Shylmagoghnar - Emergence (Full Album) (OFFICIAL)

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Atmospheric/Melodic Blackened Death from the Netherlands1. I Am The Abyss Shylmagoghnar is a Dutch metal project founded by Nimblkorg and Skirge. The self-produced and distributed debut album "Emergence" was released in February 2014. The project originally started out as atmospheric progressive black metal, but over the years the sound took on a life of its own. Strong influences of melodic death metal can be heard. Doom metal, blackened death and thrash metal have also had some impact. No matter what you wish to call it, we hope you will get something out of our work!About the "I Am the Abyss" tabs and MIDI:The tab is written in Guitar Pro 5 without RSE, so disable RSE if things sounds weird. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.Feel free to use or share this tab/MIDI in any way you want, as long as you give us credit and it's for non-profit non-political purposes. For other purposes, please don't hesitate to send us a private message or e-mail.

A New Dawn Edin in Ashes Emergence Eternal Forest I Am The Abyss Official Shylmagoghnar Squandered Paradise T... The Cosmic Tide This World Shall Fall

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Band of the month on !
Beautiful melodies but some if these lyrics are real downers
Ado Podrinje
great music ! LOVE IT !
Alex Berdkan
I cannot express how awesomely beautiful this is. I can feel the passion when listening. Keep up the good work guys.
Axel Stone
not many bands like this anymore it's shame guess metal is not dead yet after all
Sometimes you can find real gems on youtube! Really nice album, and the artwork is amazing.\n\nKeep up the good work.\n\nEdit: ok, this stuff is getting better and better, amazing songs!
Benoît Dubos
30 seconds into the album and you guys already have my most genuine thumb up...
Blackstar Games
I just discovered this and sounds awesome. Great music.
Blue Winter
absolute masterpiece, will buy immediately
Cardinal Copia drinks coffee near Eiffel Tower
Holy Diver ! This is epic
Cathy Rostron
i may be a miserable old sod but I know good music when I hear it
Chinmay Deshpande
Get a very strong Insomnium and Be'lakor vibe \\o/ Awesome album! Waiting for the next one :) All the best.
Clavel Nina
DON'T SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!\nJust bought the CD, can't wait...\nContinuez ainsi, c'est d'une rare puissance... Bravo!
i love the riffs, really has a before the dawn vibe to it.
Damien Frizzell
god damn all my worries just evaporated
DanDee Campbell
I just now stumbled upon this album wtf! Its sik af!
Daniel CR
Dark Tranquility brought me here. Nice melodeath, technically clean and interesting despite the fact we, the latinos, cannot speak that name =0 . Keep it going /m/
Danny Grimm
This is very smooth Metal, powerful but something I can easily listen to with headphones on without melting my brain. This is some of the most perfect sound I've heard in a long time.
who hear listens to deathmetal
David Saldarriaga
I have been listening to this album over and over! Very, very, very nice. This one goes to my favorites list. I wish the best for this band! Thank's a lot!
Er Elies
I really like your music and hope to listen to you live if you ever decide to come for a visit to France !
Fabiano Antonio
great work, not even a minute in and i can tell this is for me
You must rerelease this album in cd !! Cant find it anywhere !!
G Delic
This is something really amazing, something refreshing in the music era where everything starts to sound the same. I think that Shylmagoghnar has a potential become one of the greatest metal bands ever.
Gallius's Battlefield
WOW. Impressive as hell. I think I've found a perfect band to listen to while I'm working.^^\n\nLots of luck for your second album! And I'll be looking forward to seeing you if you're planning concerts in Spain.^^
George M
Rare piece of Art!!!!\nGlad i found it \\m/
Ghost Rider 666
Esta Banda Salio Del Infierno Un Saludo De 🇨🇱 Sigan Asi Van Muy Bien Cabrones 🤘 🤘
435 people hate dualing lead harmonies.... wtf
Wow, this is amazing. The fact that this was produced independently makes it even more impressive. It has amazing riffs and melodies and the vocals are spot on. I really hope we can hear more from you in the future.
Hour of Anguish
Great Album guys! We look forward to your next release!
Hugo Sylvestre
Holy shit that's awesome. ._. Instant new fan!
