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Artist: Be'lakorAlbum: Stone's ReachCountry Of Origin: AustraliaRelease Date: February 5th, 2009Label: Kolony RecordsPlaylist:1. Venator DISCLAIMER: All right reserved to their respective owners. I don't own this. I don't get money or any kind of benefits from this.

Album As... Be'lakor Belakor Countless Skies Frail Full Full Album Full Length Reach Stone Stone's Stone's Reach The The Frail Tide Tide Venator

Countless Skies countless times
Ad Rianna Fireredfox
This band I met up a few days ago at the Brutal Assault festival 2015 (CZ)\nAnd they were great ! Thank you :)
Just found this band after going through Ne Obliviscaris' related artists.
34:26 Words cannot describe the energy this gave me, I AM ALIVE, I FEEL HAPPY TO BE GRANTED LIFE. YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Azrael Todesengel
Fucking awesome!
If Opeth covered an Amon Amarth album....
Bryan Caldwell
Nice nice, and im into Rap and R&B , like UGK, JAY Z PAPOOSE ETC.... and this music is beginning to make sense to me .....
Báb Déli
I'm thinkig about if this slbum would be better with some more melodical vocals? I've couldn't decide yet... 😎
Caitlin McQuade
Not since I found Amon Amarth and Big Business, have I loved an album so.
One of the best melodic metal albums ever written.
Casey DeHaven
Just discovered this band, not a big death metal guy usually stick to hardcore and the like but i've always been into Fallujah, Amon Amarth those more melodic styles of death metal and holy monkeyyyyyy these guys kill it. Such a good vibe and still so heavy with great riffs, everything is perfect.
Civility Machine
This is bloody amazing. Hell, I'm buying the album anyway, but YouTube should have a tips jar or something...\n\nThere is a band named Countless Skies...wonder if either was influenced by t'other?\n\n~Shrugs, hits replay button. Again.~
Amazing......simply amazing
Сколько же сотен раз я прослушал этот альбом... :)
Daniel Küttel
Thank you for uploading this masterpiece. Maybe a Year ago I discovered this band. After so many hours, i still love all the Songs from belakor. Its so stunning when the guitare change the melodic and speed. I hope so much that they release more Albums. I buyed all theyr Albums. Go on guys..... make more incredible sound!
Best album of the last decade
be'lakor,sounds like \
Eren Özata
*Venator*:\n\nAs I skulked past the gates\nAnd drew behind the stones\nThe winding trees enveloped\nThe cloak around my bones\n\nPeering through the night's mist\nI crept through the fen\nTo try and find the totem\nIn the grey warg's den\n\nThe freezing forest guards\nThe secrets that he wrought\nHis spirit lies on every twig\nHis scent infests the haunt\n\nHis howling cut the still air\nHis cry up to the stars\nThe piercing bay of his rage\nTore the beat out of my heart\n\nTo the entrance\nI stalked up in the shadows\nHis breathing I could hear\nRasping in the barrows\n\nSilently my dagger slid\nFrom it's ice-cracked sheath\nHis bloody maw emerging\nHis jowls hung raw beneath\n\nLike those that lusted below me\nMy mind was always snared\nThe totem drew my senses\nThe grey warg drew my fear\n\nHis giblet eyes surveyed me\nHis haggard haunch was raised\nRearing up his splintered paw\nHe struck me in a daze\n\n *From Scythe to Spectre*:\n\nI knew you some years before\nDeep in prayer under bough\nFutile sighs in vital skin\nYour flesh caressed by night\n\nYet change came quickly\nA bruise in the air, it staggered within\nSweet sickly rot\nBlack wound infection\n\nKing, slave, child\nYour fates are united\nAn unending row to the grave\nA single dance now, all eyes are shut\nBlind to the earthly\n\nBegging now to forget who I am\nEmperor, your sword is useless\nShattered crowns so swiftly\nFragile as the scythe\n\nAching bones cling to swollen limbs\nDespair floods all senses\nThe world is dying around me\n\nGaping in mirth, his old eyes spoke\nWhere you are now - I once was\nAnd what I am now - you soon will be\nNothingness awaits you\n\nBegging now to regain what I've lost\nThe tale of life is but a picture\nA flash in an abyss, a dream in the void\n\nSee that there is no meaning, \nUnderstand eternal death\nYou long now to try what you once feared\nBut the time is gone and dust will be your legacy\n\n*Outlive The Hand*:\n\nIn death she spoke of waiting\nHer final days were long\nThese fields have changed since last she wept\nBefore the silent throng\n\nShe sits where childhood memories lie\nAbove, beside, within them\nThe carvings have outlived the hand\nWhich bled to first begin them\n\nAs features of