[ENG SUB] [BANGTAN BOMB] Jung Kook went to High school with BTS for graduation!

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*Sips tea Infiresly*
2:25 how is she not freaking out like she is sitting next to the bloody hottest person in the world let alone the golden maknae and let alone freaking JEON JUNGKOOK
Me watching this vid without sub : Omg Jikook is rising!\nMe watching this vid with sub : Jikook flirtin too much than i expected. Boii
Aesthetic BTS
Allan Reyes
Was that SinB sit next to him? lmao thats nice highschool celebrity class
Alondra Zeledón
Jimin looks like Jungkook's Sugar Daddy, sorry I have to say
Alpha B
This boi is to beautiful
Those school uniforms are really nice.
Aya Park
0:47,1:15 jungkook such a baby Reaction
Jmin tae suga and j hope the proud brothers\nJIn the proud mother\nnamjoon the proud dad\n=\nTHE HAPPIEST FAMILY ON EARTH
Aww our Jungkookie graduates now,,congrats
When you know the song in English, so you sing along. But laugh at the Korean version. 😅
Jungkook is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in this world, and I'm a 29 year old straight white male who's travelled all over the world for many years
Bts Ff
I think rapmon, j-hope, and jin should brothers then v and jungkook should be brothers and then suga and jimin should be brothers \nCorrect me if I'm wrong
Can we take a moment to appreciate how good Jimin looks here
He is the crush of every high school girls there 😂
Carol Ju
I kinda got the feeling Jimin and JungKook will be buying that apartment together someday.
Chartjee Potatoo
Jungkook is so happy when he heard the others where there :3 They look like 1 big happy familyy :D\n\nBTW: Why did i just notice that around 2:25 Gfriend Umji and sinb are sitting next to jungkook?!
Chimchim Shaiza
Our Jimin shi is so soft naturally but when he is around Kookie, he is extra soft!! So cheesy!😍🤗
Oh my gosh I love Jungkook so much~~
Christy Rodriguez
Imagine going to school with jungkook,i would have died
Crystal BubbleGum
Espresso Yourself
I’m sorta getting ticked off by the people saying Jungkook and Jimin’s ship is sailing. Guys, they’re like best friends all the members are, and nothing else than that. If you start shipping them it might make the members uncomfortable with each other. You guys just need to except the fact that they are like family. I mean this in the most respectful way as possible. Please no hate.
FairyTail Lord
Beside Jungkook's seat in 2:24 is Sinb And Umji right????
Faith samuel
Yall just wait, kookie is gonna make Jimin buy him an apartment for real someday LOL
Gfriend Buddy Boy #DreamcatcherInSpain
Sinb \u003c3 Umji \u003c3 Jungkook \u003c3
Hasan Ahmed
It's like he's more happy to eat the black beans noodle more than his ceremony
JT Marcaida
V was the sweetest, with bouquet of flowers hahaha😍🔥👏😅
Jacqueline W
Jimin came in with swag
Jeon Jungkook
i actually feel bad on taetae being the \
Jillian _
V is snap chatting here, WHAT IS HIS SNAP?!!?!?!????!?!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!
5:30\nPlease i beg someone to put that in a \
Kaepora Gaebora
2:55 Graduation is always like this XD
Kamakshya Pruseth
2:25 oh sinb and umji are sitting next to him
Katelyn Armas
So what we get druuuunk so what we smoke weeeeed were just havin fuuuun we don’t care who seeees so what we go ouuut that’s what it’s supposed to beee living youuuung and wiiild and freeee
Bts: starts singing song\nSuga who btw wants to be born as a rock in his next life: what are you doing\n😂
Kim L
Anyone in 2018?? I still can't get over jimin beings so handsome with glassessssssssss MY HEARTEUUUU
Kim Taehyung
He seem more happy for black beans than his graduation! ❤️😂
Kkaeb Song
Suga was like WTF are you guys doing? At 5:38
Kookies And PoTaetoes
Aww this is so cute but it also makes me sad and happy at the same time to see how much they’ve grown
Imagine how popular he would be in his school
Leykook •
4:29\nJimin: Is there anything you want since you graduated? I can buy it.\n\n*ok why does Jimin sound like a legitimate sugar daddy i’m-*
Life With Awa
1:30 Park Jimin, coming like a damn prince 😂\n\nEdit : woow so many likes thank you
Lizxbts 4L
It Makes me wonder if jungkook had a high school crush...
