Along Came Polly - Love Scene

The love scene from Along Came Polly. Enjoy! :)***disclaimer*** I do not own this material. It belongs to Universal. I am solely a fan of this movie. No copyright infringement is intended.

:) along came polly funny love love scene

Alan Tognini
Jennifer Aniston is hot
Anthony Rodriguez
Mia moglie a fatto sesso con un altro tutta colpa tua
Antonio Miguel
@lilamz18 Se llama Hey Sexy Lady - Shaggy
Barry E. Haimo
Classic scene. Love when people try to disclaim copyright infringement as if that does anything.
Brigg Man
@2m4a9t the name of the song is \
Cassie Hill
@sawlist 50 seconds until he had a orgasm.
Eal Hone
Jennifer is my idol. I love her as if use were my mom, sorry but Angelina doesn't stand a chance! Even if stupid bras said his marriage with Jen was boring, because he made it boring. Jen is a beautiful understanding awesome amazing person! I love her!
Fredrick applebottomjeans
My god...
Jimmy Belle
can somone plz explain what does 50 mean? i was jus watching the scene to see jen aniston
Jimmy Woo
rip hoffman!! let it rain!
Joey C
LET IT RAIN! *smack*
Katie Salvadore
i never realized the music in the background haha
Leyla Rouge
يراااه يالزين
Maddie Kirkpatrick
1:00 Aniston looked sexy
Maria Vanir Martinez Portilho Vavi
I Love Bem Stiller,beautifull
Matt Dickey
You're damn right I just spanked you!!
Matt V
so he lasted 4 minutes and ten seconds...not bad.
Michael Sandoval
Let it rain!!
how could you NOT spank that nice ass... and HARD
Rissa Munoz
Sawyer Rice
I love how people act like they know Jennifer Anniston personally.
Lucky man
watched this movie on tv a few days ago and dont recall seeing this scene :D
Terri Jackson
my brother was watching this movie yesterday and when he saw that he was laughing so hard. OMG it was so funny
LMAO that dumb ferret and the spank:P
Tiago Gunther
hahahahahha Perfect Movie!!!!\nWHO'S YOUR DADDY? WHOS YOUR DADDY?
Valeria Navarro
Vixen Kitten
@sawlist He was counting to distract himself from finishing too soon. It didn't work.
It sad whem they not show boobies\n
Bye nerd.
2:15 best place !!!!!!! love her ass
only other person would last 50 seconds or more with anniston is a porn star
etkar moraleslaguna
@dreamtwilightlife PERO QUIEN LA CANTA\n
Let it rain!
2:16 such a sweet ass!!!
2:50 I wouldn't mind being him.
Hey sexy lady by Shaggy
somebody now what is the song when they stared to do..... you now?\n