Ian Woods
Bought this off of Bandcamp little over three years ago - still one of the most requested records in the daily carpool among my non-metalhead friends (we've taken to calling it Shylly). Further, what initially drew me to this record, and I'm pretty sure I also said this in the message I sent with my purchase (which you guys were awesome enough to respond to!) is that this is exactly the kind of stuff I did/would write. The tempo changes, the variations on similar themes, THE DRUMMING (represented well by the first minute of 'Emergence' ) are so damn satisfying! Shylmagoghnar speaks to me on a primal level - love you dudes!
Isabel Verhoeve
Ik reageer nooit in een commentaar, alleen moet ik echt kwijt dat ik zoiets heb! De melodieën (vocals en rifs) zijn gewoon perfect! Metal is pas goed als het emoties los maakt. En dat uit ons kikkerlandje \\M/
Joe Harvey
This is like an orgy of sounds.
Joseph DeMato
The opening song on this album makes me feel reminiscent of warm memories once had, despair that they will not return, then hopeful that I may forge new ones that last forever, all at the same time. Truly a masterpiece album. Congratulations to you all.
Julien Savard
Love it! Looking for new music and found you guys. Keep up the stellar work. Love the sound.
Another day...another gem discovered on YouTube, 30 seconds in and I'm sold!
Leigh Taft
Great album thank you for this! Made my night.
Lilli D
THIS album is most EPIC masterpiece 💀and still listening 2018
Lucas Henrique
Belíssimo! hail from Brazil !
M So
F yes bruddas, f f'ing yes. Do that f'ing s!!! I feel like this could sooth my tired mind into beautiful, near mythical REM rest or finance my spirit throughout the inevitable slaughter to come
Your Music touches my heart! ❤️
Master of Puppets
I never was a too big fan of modern Death Metal, but this is just great\nThanks for this fellow Dutchies
Morten Kallesen
There are a LOT of socalled blackened death bands out there that - in my humble opinion - make really boring generic tracks, and the boredom is called atmospheric. This stuff seems to come out on top though. This album has a really good vibe to it, and the compositions take off on their own with no need for gimmicks - only musicians with a passion can do that. I love the instrumental intro - just brilliant.
Máté Kovács
Band name sounds kinda like a lovcraftian god.
Big surprise, but you don't have to suffer any comparison, you're awesome and I hope you'll get more recognition ! \\m/
Nicholas Jones
Nolan Void
Glad I stumbled onto this band. Really great album....feels like I'm on a journey everytime I listen to this.
I should browse bands on youtube more guys are amazing. :D Really glad I found your music, I kinda fell in love during the first minute of listening! :3
Pat King
I want this album (CD), but it's all sold out, where can I get one? Hope you guys will produce more!New album is already in my Masterpiece class of collections! Cheers guys ;-)
Pelkės Sraigė
This album was a favourite for my ex. God I hate him and listening to this album reminds me of him. But this album is too good not to be listened again and again. \\m/
Still listening while i'm waiting for the second album just like a puppy waiting for his master's return ! :V
Listening to an Avatar album, youtube suggested me to listen to this. Did not regret! 1 minute and I'm all in!
R Sijbom
To be honest at first I only clicked on this video because I thought what a silly band name!But now I already bought Emergence and can't wait for the next one! Keep up to the good work!\n\nBut I still wonder does the name Shylmagoghnar has any meaning (to put things more in to perspective)?\n\nGreeting from the Netherlands \\m/
Rebecca Hope
If for some reason you should ever listen to some random girl commenting in your comment section... please make your next album more like this one than Transience. It was good too... but this one is like.. oh my god.. it hits me right in the heart. The introduction track is just absolutely fantastic and a perfect way to start off an album. Just dreamy instrumental. What a masterpiece of a composition it is. I feel like Transience starts off too hard straight into vocals and a faster tempo. Long periods of instrumental is just perfect for the music you guys create. It really helps build the atmosphere and melody. I like the vocals a lot in your music too, but my favorite parts has to be when there's just mindblowingly beautiful atmospheric melody for longer periods of time. \u003c3 Love you guys, take care!
Rob Kirkwood
This album kicks ass! Been growing weary of the screaming/growling cuz it makes them all sound the same but they know to make it work beautifully! Thanks!!
Rutger En Alies De Jong Frederiks
Mooi mannen, mooi!
Seva Koudriavtsev
I do not comment much. But, dear Dutch gentlemen - Skirge and Nimblkorg - thank you for such a stunningly gorgeous album. I discovered it by listening to Insomnium, Agalloch, Kalmah, and Dark Tranquility, Belakor and old school Swedish DM & melo DM (Gates of Ishtar, Dismember and suchlike) Your compositions have an intense ingenuity, authenticity, and power that is very hard to find. Thank you for inspirational music. Bravo! God Bless You.