4:14 Jungkook singing tho😍😍
Mic everything
Came back to this vid many time just to see our JK baby got excited and sing when he knew his hyung arrived at 0:54 his voice's so cute XD XD XD
Mr.Worlwide Handsome
Has Jin been taking english classes ? He's been so proud with his english skills recently XD
Muskaan Khan
The girl sitting with jk I wish it could be me
Nahida Akter
Why jungkook is so cute 😍😘💜💛💚❤ he is very cute in school uniform oo so cute 😍😘💜
Namjoonie Oppa
0:55 aww look how happy he became when he realized they were there, like he doesn't see them everyday 😭 istg they're the true definition of brother from another mother 💕 and why did they have to put that as the bgm 😭 my hearteu
Park Day K-POP
Como o Jungkook está fofo😍😘
Peppy Grace Subs
Omg the whole comment section says thank you. No, thank YOU for watching my videos and showing so much love. Y'all make me so happy. You don't even know 😄
Phoebe Batchelor
I just watched the video of his entrance ceremony and to see this now makes me feel proud to see how much he has grown ❤️
Sailor Pandora
My baby is growing up 😭
Sneha Nayak
Oh Jungkook look so cute and handsome
Starlight GezeLeo
I just realize that the person who sat beside jungkook was sinb then umji!!! 😫❤️😘😍
Strong power Thank you
Bias crushed!!!
Sugirii —
Jungkook looks like the main character of an Anime every girl falls in love with lol
THE8andLila :3
The members tease Jimin for his height but not Suga because they are afraid of Him! 😂😂😂💖💙😘😭😍💘💘
jimin looking like boyfriend material
The style jimin had in the Save me era!!
I can’t believe they sang the graduation song😂😂😂I love them so muchhh!!
TheBalconyTaehyung SatOnInBloodSweat&Tears
Jungkook: \
If Jungkook was in my class I would never leave his side LMAO😂😂
Isn't just me or I saw Tae on Snapchat at 6:06 ???? I want it !!!! :'(
Jimin looks like a proud mom
Vrinda Tyagi
JIMIN placing his hand on JK is so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!
Weekly Alexis
Rm: The father\nJin: The mother\nSuga: The grandpa\nV: The brother\nJimin: The boyfriend\nJhope: The uncle
Yuki San
Jm: I will give you a present\nJk: I want an apartment\nMe in life. 😂😂😂😂
Zero Two
thumbnail... i saw Sinb 😢
*All of the students there look so pretty...too bad it's not like that in other countries ;-; and omg jungkook I wonder what the student thought when they say BTS*
Zyroo J
Is that gfriend Sinb next to him in the thumbnail?
ok but did he really do a korean version of 'young wild and free' like damn he wild
2:21 tell me he's not nervous sitting *next* to a girl
i know my movie but i dont kno movie name
jungkooks like *finally I can leave hell*
i lish
i love how yoongi couldn’t hold in his smile, he really loves his maknae
illy XD
I love his uniform it looks so good on him ❤
j i m i n sthetic
My Jiminie is so stylish 😍\nHe really is rocking his outfit 💖
jaeyeon jung
his hair and his voice drastically changed. his baby face, nah
jamsjamsjamsjamsjamsjam jamjamjam
tae is take the flower 😏 vkook is real
jenna bark
That would be awsome to be in his school. THE FREEKING BTS BOYS WOULD BE THERE, I wonder if he was SUPER popular
jimin YouGotNoJams
its the feeling when jimin trying to hide his emotions being so proud of maknae so he throw the bouquet of flower and say congratulation 3:45
johns banana
kim taebyul
They blurred umji and sinb face hahaha kookie such a cutie
klint yos
2:23 is that Gfreind Umji and Sinb??!!
Okay guys, probably no one reading this, I know that shipps are cool and exciting, but don't you think this is getting to an absurd level? Bangtan Bomb is something that Big Hit does for keep us close to the boys and informed about them, we are probably the only fandom that has something like that and the only thing you can talk about is ... Shipps?\n This is disappointing.\nSorry for any mistake.
poor tae :( looks like jungkook was mad
lu lu
why does jimin look like a fashionista in this omg
wow jimin reallly looking daddy asf and when he was like to JK \
natalie opalla
2:24 Si SinB and Umji (GFRIEND) ba yung katabi ni Jungkook??
pizza rolls
Jungkook after graduating: *FINALLYYYYYYYYY* \n\nsame jungkook, same.
the one dumb asian
I swear that Suga is the only one who is anywhere close to mature. Note I said \
ÄDÎDÏ 1106
is it me or does jimin look like a hot nerd??🤤🤤🤤
He's a famous artist\nHis members, also famous artists as well, are coming together with him for his graduation\nWhat in the world could be cooler than this...
LOL in GFRIEND's SinB and Umji's graduation Jungkook wasn't blurred out meanwhile here they blurred sinb out😂😂😂
2:22 is that SinB and Umji?! Beside him?
I think the girl that is at the left of JK is SinB from Gfriend...is it?