Placebo - 20th Century Boy (Live at Fuji Rocks 2000)

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Placebo perform '20th Century Boy' live at Fuji Rocks Festival in Naeba on July 28th 2000. Subscribe:

#PLACEBO20 20th Century Boy (... Every You Every Me Nancy Boy Placebo Pure Morning Slave To The Wage Taste In Men Without You I’m Nothing ft David Bowie

ok this is officially my fav live version of this song! love it!! you guys looks so fabulous too x3 xxoo
Atticus Beaulieu
this is so beautiful wow
Brian Molko
Hermoso Brian 😍✌
Dokka Chapman
Anyone notice on the bridge he played the opening chords to 'Bruise Pristine'? ;)
ExcuseAll TheBlood
Brian \u003c3
Jack Ousley
Love it! Continued thanks for the classic vids :)
Jenny Jenn
Who put this 👎
Melissa Williams
J'ai bien connu T.Rex  et son célèbre \
Natalia Páli
Brian is so beautiful lmao
Pansy Nancy
Peter Heinen
That's a T.Rex cover!!
Placebo Is Life
it's wonderful!
Stephan James Woods
Lol, Stef's rapid head jerk when: 1:18\nCutest smile award goes to: Stefan Olsdal!
Awesome band!! so underrated .Every song they cover sounds much better than the original version.
Viktoria Vetrenaya
Was this in Japan?
Crowd is soo amazing!
lera j
oh gosh. not a huge fan of placebo (though i used to be), but this performance is just breathtaking 😵
Анна Хромова
hot!hot!hot!! 🔥🔥🔥
Ирина Сергеева
Perfect live! ❤✨👍🔥😍