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Watain - StellarvoreLyrics:With the strength of the mountains,Come forth from the North; Agios Daimon!With the hunger of oceans,Come forth from the West; Agios Daimon!As fire and flame,Come forth from the South; Agios Daimon!As thunder and storm,Come forth from the East; Agios Daimon!In the darkness,In the nothingness of absent light,Where no life force is permitted to exist.From far beyond the borders,Where god not dares,The Serpent gloats in hunger.No star will shine tonight.No star, no matter how bright.Across the firmament goes its flight.A great darkness devouring the light.God of Death. Manifest.God of Doom. Move and appear!Spread thine countless tentaclesAcross the universe.Let them spasm throughoutThe labyrinth of trembling stars.Strangle their flickering flames,Eat them whole.Wander ancient Dragon,Across the cursed heavens.Yes, behold now as it opensTo swallow the worldAnd to melt the very essence of creation.The burning mouth of Samaël,Through which all shall be reborn.Wide agape now in this final hour.And from its reeking darknessA new kingdom shall ascend,Erected on the pillarsOf the ever-burning underworld.Can't you see the twisted branchesOf the tree of Death?Rising now in putrid doomAt the center of the world!Let us welcome the Bringer of the EndWith open arms.Let us adorn the gates to nothingnessWith blood.Let us lay its enemiesLike palm leaves upon the pathOn which the Lord is coming in glory.The upheaval of the ages,That naught shall shun.Time and space devoured as one.From your abode in the dark,Come forth; Thou who eats the stars!God of Death. Manifest.God of Doom. Move and appear!God of Death. Manifest.Strike once more.Stellarvore.

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Adventum Diaboli TV Official
Humans wrote this song. We are humans. Humantity should be proud of this creation.
Amy Ereshkigal
Pure evil!!!!
Anormal Perfeito
Abraxas Live...365...
Berkay Kamer
What does stellarvore mean?
Big_Head Muhfucka
Saw this band twice open for Mayhem and I tried over and over to get into them, and it's just not happening, although this song is one of their better ones.
Brother oliktänkande
Fucking awesome. These guys got huge talent
David Dechoudens
No star will shine tonight.\nNo star, no matter how bright.\nAcross the firmament goes its flight.\nA great darkness devouring the light.\n\nhail darkness forever
Eleven as One
so fuckin' good !
Well I think of something else, for me, the lyrics are a celebration of the destruction and the swallowing of the universe (and so the stars) by a creature made of darkness, like a personnification of a Black Hole !
more like stellarbore
FNC Danium
how tf did i get asleep during this song lmao
Agios daimon meens Sint demon in Greek .
love !
I've never listened to Watain before, but this song is quite energetic, and spiritual in the revolutionary sense. Fearless, entirely non-christian and natural; the animal element becomes god as nature intends, only it's become a war with creativity as the weapon
Gore Zombie Blood
awesome band and song
Henrique Ferreira
great song
Hila Glam
Hails from Israhell! \\m/
Human president Ted Cruz Baba
Hail Satan !
Inferno Saiyan
Who's still listening now 2017?!
Watain is more to it than just another band. They really lit the flame again!
Isabelle Cuba
LOL this was my jam when I was 13. Cute \u003c3
Jelmer van der Zaag
My favourite Watain song
Jörmungand 48
Chanson exceptionnelle !!!
Kelly Cook
You know who Watain reminds me of? If you combined Venom and Possessed and added more darkness, this is Watain. Love it.
i like turisas better.
Knute Lindstrom
Just passing through & checking out Watain-this is pretty cool! A friend of mine is a Watain disciple in SF-he's clean now & playing his own metal too. I think this is what really helps him stay clean-going to shows & staying busy. We met on the streets over a decade ago, scoring dope & getting well. If this music can help someone, then there is good in it! All those religious fanatics coming here to post religious comments, knowing full well that its unwanted, are only doing so to justify to themselves of their self righteousness. This is the wrong place to find validation. Good ppl listen to this music too, there's nothing wrong with that! What IS wrong, is coming here & telling ppl that they're going to burn in hell for liking this. NO ONE HERE CARES ABOUT YOUR FAITH! Leave us alone! We came for the music, we save ourselves, end of story! \\m/
you're right
Fun stuff.
