a day in the life of a software engineer | weekend edition

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Hi!It's been a long time since I did a vlog! Here's a look at my day from yesterday (Saturday). I did a similar style as my day in the life of a software engineering video (which has BLOWN UP! I love seeing everyone's versions of it 😁). I'm looking forward to making more vlogs for y'all, let me know if you like seeing these!and now for some announcements:The MARCH LIVESTREAM will be on Saturday, March 3rd at 6PM PST! Hopefully alternating between Saturday nights and Sunday mornings will allow those who couldn't make it last time to join! Hope to see you there.In other news, I'm almost at 100K subscribers!!! O_O I can't believe it! Thank you all for watching and subscribing and commenting and sharing. Here's to the next 100K! Hope you have a great day, wherever you are.x, mayuko--------------------------------------------------------Hang out with me and friends on my Slack!Join:

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Alain Peralta
Talking to the cat :3
Amaya Kazumi
I'm jst the person who likes your video before watching it😂😂
Angus Zhang
2:36 the communication with the doggie is so smooth!!
Side project? What are you working on? Do you have a Github
No way I love stardew valley 😇I just bought it a few days ago. Can you please show us your farm? hahaha xx
Cynthia F
this makes me happy bc I also live by the bay area and I wasn't sure about my major (computer science). These videos gave me that reassurance I needed. :)
Love watching fellow female programs. I am a senior CS student, just got a job offer as a systems analyst. :) so excited.
Dwight Dan
I love dogs and cats too!
Elite D Susobhan
Ethan Lin
Wow, watching you guys relax felt like a nice break from my hectic weekend.
Filip Popovic
Switch + PS4 💗 _____ 💗
GunBlazer Blazin' It All
Maybe it's my horrible luck but 99% of the time I go to San Fran it's wet and/or cold. Anyways congrats you got another sub
Haroon Ahmed
3:10 Why have I seen this in every anime...
Haru the Shiba Inu
Your life is awesome.
Hashmat Waziri
Liked the steel lamp. gonna order one from Ikea
High School
My boy was chillin on fortnite
Hkm Saharan
Ma motivation ❤️
Ijas deen
@HELLO_MAYUKO -\u003e Don't use the mobile while charging
Jarvis Johnson
John Doe
this video is so comfy. keep it up!
Jonathan Kan
Looks like retired software engineer.. so chill...
KB force
you kive in Califonia?
KetarroFun №1
To study I need a MacBook, but parents can not buy, what to do? (
Kevin Jesus Robles Nuñez
Yey! I liked\nI'am new in world of programming and enjoy your videos too much\nKeep going...GJ :D
Kevin Li
What a relaxing day.
Kgosi-Etsile Dube
I hope I am not the only one who gets excited after seeing that the YouTube notification is from her! \u003c3
LT. Ken K. Boston ,Engineer Navy PH.D
wow...is this human or the angle guy? Enjoys your couple..
Seems like you need a new challenge in life - time for a new job maybe?
Lordjegar Laurel
Software Engineer or Computer Engineer and What is the difference between them? \r\nCan a Computer Engineer be a software engineer?\r\nCan a Software engineer be a Computer Engineer?
LouisTiang Toys
nice bed `!!~
Maid Vlogger
Why no sound for that karaoke time? 😁
Mamidi Srinivas
Walk ani car loo paatunavvv dongamundaa
Masacci. Boi
Wait Mayuko you live in the Facebook complex in Menlo Park? We should kick it some time, maybe go to Starbucks or something.
Maurice Williams
Once I get hired as a Programmer how will I be able to go to school in the morning still?
Almost 100k 😍💪 so happy I found this amazing channel to keep me motivated within my career goals
Moe Harp
Loved the vlog, but I have a few questions... I was wondering how often you get stuck on code or spend hours looking online and researching how to do something? Also, do you ever copy and paste code you found online? How often do you know exactly what you need to do to fix a bug or add a feature, but you stall for as long as possible because you know that it would require you modifying other code that's really finicky and you're just not mentally prepared to deal with the amount of work involved with that, seemingly small, change?
Mooti Madness
:( this video is so short, make longer vids next time plz
Myles Domingo
I also like stardew valley because it's the most non computer science thing it could possibly be haha
Negatu Abera
A day in the life with my puppy and kitten ...
Ngoc Nguyen
Good video 👍🏻 Sorry it‘s not relevant but which Eyeliner do you use? It looks natural :) thank you.
Nick Skoularikis
Nice, thanks for keeping it real
im a guy do i have to also put stuff on my face and curl my hair to be a software engineer ?
Oliver S
What an exciting weekend :)
Oscar Rodriguez
Cool they're gamers. I wonder what they were playing?
Pangna Thy
Hey will a computer science degree land me a job in the software engineering department?