the landscape merge\nThe oldest trees are falling\nAwareness sweeps the view aside\nShe stares as if recalling\n\nSeen first beyond the canopy\nThey soon had reached the borders\nThe clouds infused with burning breath\nArrived from coldest corners\n\nThe windswept valley hastens now\nAs dying words are uttered\nFrom lips of earth and sapling's strain\nLike leaves, her last thoughts fluttered\n\nAgain it darkens overhead\nThe knowledge of it stills me\nAnd when the water starts to fall\nPreserve the drop that kills me\n\n*Sun's Delusion*:\n\nDescending through thickened mist\nAn old man reached inside and tore out my slumber\nIvory twists an open claw\nSet upon the skulls of man\n\nFormative years aside\nTruth blanched in sun's delusion\nBut providence affirmed\nDestroyed my aberration\nMortal seeds in divine\nGave grief into life's form\n\nAnd so curved the spine\nObeisance made before him\nBlessed in life but truly cursed by death\nBitter choice befalls you\nGlory, lord of men, asks but pain\n\nMaster's stone was weaved\nCompelled before the throne\nThen war came, a semblance of her\nLands unite and he prospers\n\nGrand signs assail me\nTemptation yields assent\nAs irons carve the sand\nA ruse brings fate upon him\nAnguished price for laurels\nVeins burnt by hatred,\nIn premonitions menis consumed me\n\nUnsanctified, I cared nothing for their ways\nYet a father's plea dragged mercy from me\n\nNow, demi-god, echo in eternity\nA toxic toll pierces the flaw\nOn reflection, there was never any choice\n\n*Held In Hollows*: \n\nThrough tainted mass\nA scourge unseen\nBrought three winters forth\nAnd set between\n\nAfter these hundreds of years\nThe embers and fate will collide\nHer rotten heart has burst\nAnd shattered through dead wood\n\nWhen they drank from the earth, the end was near\nTracing paths that once ran alone and pure\nSuffused within, the blighted decay\nNow snapped into dust, their splinters fall\n\nBut a tithe to the wind, his frail grasps\nClawed for the moon then came undone\nWhen all hope fails in the last broken bough\nHer strength will be gone\n\nChurning ash and husks in the bitter winds\nCrack the earth and burn the sky\nA wry procession of hubris\nWhere nothing remains\n\nBut everything changes... \nIn destruction she will create\n\nArising in glory, the searing gaze\nCrimson-handed specter of death\nUnder the blood eye of furies\nBury their feeble hearts\n\n*Aspect*:\n\nName the aspect of oblivion\nThat instilled in you such dread\nIn the moment that was waiting\nWhere the causal chain had led\n\nDescribe the pure finality\nOf that twisted, cold eruption\nAnd attempt to comprehend\nUnparalleled destruction\n\nUnclench your teeth and meet your demise\nBehold the fate you always desired\n\nStanding on the brink, we see our home is lost\nA sacrifice led to the slaughter\nBlack flickers grit the cusp\nHands clasped under falling soil\n\nDrip down faintly by dark whispers\nA torrent into madness\n\nBlunt nails shred the life from your face\nFetid strips of decaying hope\nDrift down gently\n\nIn obsidian water\nYour pale arms reach for me\nBeckon me closer\n\nIn silence at last\nA peace we always wanted\nWe cease to be\n\n*Countless Skies*:\n\nCountless times below me\nRivers rose and fell\nAgeless stones eroding out\nAcross the endless swell\n\nSongs to pave the seasons\nWounds to follow birth\nCries to carry through the night\nWombs to feed the earth\n\nCountless skies above me\nEach unlike the next\nLines of more than moon and sun\nGlimpses of a text\n\nCountless hands have sought me\nReaching out in vain\nPermanence observes without\nCompassion or disdain\n\nFlames to greet the harvest\nStorms to face in awe\nWinds to weave through every wood\nWalls to dull the road\n\nPurpose lost to frailty\nCraning blades of grass\nStrength and weakness on and on\nAll that is will pass\n\nCountless hands have sought me\nReaching out in vain\nPermanence observes without\nCompassion or disdain\n\nFlames to greet the harvest\nStorms to face in awe\nWinds to weave through every wood\nWalls to dull the road\n\nCountless waves around me\nStrong until the last\nLeaning into dimming dreams\nAll that was has passed
Fokke van den Berg
I'm gonna buy this CD for myself as a present for Sinterklaas (Traditional Dutch celebration day)!
Francisco Inzunza
The most underrated band.... ever... come to CA Sac town aftershock and I'll be there in front waiting for you guys to perform....
Gordon Heaney Guitarologist and Flatulist
Good stuff. Sounds a lot like Amon Amarth. Which is a good thing.
GrayGoose нет
Потрясающая музыка. Парни вы просто мега крутые.
