Along Came Polly (5/10) Movie CLIP - Praying to the Porcelain God (2004) HD

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AJ Fournier
Wonder if he calculated the risk of Polly never calling him again if he asked for toilet paper
Anthony Black
Anthony Bonarrigo
Ben Stiller is my favorite man.
Should have used his hand and washed thoroughly in the sink
Austin Butler
worst nightmare
Bianca mcgill
Lmao I'm dead
Buffy B.
herrlich :D
Chazzy Cake
Darrell Yoder
1:18 Polly
Detective L
Could have just went in the shower and rinsed well or told her they were out of toilet paper.
Lonnie Booth
Lucifer Scanvinsky
Jennifers body in this movie is ROCKIN. \u003c3
How is the water in the toilet bowl at 1:26 clear when he flushes it and not some disgusting brownish-yellow
Mr. Moon
Jenniffer was the hottest girl in the planet back then.
MuviCut Hairstyles
I saw the full movie today and it's one of my favorite part
Haha, the ferret was like, \
Polar Paige
Next time just ask
Rachel Hernandez
1:13 fah
this actually has happened to me before , to be honest. I wouldn't care less. I told her straight up there's no toilet paper in here. lol
Skinny Davenport
This here is some funny crap. I just love the part where he's listing all the things he will do if the toilet flushes.
Could've just washed his ass in the sink. It can be done, dude.\n\n:)
Hahaha Typical funny Ben Stiller haha. Never the smart way. In every movie
Timtoby Aguilar
A animal that you fart\n
Tsizzle 1482
That is the worst full mud butt an no TP
Wayne Hoxit
why did he turn on the shower on the movie
Lol. So been there
jairy garcia
Nowadays people won't hesitate to go when they need to! Male/female \n\nPublic/Home
can anyone tell me what brand that sweater she's wearing is?
as funny as hell!!
aHaHaHa! -:))
He could of just said out loud: \
should have used the shower nozzle like a bidet, he had it on anyways
This scene makes me want to adopt a ferret for a pet
Lol so funny