Phearun Pich
boyfriend revealed :'(
Pooja D
I saw a Tesla building in your vlog
R Mac
OMG. You. Are. So. Inspiring :) I would love to create a YT Channel. Love your style!
Ronan Shiroshi
I'll be realistic. I'm just watching your videos just to look at your face ate idol 😇
Rosyid Silmi
nice day..I same with you in weekend..the awaited day...thanks
Show us what you're coding next time. Haha :)
What do you play on your Switch at the moment?
Sam Ahmad oke
I love you . .
Sam Keys
I’m an English student at the equivalent of grade 9 which I believe is freshman at high school. I can’t decide whether I want to take computer science or not at my next stage of education and whether I want to do it at university. Could help me with what I could do and which programming languages would be good to learn (I know basic python 3 and I’m considering Java, I did watch your video on this but I wasn’t sure on the verdict)?
Sang Park
what's Scott playing??
Scott Wallace
Always love your vlogs and loved the chill weekend vibe to this one! Keep up the good work and hope you achieve your goals :)
Semper Phoenix
Wow mayuko, you're almost at 100k subscribers! You've grown fast! 👍
Sopheap Rim
I spotted a Tesla factory.
Steban Camilo Garzon Garcia
I love your videos, they inspire me. I am currently studying software engineering :3
Do you have to work weekends? Is there good work-life flexibility in software engineering?
Is this fake? How can someone's life be so perfect. Dayum i live in hell.
Do more stuff like this please
Tassiano Fernandes
Hey, Mayuko, I'm from Brazil and I loved ur videos... I wanted see your videos before my graduation (because i choose the wrong faculty) and have a a wish to be a software engennier...\r\nI was thinking that a type of this life seems so dificult, because we hear from other people talking about a software eng`s life is basically programing, and programing all the time and you show me the diference!\r\nThanks for your videos (and sorry for my english)!
Tedi William
Are you not get a shower ?
Thanh Sinh Bùi
I want to have a girl who is software engineer :v
Tim C
Hey Mayuko... love your vlogs.. I'm a call centreteam leader and have always wanted to learn to code, or study it to change careers... always been to scared to spend the money, but a mac and start studying again to look into a career change and learn to code.. your channel is great and love your personality, honesty and insights. Thinking of really doing what I've always wanted to do....... Code 😆
Timothy Kalio
You must be COLD cold to sleep with a sweater on plus a comforter
Valeria Kostyukhina
It was so nice to watch. ; A ; Such smooth work with recording and editing.
Vidhi Panchal
what are you studied ?
Web Developer
music is so goooood
Yuwei Zhao
Zachary Louie
Engaged, stable job, pets, and good friends. You really have your life together. And I respect that! 👍
arm 1998
ชีวิต ของเธอ มันอยู่ยาก
ch fatima
Why am.i reminded of go hyesun when i see u . The ressemblance is striking ...
love love love this vlog
Nice to see that software engineers have a life.
okay this might sound a weird question but why do a lot of software engineers have mac? what is the advantage? because with the same price you get a much better hardware laptop from another brand. i have been asking myself a long time
inb4 Joma copies this video
hugh Jassole
Man would I like to date that fine pice of...... What the who's that man right there
impact cisse
Chatty vlogs are better.
While it is useful to see the life of a software engineer, one thing that I think would be useful for us viewers would be to give us an idea of the work-life balance of a software engineer. Do you typically need to code for your company on weekends? If so, how often, and for how long? Is this common among other software engineers in companies as big as yours? Is the reason you're coding extra due to a specific specialty you have (i.e. I believe you said you're an iOS dev so do iOS apps/programs take longer to create?) I know some of this is specific to the engineer and not to the field, but that information would be tremendously useful. Thanks!
Frankly, I always worried about my chilly weekends. I don't know why, but I always have the feeling that I have to experience more on days off, although I like to relax. To see that there are also others who spend the weekend similar calms me a little. Thx.
LEAK at 3:01 exposed
paan uchiha
I got a question. Are all software engineer this pretty?
Nice video. Thank you for sharing.
rappi gonen
you look amazing . i love you so much \u003c3\u003c3
richie rich
is he bf or husband or fiance
Morning Mayuko is pretty, even in 360p! :DDDDD
smart water
Anyone know what math is required to study or get a degree in Software engineering?
srushti mund
does somebody play those guitars or are those just for show
yawn 😴
You have to work weekends?
Hi, does an ABET accreditation matter in software engineering?
wang peter
you're not normal again, freaking out
This calm and relaxing vlog was great. perfect amt of talking for a chill vlog
Were you born in America or Japan?\nCan you speak Japanese?
นาตยา ชื่นชลาสัย
Love your vlog!