Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi (1994) Full Album

Enslaved's debut full length album, Vikingligr Veldi, became physical proof of the band's hidden talents, and granted them rightful entrance into the up-and-coming circle of Norwegian Black Metal. Dedicated to Euronymous, the man who made the record's production possible, Vikingligr Veldi is just the sound, feel and taste that Euronymous desired for his record label, Deathlike Silence Productions.With its raw and furious power, the album starts with a blizzard of high speed, relentless black metal, leaving listeners cold and disoriented, yet with a strange calmness. Here is the album in its entirety, as it should always be heard. Lifandi Lif Undir Hamri ()

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i miss this enslaved
Adriano Wotan
Old Enslaved was amazing !
I love thaaaaaaaaat !
Anthony M
anyone else see the devil goat's head next to the mask?
Arve Henriksen
Norvegr might be the best black metal song Norway ever made.\n\nFantastic album.
Babyfaced Baron
Bernabé Fernández Touceda
This and Hordanes Land... Holy shit!!
Black Mantram
Best debut in the history of metal
Black Metal Promotion
I will never get tired of this epic album.
Botond Biró
Why do christian people get so obsessed that they think metal and even popular music is satanic and owned by devil(i know its only a few of them but i saw a few alredy..)
Branden Byrd
This, Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk, At The Heart of Winter, Storm of the Light’s Bane, Nemesis Divina, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, and Pale Folklore. Best black metal albums ever created.
Branden Krantz
This is incredible 🔥💀🧛🏻\u200d♂️🔥⚔️🏰
Brutal Bob
Listening to this makes me want to grow an epic Viking beard and run around with a battle axe, chopping off heads!
I fail to see how Euripides inspired this racket
Come Palta
Muy buen álbum! Profundo, Melodioso, Estrepitoso y con un ambiente frío y glorioso. Me llama para un viaje espiritual por los fiordos noruegos, montaña heladas que se incrustan en el mar creando estrechas playa donde es casi imposible vivir para el hombre común.
Conrado Padula
Raw and sweet.
Coonetta Burbington
Musically it has that 90's greatness.
Cristhian Morales
yeahhhhhhputa madre
Dagoth ValDrusa
I can't get my hands on the intro song :/ Can someone post the song if you got it?
The one Enslaved album I don't own and I'm going to remedy that very soon.
For the Love of Summoning
total excellence!!!
Frank Pérez
Vetrarnótt and Norvegr are the best songs of this album!\nMASTERPIECE!!
Gary D
This band has some of the best-integrated vocals in the Black Metal super-genre. I hardly notice when the singer steps in or out, but his impact is as evident in the whole as the other instruments.\n\nAlso yes, what's with all the hate in here? Shut the f* up everyone and just ROCK!  \\m/
Goddess Of Night Kvlt
excellent album, i love it
Never noticed that the crosses are the same as in the Mayhem logo
Grade Marchiori
Viking is my balls
Best black metal band, no question
Herr Noatún
For me it sounds like a hybrid between De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas and Burzum's Aske EP.
Jackson RRXT
Decent...gonna go listen to (old) Enthroned.
Kaos Kryst
It doesn’t live up to the last sentence with these ad breaks. Unless you own the rights to this great music. I suggest you take out the ads between tracks.
Kerry Biawo
Reading the comments made me a misanthropic. And i'm not referring exclusively to these comments.
Leo Svantesson
Stop comparing satanism and the old norse culture together, as they're nothing alike. Two completely different beliefs. It annoys me so much. Satanism is more or less a part of christianity. Believe it or not, I mean, Christians celebrate the death of Jesus Christ (easter). Who'd celebrate a death that was in fact a huge mistake made by the Romans? and the fact that they celebrate Jesus' death in general.
33:40 top
Lucas Luís
Great black metal band/álbum 🤘💀😈🔥
Marek Ragnar
Great album.
Marius Scheijgrond
like the smoothness of the keyboards , a essential part of bkack mnetal for me. and enslaved old albums is much better thaqn emperor, YESSSS!
MetalManiac Subtitulado
Very good
Michayla Williams
Hail black metal \u003c3
Misaka Mikoto
this one actually embraces the surf.
Moisés Ferreira
um classico do black metal, curto muito.
What other metal song have I heard the little melody that comes in at 7:35 in?
Nathaniel Byers
What an album. Among the finest in black metals golden era!
