.
I wanna be your toy, Brian:)
it's a pretty cool film- a little pretentious at times maybe but then so was glam rock so it fits...\r\nthere's only one scene that's really funny and that's where the guy says, \
oh yeah
when did this movie came out?
sara way
So it was him !!!
yeah are excelent!!!!!
No need to say that 'velvet Goldmine' became one my favourite cult movies.. :P\r\nBrian looks perfect..!
i love this movie and placebo just happens to be my favorite band. i remember an interview with the band steve is talking about molko during the filming of this. he said that brian had asked him what he should do on stage singing this song and steve was like \
You are absolutely wright about Brian's influance upon guys, even straight! Since I met my boyfriend with Brian's work he's become a big Brian's fan despite of the fact he doesn't like nancy boys
christian bale dancing looks like me
valeria Soledad Benítez
he is so hot.....♥
viki vj
hahahahaha real cool I want this film :))))))) brian is real cool
I saw this film 2 weeks ago, it's great!
ηττά θήτα γιώτα ΚΚ
i am gonna see placebo in 14th of june in athens i wish he will wear a dress but i know it is not gonna happen he is father now...