Along Came Polly - Sandy Lyle plays in Jesus Christ Superstar

From the movie: Along Came Polly (2004)Sandy Lyle (Philip Seymour Hoffman) plays in Jesus Christ Superstar

Along Came Polly (Film) Ben Stiller Jesus Jesus Christ Superstar (Play) Judas Philip Seymour Hoffman Play (Theater Genre) Reuben Feffer Sandy Lyle

Ana Castro
Me encanta esta escena no la supero 😍😂
Averon Destiny
0:18 that big as thump! lmaoooo
Philip was the greatest actor of all time
Ed Findlay
Is this the movie that invented the word Sharted?
Eoin Brennan
Sandy lyle is a Scotish golfer who won the US masters in 1988
hands down the funniest scene in the whole damn movie--Sandy Lyle rocking some serious moves on stage.....good things.
Jannie Mette DietZ Nielsen
This scene is so hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂
Jason Wesselmann
those sweatpants  should be in a museum
Justin L.
Wtf is the custodian looking at?
Kevin Muller
It was nice to see Hoffman able to let loose.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the best thing about this movie and probably the only reason I even remember it.
Mani Investigation's Squad of extraterrestrial Life
hahaha LOVE IT !!! ROCK'N ROLL BABY !!!!
funniest scene ever...
Marcus Godfrey
0:45 \
Martin Cosio
Song name?
Martin Huberdeau
Natalie T
Aw, just noticed his sad face at 0:12. Philip can sing tho lol!
Phillip Gore
He felt something and decided to go with it so just give him the freedom to rockette.
Pi R
Rain dance!
Polly Pockets
But really Judas is the star of the show
Radiohead Nyna
btw i only noticed him from this so yea hes hillarious i still say LET IT RAIN when i play bball\n\n 
easily one of his best performances as actor. people just dismiss it cause its a comedy
SinndiLu Whoo
I still come to tears while watching this scene
Vantage Seeker Gaming
Joo das
bruce wayne
Dam right he rocked it so funny
🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 smh RIP sandy!
The rehearsal scene was my favourite part of the movie. PSH's moose knuckle in those disgusting grey pants is just too much.
julian jaz
Español latino????
The guy in the red overalls looks like Mario from Super Mario Bros.
The fat chick is way over acting
seth pann
rock out..
This is the best part in this movie hahaha