Luke Leonard Rasmussen
Awesome song. Love it. Thanks Spotify for introducing me to Watain \\m/
M3talh3ad g1rl
Can’t stop listing to this ❤️🤟🏻
Melody Dovahkiin
Ah, this is one of their best for sure.
Melusine TheDemon
fucking watain ♥
just checking out some black metal bands on youtube as I do when i'm bored...nothing really catches my attention, until now.
NecroRanger 666
Devour the Stars!
Necrotic Woods Official
All time favourite!!!
I love how Watain have got a song that says Stella in the name of it.\n\nlol.\n\nI'm drinking Stella. Listening to Watain. Drank Stella. When I saw Watain playing Stellarvore, I was turning into a Stellarvore
Nick Leppala
Watain is easily the most creative black metal band out there.
Nick P.
Agios Daimon is translated to Holy Demon in Greek.......societas satanas...
Nikesh Jauhari
if you don't like this song, it means you don't understand music.
Odin Satanas
Patrícia Vampyre
What I really like in this song is the beautiful harmony. The vocals are incredibly \
Project HAVEN
Ramon Loghin
Pure and epic black
Jesus. I didn't realize Hunter Hunt-Hendrix had a Youtube account.
Reviving the Ancients
That intro.... it gave me chills.
Richard Lindemann
This is thing is so fucking good.
Rodrigo EP
This is the most poetic lyrics about black holes ever written.
Russel Keith Liao
mma legend josh barnett preached about this band so i came here. i kinda like it
This is magical... i never liked black metal so much
Sarah Stuart
TTD FTW 1350
Perfect sound of serenity.
Silence is where we are
66 stupids don't know what is music!! 
Skate Or Die
Move and Appear!!!
no, this is patrick
Slobodan Stanic
God of death money theft!
Stella Patton
My theme song 🤘⭐️
reminds of early dissection, nice
Tay Johnson
the song to play when the world ends...
The Rock Casserole
This is a very powerful band one of the most important in all of heavy metal
344,769 views 344,769 demons summoned
great band!
Hails from Ukraine!! \\w/ ( \u003e\u003c) \\w/ Who's listening this in 2018? I'm fucking love this song.
total bad ass song and album, so strong and energetic.
Watain makes me want to slaughter some Christians.
Whom Who Bringeth Light
i take it as a great satanic beast eating the stars that god created and soon to devour the world...was summoned by those obsessed with death and ina cult...
Willem Dafuck
Zhero Zhero
So ya like to eat stars huh? Guess that’s more extreme than Tide Pods. Anyways, awesome song!
aman blackhearth
amy staniforth
God love Watain
azel barã
essas capas desse tipo de música tem desenhos perfeitos.
codey blyth
rekindle the black flame.
european latin nationalist
Iam catholic/christian its good music \\m/ and who is agios daimond
giuseppe canino
this is fucking black metal!\n
this is the like the archetypal black metal song. starts off with ominous black mass chant then goes full gear into an evil charge of destruction.
Is it troll or just a huge lack of Metal culture ?
mattpunk s.
Vore means eater, stellar means star, so the title would mean Eater of Stars.
melisa ilhan
one of my favorite
The lyrics actually make me think of the collapse of the United States; the \
is it not Agathos Daimon?
ave satan from croatia
Yeah, because Venom and Possessed have so many good melodies... not.
richard molina
live the damn black metal
trina vic shagrath
I think Agios Daimon is correct, meaning Sacred Demon.
Νυκτάλγια Νυκτωδία
Is like stars start to fall from the sky and burn my soul coz im black watain bad girl and i love them .. \u003c3\n