Shin Chan
Feels like I'm in another world.
Shinryu Heika
AAAWWWEEESSSOOOOMMMEEEEE !!!!  ORDERING CD NOWW!!\n\neh btw where i can buy your cd ? it's shipping to worldwide ? available in amazon ? because it's easier through amazon hehe
NEWS UPDATE: We just wanted to let you know that the recordings for the \nsecond album have started! There's still lots to be done and no \nestimations of when it will be finished, but we will give it our all!\n\nOn a side-note, this also means we will probably be less active in the comment section in the coming months so we can focus on the production. We're still reading and enjoying your reactions though, so don't let it stop you \\m/
Silvio Jose Gorgatte
Quando que irá sair o novo trabalho.esse nao tem o que falar é muito bom
Skie Nightfall
Landed here by chance and glad I did!\nThe first track especially is amazing.
Slavin Balen
out of the time music
Slayer Of Light
I just found this in my recommended section of YouTube and I'm really glad I did, I love it!
Snehil Rana
Good work. impressed
Hey Shylmagoghnar, do you guys plan on ever releasing a tab book? This is something that few bands ever do but the ones that do do it I appreciate a lot.
Time Ravager
Over 330 people came here and showed that they have really, REALLY bad taste in music.\n\nI'm seriously considering buying this album... this band is great. When is the next album to be released ?
Tony F.
So is this played on instruments?
Trezie Bouwens
this is the best of metal i ever heard and i'm a metal fan for over 30 years so this i keep listening
Trve NVT
FIne youtube, I'll watch this sh... of wait this is actually really good\nEDIT: DAMN THIS IS GOOD!
Valdoloco Saucedo
i begin the new Year and find this, then will be a good Year, great album.
Vincent Lescouet
Hi Shylmagoghnar Band !! I had finally get a GPro reader and begin to work with your free TAB. Thank you very much :) I took back my old guitar from his box where it was since 20 years. I take pleasure to try to play your song. I really appreciate all that you do for your fans. Have a good day.
W French
when the vocals finally start.... *shiver*\n\nso good.
Will Tempelmann
i jut moved to Germany from the usa. are you guys touring at all in the Netherlands or Germany at all? would love to listen live
I love it how this album just punches you in the face from the moment you start it. It doesn't fuck around with some slow melancholic clean playing or violins etc. Its just straight into the good stuff.
Zephyroth Svartedøden
I've listened to your album in Spotify. I was listening to Be'Lakor and then, suddenly your album. Then I read the comments and you're really close to your fans. I like the artists when they do that.\nI love your music. I'm listening to your album now and makes me feel calm (I'm stressed in my last hour of a job day) and I even work faster..!!\nThank you guys for your amazing music! (I'm \
chuck gardner
this world shall fall,the amount of hatred over religion and politics will be the ruin
30 seconds in and i can already tell this is going to be amazing.
cool music guys, what cool would be an instrumental album. your music is awesome but the instrumental parts irritate everything out. best regards.
gerard agramunt call
Un disco muy interesante de oir....
really fantastic work! Congrats!! I can't stop listening to it at work and home ! I must get the CD for the car (and to support this incredible band ;)  )
j j
I am a struggling guitar player without a direction. Could you guys give a few tips on how to get in the right direction?
kyle emil
I must make a compliment to these guys.Very talented and brilliiant musicians.Very beautiful songs,very creative and very diverse compositions....Step into the transcendence boundaries and enter inside the electrical plasma dimensions of the cosmic rhythms......ENTER?...YES!
Guys, when I listen to your music, it's like an epic Journey and I Know I Will not be able to do anything else than listen it Till the end !
anything new coming in 2016?
Good work, artists. I would not have believed it was two of you doing this.
rupert samael
Dobrá hudba. Já převážně poslouchám grind core ale nedá se to pořád že? .-D)\nNo a jako odpočinek poslouchám Master´s hammer. VY budete asi dvojka .-) Jinak hezký obal,bral bych ho jako tapetu na pc )\n Zdraví Český bratr
this album is a masterpiece!
Energetic, enthusiastic and full of catchy riffs and remarkable musical solutions. Great stuff.
Денис Назаров
Очень класно ,берет за душу🤘🤘🤘