WATAIN - Nuclear Alchemy (OFFICIAL VIDEO).This is the official video for "Nuclear Alchemy", the first single from the new WATAIN album · TRIDENT · WOLF · ECLIPSE · to be released on the 5th of January 2018 through His Master's Noise and Century Media.Directed by Claudio Marino / Artax Film.PRE ORDER THE NEW WATAIN ALBUM DIRECTLY FROM A SELECTION OF RETAILERS OR THE BAND'S OWN STORE: Various: NUCLEAR ALCHEMYMusic and Lyrics by WatainFire at will!Arsonists of LuciferConflagration swornHeed the flames commandLet the holocaust commenceAngel of the sulphur pitTread forth, from the gas cloudWe toil to fuel the fire Such is our sacred fateTil black smoke rise at heavens gateAll that was burning again now must beNuclear AlchemyOnward!Tidal wave of alkahestDisruptions holy forceCloaked within the darkness of the world Burst forth!Cremators of the crucifixWith vitriol in heartBut first our flesh must burnTo flame our minds must turnUntil we stand erectedPerfected and prepared Like spearheads of Satan's hostAttack!All that was burning again now will beNuclear AlchemyTransform! Aspire!By the fire of will and the will of the fireNuclear AlchemyPyromaniac witchcraftwww.templeofwatain.com/www.facebook.com/watainofficial/

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Andrew Wilson
The Law of Equivalen..... oh wait.
to be honest, that song sounds quite boring to my ears
Black Jack
Black Metal Promotion
Very energetic stuff.
Carlos Torres
No tiene sentido xddddddd
Chris De La Pena
Wow after the last few albums I had written them off as Dissection clone, but it sounds like they truly might be doing their own thing again. Long live Casus Luciferi! Waiting for another album like that!
I hope this one is the shitty song on the new album. Boring...
Daniel Alvarez
Rarely I make a comment on videos but this video really deserve it, especially because is Watain, they are true artists and for those who doesn't understand their vision they are not true artists or simply doesnt understand what real music can reach // HAIL WATAIN
Dave Blissful
Good shit
Dawid Korolczuk
wow, so much progress so much energy :D
Devin Malice
Like Outlaw and De Profundis combined.
Doug Leonard
Watain were absolutely one of my favorite bands in the past, specifically, Sworn to the Dark. Lawless Darkness had some great moments as well. The last album was a huge disappointment in all fronts and I am not even referring to the clean vocals or melodies so many were upset by. The production value, the lack of ferocity in the \
Dra'nakyuek, Destroyer of Worlds
I dig this, but hope that this is not what the whole album will be like.\n\n\n*edited because i forgot a word
Drew Wesker
Essa música é desgraçadamente foda kkk
Duan Torruellas
I like it alot , cord changes at that speed is sick 👍👍
Dödens Evangelium
This is a good track, but they overdid it with the echo effect on the vocals. \n\nHail darkness forever!
Emilia Koob
Felony Strutter
OMG, last week was of the DIVINE.  I met them again and E sgned my an already autographed poster to me. Erik made the poster 8 years ago and he anointed, blessed it with blood from the chalice, and I saw them two times.  I have now seen them 6 times and I am finally an official Disciple. I am working on my battle vest as we speak. Listen, I am an old schooler, I am 45 and seen everyone there is to see. These cats are on that KISS, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Priest level.  They ONLY people I have run into who do not like them are your typical narrow minded black metal people who go ape shit if a BM band \
Francesco Micena
che merde
Franciele Maziero
Finally! Finalmente, material novo do Watain! FTW
Fryx Ur
With due respect to Bathory, Mayhem and Dissection, WATAIN is the best Black Metal band of all time.
Ghoul Sinner
my new alarm clock ringtone
Henrik Persson
Fenomenal! Watain rules! Looking forward to the new album. Så jäkla bra låt!!
Henry Walton
First time listening to Watain, which album would you recommend to start on?
Heretic Temple
The release date of this video can't be accidental, hahaha!
The album is a Masterpiece!! Although its a significant shift away from the progressive style of 'The Wild Hunt' , it marks a return to their earlier more traditional and aggressive black metal sound. Its most llikely their most savage album since Casus Luciferi.
Hail santa!
Iben K
U know @Century Media Records, that if you wanted the VHS effect you could've just done the whole vid with a tape recorder..? You know.. in stead of using a modern digital camera to film in high quality and THEN adding snow, glitches and stripes as a layer? It makes the video look super cheap and somewhat ruins the other visual effects and the effects of the scene and props. Century Media seems to do this to all the bands they sign. U should concider hiring a new camera and editing crew..
Ivan Kashlaba
Oh Fuck, amazing agressive video! The explode on 0:23 is totally great.
Jacob Johansson
Nah. Way too messy for me. I like the Lawless Darkness/The Wild Hunt-sound more...