Norman de Bellefeuille
Great driving CD. Wish I had seen them live. They never played Montreal in the early '90s.
Orlando Imbaquingo
vikinglir veldi good album the best with instrumental warriors of metal era most viking's musical inspirations
Paul K
how much stoners listen to this ?
zakurwisty album!!!
What a masterpiece. I mean not to deprecate a classic of the genre and black metal traditions, but I'd love to hear a less repetitive version of this whole album in the form of an EP.
Philipp Void
good oll black metal.\npeace and harmony and DEATH!
Raymond Tolomei
To me there best Album along with three Split and Frost all great importabt Black Metal from Norway.
Rob Con
So damn good.
Robert Bratož
Satanic Panic
i own a signed by the band first press by euronymous himself. love this album.
Satanic Werewolf
Happy 24th birthday to this album!
Sebastian Ramirez
Seeing them tonight
Sepa Sepa
ахуенно как и весь инслевед))
Shut Up and Drink
Smoking a massive blunt to this.
Simon Nader
Such musical beauty... closing your eyes and going along with it to give an outstanding experience.\n\nThis is what I call music. It speaks for itself.
Thalian Demon
λιγο avantgarde ρε αδερφε...
Thanos Gatsu
Incredible album
By the dark gods I think I almost popped a stiffy after 2 minutes of this..almost
Thibaut D. Akeley
Nothing overcomes this gem.\nThis is the real Enslaved.
Black metal that's purposely in bad quality as FLAC format...
Travis Dawson
Great Enslaved Album.
Uchoa Óðinn
Bom pra caralho...\n\nConhecia, +Fernando Santana ...???
Universe Channel
Weird, I was thinking about black metal and the Sutton Hoo mask, Then I saw this Enslaved Album.
Vasikan Surma
This album and Ulvers Bergtatt. What more man needs?
25:08 && 44:36
Went to their concert in Salt Lake City yesterday. This guys were awesome. I shook Grutle's hand told him it was a great show, then walked outside to go to friends's car, found out that he locked his keys inside. My friend and I walked back and saw Arve and Herbrand smoking outside of their tour bus, we asked them for a wire coat hanger so that we could break in my friend's car. Herbrand ran inside to find one, then we came out and told us he couldn't find any. So we ended up just breaking a back window to get in the car. Fun night.
anna elvira postma
once you get over the fact that every riff is repeated over and over again, it's not a bad album. Frost is my favorite enslaved album. I like this riff 15:22
This remains the best black metal album ever.  Later Enslaved is a joke compared to this.
The best album of Enslaved, I missed this type of tunes ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Dare I say legendary ?
i loe this record but that first keyborad riff sounds so much like the first zelda game for nintendo its unreal
One of the first Black Metal records I ever listened to - it was so dark and hypnotic, it converted me. The best thing to drive to, alone at night, in the middle of winter, down a long icy road. . .
gagnerot dimitry
cult masterpiece
Brainwashed. It's only human nature to be against what is NOT you. You can only find offense, if it IS you. Wake up. You will soon blend into the minority.
into the wild
when it comes to a debut album..there is NO ONE touching this!
The last song, Norvegr - holy shit! Haven´t heard such a lyrical and atmospheric BM song for a long time! Sheer masterfulness, complete unity with nature, I feel like dissolving into woods, mountains, lakes... This proves how sensitive and sophisticated black metal actually is! Exquisite!
jean luc heriard
i have a first press ,epic after hordanes land
jeff campbell
i just sewed 7 cyote faces together made some shorts listening to this..hahah
lone wolf
One of the best albums ever..... Still have it on vinyl!
Stare czasy :)
metalcat Bentton
Viking is no black metal !
no no
Their only great album (besides the Hordanes Land EP).
norsk svartmetall
True Norwegian Black Metal Masterpiece!
driving to pittsburgh next week to see them with amon amarth and skeletonwitch. i hope they play this whole cd.
The first song reminds me of a song from Yoshi's island I wonder if the Japanese designers heard this at the time?
Owned this since 1994. Milks riffs for all its worth and a bit repetitive but it's ok. Frost is way better.
Excellent description, man. Enslaved + Svart Circel. \n\nGreat old album, indeed. Cheers!
trance 500
Old and good memories! Masterpiece... hail Enslaved!!!
vzdorr b
Дмитрий Асмолов
Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal
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