Greg Waste
Sometimes I love random yt clicks so much \u003c3
damn awesome art cover, love that statue
This is a fantastic album that has more depth than a ot of metal. Hard to put this is a box so quickly. Just calling it \
I'm not really into death metal because some bands have some very screechy vocals but Be'lakor certainly proves that it can be done differently, quite a unique band.
Igor Tessele
Glad to evolute my taste from emo metalcore to this kind of music, this is such a masterpiece
This is some pretty sick stuff, very reminding of old Opeth!\nGreat stuff, really unexpected to hear it from Australia, but fuck, rock on!!! \\m/\nxD
Isaac Morales
I still listen to the full album in 2018, great music is great music.
J Smith
The vocals remind me of Akerfeldt's vocals in Opeth's Orchid, less shrieky though.
Similar voice to Amon Amarth.
This band has me absolutely spellbound, what is this sorcery? They're so ridiculously good, I can't get over it! There's that rare moment when a band actually puts it ALL together correctly, without falling short somewhere, and letting you down. This band is that band. They composed everything in such a way where you feel absolutely satisfied with your listening experience by the time you're done, longing for more. Whoever says metal can't be beautiful hasn't heard this album, and whoever says beautiful metal can't still be brutal hasn't heard this album.
The part from 21:04 to 22:06 is AMAZING
They actually sounds like INSOMNIUM. Like this group
Jeroen Reyns
this is one of the best albums i ever heard
Joe Stephenson
The fact that they play in standard E makes them so much more badass.
John Guerrero
Hi from Colombia, Excelente álbum..!!!
János Biró
elég állat, mintha északon lennék...
Jão Schmidt
Finally 1M views they deserve, this band is so good
Lance Qualls
there is nothing better than finding a band you never heard be as great as these dudes
Le goat
I barely ever comment on any social media of any sort. Basically never. But, I will leave this note to say that this is a particularly succinct view of melodic death metal, it has everything. Most other blastbeat genre defined shite would do well to listen to this and reevaluate, especially looking at the suggested videos, ugh, they don't have anywhere near the depth and complexity in playing skill and emotion.
I have to say from the very beginning of this I can feel that this album was written from the heart of this band. I'm really impressed by this.
Maculos Aquis
man there are still masterpieces out there
Manuel Sotelo
I am here because of a 9gag post in the classical art meme section. Best section ever
Melodeath by Countries
This masterpiece... Oh, so fucking beautiful, I can't even describe how gorgeous this music is!
Metal Inc
Okay, I struggle with how Metal has a million sub genres, but for the purpose of my question, it is still applicable. I have been a Thrash Metal guy my whole life (I am 40) with little deviation, I admit it. \n\nI don't exactly know what to call this sound here in Ba'Lakor, but I need to buy this album. I find myself coming back to listen to this over and over again. \n\nSo my question is, what are you all calling this exactly, and how do I find more artists the same? I saw Death Metal below, but my knowledge (old man knowledge lol) of Death Metal, sounds quite different.\n\nI looked up Melodic Death Metal, as I heard that below, but I honestly didn't like much I found outside of, well, Ba'lakor. It all had too much Orchestration for me. Don't get me wrong, love Classical instruments. I can be picky, I admit it. Picky, with an open mind ;)\n\nAre these guys just this unique, because I fuckin love it! I am usually ALL about Exodus, Paradox, Sodom, Death Angel, etc. But this Ba'lakor band will change me, for the better.\n\nI haven't been as stoked by something in awhile, first 15 minutes blew my skull open
Wow, powerful shit! I have only just heard of these guys. Yet another great and unique death metal band. 
Michael Deschambault
I think it's safe to say, we can and always will try to compare one metal group to another. We will always think \
Michael Marsh
Album cover aesthetics are an under-appreciated part of the metal experience, and this one is top-notch.
Mk Red
this is the metal of gods. Superb!!! 
Mori Darkmoss
George's voice is probably my favorite voice of all time.
OMG...\n\nI have listened to a lot of death metal, but this is, yes I can say that, this is the best I have ever heard..\nAnd I am 42, thinking death metal was dead, but what do I discover ?\n\nA masterpiece of unheard dimensions..\nI am blown away, simple as that..!!!!\nThe icing on da cake is Countless Skies, I came to that, I literally came in my pants\n\n\nThere is a god !!
Nai Che
As I saw a huge rise in folk metal in the last decade, maybe Melodic Death Metal can be next to rise! These guys give me hope.
If you like this check out Insomnium... Very similar in sound and song structure...
Paul James
Now this is music. Anyone who listens to just what's on the radio is missing a big piece of their soul
Paweł Siódmak
Only he who seeks finds real pearls. Great album :)
Peste Noire is nightcore for nazis change my mind
If you are a fan of Be'lakor do yourself a favor and check Oracle Moon by Garden Of Shadows. Thank me later.
I love this! It's very similar to Draconian. I don't see how anyone could not like this band. Honestly.
