Watain - The Wild Hunt - Full Album

I don't earn money from this video. All rights reserved to Watain. If the record label or band wish for me to delete this video then please send me a message and I shall remove it straight away. Thank you :)01. Night Vision

Abyssal Depths Of Me
This album is gorgeous in every way.
Alen Coffell
Do people what play the mouth harp have forked tongues? I suppose its a consideration something for the design process
Andrzej Bryndza
pure greatness
Andy Christ
I keep hearing bad things about this album... turns out they're just a bunch of stupid whiners who only have tolerance for pure black metal, which is stupid
Asterope Being
 Watain tells about anarchy and freedom in their lyrics at \
Balvaneda Rodriguez
Good!! \\m/
Bathory Bill
Such an amazing album. A true master piece. 
Bear Mayhem
a smile for lord satan Lucifer walk hand in hand while we hear the beauty of Watain
Big_Head Muhfucka
This is funky. I can't wait to see them on Sunday.
Black Emperor
I think you are making good money posting' this bro, thank you...
Blaine Hansbro
This is crap
'yall need jesus!   ...jk, I saw somebody wrote that on another post and laughed my head off. I am not sure why, but I am imagining it was some middle aged woman from the south (us) possibly white, more possibly black...
Charlie OC
I am not too much into Black Metal, but this band is from another level, their music, their Lyrics, Erick´s growls, this band really got me, this album was the first I heard from them, then I listened to Sworn to the Dark, and I felt in love with this guys, and of course Casus Luciferi what a masterpiece!!!! they are just perfect
Chris C
the intro to this is more mafioso than maudlin as I thought it was previously
Chris LeRose
Yeah The Wild Hunt and Geralt von Riva
Daniel Ivarsson
I am from Sweden and I must say that I'am ashamed that this band also comes from sweden and that they call their music black metal.
Didier Vancampo
Fantastic album! Thank you very much for the upload! Gonna get the cd version asap!
Diego Antonio Flores Morgner
42:20 Quorthon, are you?
Dude Edud
Erik has a band with the Ahman brothers (In Solitude) that they are just putting out! It's called No Future and they have a channel on youtube called NoFutureForever! Check them out!
Erika Lioness
love it \\m/
Exuro Sanctus
57:54 welcome to Satan's circus!
FNC Danium
so good
Fabio Headbanger
ShowZaço do Watain! Um verdadeiro espetáculo de puro Black Metal!!!
FreeMan Flow
guys can someone tell me why they hate watain?
Gerd De Blieck
Most prominent black metal bands today have been around since the advent of the genre in the early nineties. One of the most notable exceptions to this rule is probably \
mis Respetos Watain Exelente Album lml......lml
Hany EL-Baz
Awesome album, thanks!
This album is heavily inspired by Bathory
I bought this album blind. In my opinion they got a bit weak after the engenius first album (still my favorite), the totally hyped Casus Luciferi totally disappointed me, Sworn to the Dark was good, Lawless Darkness was good, too. But nothing could reach the first release. Now, after listening to this album a few times, I must say: WOW! What an album. It is totally different from the mood and athmosphere, compared to the other albums, but in my humble opinion, this is awesome!
Geralt sent me here.
I just bought this album :)\\m/
Jack Towers
Black Metal at it's finest, it's like Celtic Frost Black Metal mixed with Weird Art Rock, it's almost like Blackened Prog. 
Jay Burnett
KILLER heavy metal album!
Juan Pablo
Aguante watain!
Kaelan McAlpine
My first listen to Watain. Can anyone recommend any bands like this. No that does not include Emperor or Burzum.
Kishan Patel
sweet love this album
Luciferia Eternus
Play their game.. but never forget who you truly ARE! ;)\n\n218!
Matt Wilson
great album. definitely some of Watain's best work.
Reminds me of early arcturus. LOVE THAT SHIT!
Miguel Mainieri
WATAIN: One of the best black metal bands! Congratulations from Brazil!
Mr. Dupa
Co tu dużo mówić. Konkret.
Wow... some years ago i was listening to this genre... it all sounds the same.