Joko Wahyu Channel
Jordan Cornelison
When you level up your smithing skill in Skyrim and want everyone to know
Katie of the Night
sounds like the frosty embrace of winter, reminding me of the season i fell in love with watain for the first time.
It's about time they released a new song.
Lone Wolf
Lord Absol
Not impressed to say the least... a huge fan of the band since casus but this composition is just a copy paste formula song, they sure lack \
i really like it, has a dirty, gritty feel to it, incorporated almost some rock and thrash influences, which makes them more agressive... if you see lyrics in relation to small details in the video and watain, you cannot fail to connect the dots to see where they are going with this... sworn to the dark (even if it looks like mad max sometimes, not that im complaining)
M. P.
I am blown away. Give me more.
Marcos Rodriguez
Aguante WATAIN!!!!!!!
Mario Vermyapre
More tridents please. I'm not sure if this is Watain.
Maro Vlasic
Mazen Senior
Metalowe smakolyki
Sounds awesome!
Michael Krohm
It´s Not The Best Watain Song But Also Not A Bad Song! Like It!
Drum and bass, where are the guitars?
For a glory of all evil spirits rising for victory!Hail Watain!
Nick Iwanczuk
Welcome back savages - the primal energy in this video is electric. Great teaser and a slick video. Catch you on your next tour through NYC.\n\nAs an aside to the negative commenters: If you don’t like a band’s music and their art, that’s fine. We all have different tastes, you can’t please everyone. However, at least show some semblance of intelligence or critical thought while commenting with your rationale. It’s really not that hard nor time-consuming. Otherwise you’re just making yourself appear inarticulate and/or lazy. Knowledge is power...or refuse to change and continue whining like a child, it’s your time that you’re wasting.
Nishitha 666
Fuccccccccck ✊ Hail Watain 🤘⛧
Octoprods Quebec
hope that the reste of the album is gonna kill like that !
Oliver Klose
Awesome! Can't wait to hear the whole album!
P Ostoron'
Poor man's Nifelheim.
Parsifal Skitliv
They sound like a useless shitty thrash-black metal band, with a super production. This isn't black metal, it's only boring music full of \
Pedro J. Berríos-Rolón
I like it, but definitely they've changed their sound.
Perro Bomba oficial
hola vengo a flotar
Peter Moes
Speedpunk sound and more metallic guitar sound. Dig it. Like it more than the ‘dissection’ sound.
Piotr Kolodziej
Epic album, instant classic
Renan Câmara
Agressive stuff
Robert Smith
Awesome, reminds me of 1st wave BM.
Ryk Salmons
Black metal chooses you... you either like or not. I like Watson because they are serious. Insincere work is far too common in this age of dysphoria.
I Wouldn't Say It's Boring ...... ITS BRILLIANT !!! Thanks !!!
Saraiva Toledo
Beat that Cradle of Dimmus !
Sascha Krause
Great Black Metal
Satán Imperial
great video, Amazing
Sebastian Aliste
Grande alvaro lillo ctm 🤘
Sergio Zambon
waiting for his suicide that never comes
Sofocles Mefisto
Esto esta rico
eric is so tiny.
Spikey Slug
I don't know... Hard for me not to find this track boring and repetitive, there isn't really anything special to it. Waiting to see more of the album, one track isn't enough to convince me at all.
Svetlana Volkova
The people complaining probably listen to shit like Cradle of Filth lmao
At present—from my point of view at least—the lads of *Watain* are a tad too much focussed on clamor & showmanship.\nThey're mightily good at it though. Their new vid is quite spectacular!
excellent !
Therion ΤρολλpelDanger
Watain never disappoints me.
Vincent Ugnonfleury
If you don't like this, you don't like really metal.
Watain is part of the reason why I like Swedish Black Metal.
Wheel of Ixion
Sounds just like their last crappy album
I think I saw their band sign. If you look hard enough you might spot it.
☢️ Ψ ☢️
balsara 675
Hi from india
bernard kahwaji
hahahahahahahah what the fuck is this??? this not black metal... its a fucked up mix of bad riffs silly drumming and a wannabe mardukish composer! i thought they ve grown up musicians after i heard the last album... hope it s not how the album sounds. satan must be proud .
no thanks
Sounds great. Can't wait for the new album!
Now that’s a black metal vid
françois pignon
the drummer's head 3:09...
i. g.
Очень сильная вещь,как впрочем и банда. С нетерпением жду новый альбом и уверен - WATAIN не подведёт!!!
Well, kinda meeeh...
l ecaille noire
Magnifique !
luis quilumbaquin
Son unos genios
lukas lukas
2:31 pure madness...the essence of ALTAR OF MADNESS...
mayhemic draco
Such a mad Max vibe
Eric is so bald nowadays that this looks like Nifelheim video.
Виталий Литвинов
Данил Любимов Романович
темы просито чума
Игорь Штанько
It's funny
Время такой музыки уже прошло...