Placebo - 20th Century Boy (feat. David Bowie)

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Placebo - 20th Century Boy (feat. David Bowie) (polska strona fanów Placebo)

20th Bowie Boy Century Favid Placebo placeboworld poland

Liam mitchell
Outstanding. I feel 15 again
Dig seeing Bowie laying some Bolan down.
Peppa Marseno
I miss you David 💖
lady stardust1972
Did you change the lyrics Bowie ?that first verse ain't right, I don't think Boley would be happy lol
I adore them!
I just found this. What a great cover of a great T-Rex song!
Thee best version of this song ever!!! I miss you Bowie. I feel like a teen again watching you sing this on my TV thinking \