Mädchenhölle Manga Official
gracias hermano, me parti media cabeza por escuchar una sola rola de este album ¿y tu subes un disco completo, esto se merece un favor igual.. checate una banda japonesa bien cabrona llamada ''santa madriza'' y su nuevo album de este año el cual por cierto esta en japones y yo lo he subido
A bunch of wannabe occultists
Placki Plicki
So inspired by the Witcher saga :P 
Rocker Music
i love this cd...heavy and dark..wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Shogun Rua
Siddharth Bhattacharya
As usual an album inthe masterpiece category from the masters. Thanks for uploading.
Great and very complex album. Also some slow parts and even a slow song, who would have expected that. I have expected another album like \
trop bon cette album!
Watain takes Black Metal to a WHOLE new level of evil. xD
TOMMY sass jr.
Thank you for not posting ads. These assholes who do on music are the reason they all get removed. Thanks again \\m/
The Scabby Man
Garbage band
 The title of this album is inspired by Witcher series, isn't it? 
Tibério Bastos
So versatile, agressive and beautiful.
Toshiro P.B.
This is how Ass kicking Sounds like \\m/
Wonder if they'll bring the ballad live.\nI don't think so.
Vince Gedeon
If you look at their name it looks like it says. Satan mhm
Vlad Tepes
It is good to upload the new albums on You Tube. Why? Because I am sure now that I will go tomorrow to buy it. Sorry but even 1080p is not enough for me to listen such good music comfortably. I need physical media like CD (digipak) or/and LP. Promotion of music on tubes works in favor of artists, I think.
WolfLover 668
i wish people would just listen to the album. comments are sort of whats the word......................... *goes back to listening to Watain*........
One of the best albums I have ever heard \u003c3
Worldin Pains
Light shit. Life with a twist.
This cover art is beyond awesome
Xul Nargal
Tiamat is my mother. Kutulu is my father. I am a beast. And my sins: gluttony, lust, anger, wrath, pride,...shall be the keys that will liberate me from this prison and give me infinite bliss and extacy.
Saw the deluxe version of this album at a local store today. Didn't have any money with me but I wanted to hear what it was, so I decided to listen to it when I got home. Safe to say I'll be going back for it \\m/
Zharra Vreedmunn
this is very boring bullshit .they started copying themselves since the lawless Album.all the the stuff before lawless was great, but now they are pure commerce
anna elvira postma
Well, the first 14 minutes were boring...It feels like they are trying to play black-metal.
i didnt like this album first, but love it now. its not like Lawless but it is its own thing, its more creative and imo, better, and with a longer life span.
eric demoniacx
I saw em in Cambridge MA in 2008/2009\ngreat band awesome live show
howard sullivan
This is the white throne of judgement. patita pavinan patalla lokha. needing shelter. THOR
a list of bm tropes.
joku tyyppi
why does it say \
julio bojorquez
I have no idea why this album gets so much hate.
jussi __
At this point listened this about 16 times throughout(which is not much, i know). Still finding new levels and these tiny details.. What a great album.
la kei
Jan 31st, I am losing my moiiiind
My favorite Watain album:
Jesus is life eternal.  In Him we have hope
did they write when stars no more shine? I cant find it on amazon mp3. that song has an awesome riff IMO
WTF happened! This cd is a MAJOR disappointment! It's sounds rushed and the songs are hard to get through. And the \
Gotta love that black metal 
stiv pens
Слаб албум! Трябва с лупата да се търси, за да се открие нещо добро.
record label or band SHOULD NOT please you to delete this video - in my opinion this is great advertisement for them both. few days after watching/listening to this video i have bought original CD and some merch.
these dudes play the witcher brah?
vanderley augusto
Gosto muito dessa banda.Faz parte da minha coleção de cds.The Child Must Die é excelente.Esse cd é uma obra-prima.WATAIN:untamed beast.
This album is way amercanised. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Great album - fuck all the haters! \
WOW those clean voices on The Wild Hunt track, sound like if they summoned Quorthon back from the grave!
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