Prithvi Shiv
I've been searching for many new sounds in Melodic Death Metal After (MDMA is the acronym- those last four words made :P) Agalloch and Insomnium, boy these guys are amazing.\n\nWithin the deepest part of you, they manage to evoke sensations that ripple your skin and soul alike with awe and wonder, leaving you to savor the otherwise mundane flow of existence. Dayum they iz awesome!
Psyence Fiction
Normally, when I think of or talk about melodic death metal, Amon Amarth and The Agonist are usually my first go-to's. This right here just secured what I think of when it comes to this genre for the rest of my life. Fucking perfect melodies and sound, with the exact amount of death to keep it heavy and intense. Pure metal. Love it!
Rob Hebert
I'm in love with this album. I'm just discovering this genre of music and I gotta say it's beautiful. I started with Persefone - Spiritual Migration and have been exploring other bands. When I came across this album, I kinda stopped looking for new music.
Robert Nodge
very melodic progressive death. In the vein of opeth and katatonia.
New album coming June 24th! Can't wait!
Scor Pion
One of my all-time favorite melodeath albums.
Sebastian Osorio
I wish Chuck was still around to listen to some of the great metal that's out right now
Shaun George
Countless Skies, always and forever.
Stefeny Rheaume
Mind blown! 😱 never heard of them before tonight. Happened to be in my suggestion box. Well didn't think I could find anything to match my love for Aman Amarth or Kalmah. Glad I was wrong. Shit, these guys are pretty awesome.
Them Australians just kill it everytime
The Dodo
Why did I not discover this band for years??
The Old Oak
Hard for me to call something like this death metal because it sounds so alive .
Thế Luân Vương
So here i am, coding my new website while listening to Arcane rain fell by Draconian. Suddenly this fk album explode and i was like \
Torsten Adamietz
I need not more words to describe this album than: Fantastic.\n\nPerfect played and arranged Melodic Death Metal with progressive elements. Not be bored while listening, every song is a rediscovery.
Trevor Jensen
I've been getting into allot of this kind of music. And the thing I just noticed. I have been listening this album on repeat over and over again, allowing with Persefone, insomnium, Dark tranquility, Blood stain child. They are just that good! I have finally found my love in metal through out years of search in for this specific type of music. And its amazing how much the metal scene has progressed so much people are starting to try new things with the genre. I went from pop, metalcore, to deathcore, and I finally believe I found the greater edge of the metal genre, death metal. It never stops appealing to me.
Be'lakor and Ne Obliviscaris. Treasures of Australia.
I have countless words for countless skies.
 Be'lakor? someone was inspired by warhammer ;)
Vehement Badger
Progressive/Melodic Death Medal bands have the best album covers in history imo.
Vonfier Alunar
I love Be'lakor... that's all I have to say
Winter Sun
I'm gonna be so bold as to say this is one of the best metal albums out there. It has that something special, there are a lot of new bands and sounds out there now, but they bring that something magic to the table.
When melodeath is done right, it is absolutely orgasmic
I keep coming back to this album. Been listening to it for a few years, gonna be listening for many more.
Awesome album! very brutal and neat, perfection and equilibrium, Greetings from Argentina!
gatita rocker
súper genial , una joya de principio a fin muy buen album de esta banda australiana
\\m/Melodic Death Metal\\m/
Medusa used to turn people in stone if they incautiously watched her. That's why Perseus is keeping his eyes shut. Perseus hunted her and cut off her head using just the reflex on his shield to guide him. Then he proceeded to rescue princess Andromeda turning the dragon that abducted her in stone using the head of Medusa. Quite a masterpiece, exposed publicly in Signoria square in Florence, Italy.  
makis azko
what a masterpiece... everything u like in metal is here
marios maniat
Top melodeath!If you like this , you should check Rain of Acid , Aetherian , Mors Principium est...
mateo aristizabal
amazing album
Now wait just a cotton pickin' minute... that beat at 5:15 is designated Lopez territory!!!! C'mon!
The singer reminds me of Amon Amarth
I still love this masterpiece.
shofiul islam
what an hour!!!!!!!!!!!! Best!!!!!!!!!Epic!!!!!!!!
God knows that I love Be'lakor and Brymir as much as I used to love In Flames and Children of Bodom when I was teenager!!
Why do people think this sounds like Amon Amarth? I love Amon Amarth but seriously this to me has more in common with Opeth (without completely ripping them off). Basically they are an awesome band that aren't ripping off any one band, rather drawing from many different influences and making their own sound. It's good to hear an Aussie band doing the \
8:37 11:22 12:57 13:50 18:32 20:18 21:03 22:07 25:26 28:27 29:56 31:05 43:37 46:53 49:28 52:09 55:25 56:46
Роман Бандура
Respect from Ukraine!