World Cup Team Profile: MEXICO

Featuring interviews with Diego Reyes, Andrés Guardado and coach Miguel Herrera, this is an in-depth look at Mexico's World Cup history, how they qualified and their current squad (

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Alejandra alvarez
I believe Mexico will win the next World Cup
Angel Barajas
Im mexican and the U.S and Mexico are my favorite teams i hope they face each other in the 2018 cup I'll be 18 and let the best team win.LOVE SOCCER FOREVER
Angie Estay
Hey Mexican fans, I just wanted to say good luck with your group round, though please don't take this harsh it's just my opinion I really do want Mexico to qualify, I just was seeing Croatia playing with Brazil and I actually think Brazil and Croatia are going to go through, though I think Mexico has a chance. Please don't say anything mean, because I do know Mexicans like saying cuss words and like being really rude...\n\nBrazil with Mexico, score: 4 - 1\nCroatia with Mexico, score: 3 - 1\n\nCameroon lost to Mexico so good job! I hope you guys do make it to the round of 16, I'm just saying it might be a bit hard to qualify. I'm from the U.S and the USA probably won't make it but if they do put effort in they could and I think Mexico could do that too.\n\nGo Mexico and USA!\n\nGreetings from the U.S
Ariel Serrano
Thank you USA
Brandon Lira
If cheating ass Robben didn't dive Mexico could have made it to semi finals!
Brass Matrass
A quite solid team. Good luck!
Brian Garcia
they could win they almost won netherlands
Bryan Terrazas
What if Mexico beat Netherlands?
CA Camp
even though I'm not from Mexico my mom and dad and the rest of my family are from Mexico VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
¡Vamos México!
I'm expecting Mexico to at least make the quarterfinals
Damn Weebs
Boy, Panama must really hate the USMNT. First USA stop Panama from winning their first CONCACAF Gold Cup in 2013 and then crush their dreams on going to their first ever World Cup just 3 months later.\nGood luck to both Mexico and USA!
Dan Saldana
Mexico's profile, finally!\nNow I see why it took forever, it's one of the longest profiles.
Daniel Pintor
Robben is a pig
Danny's YouTube
I remember watching our qualifying games. I cried.
David Hervani
Accurate and professional job, Thanks FIFA
Diego Correa
Orgulloso de ser Mexicano!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arriba México !
El Mexican
I remember when el piojo was still Mexico's coach.\n\n\n\n\nHe just had to punch martinoli in the face.
Mexico wont stand a chance against Brasilia!
Fabe Correa
We beat Croatia
Mexico's team can defeat any team if they want to.\nBe aware!\nViva  M E X I C O !
Fernando Torres
fear ochua
Viva México. 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
George Sorass
Viva La Netherlands!!!
We need Montes
Guillermo Hernandez
Hex Maniac
Umm...\nWas it really necessary to post the laments of Mexico fans when they lost at the 2006 world cup when you were talking about them almost not qualifying.  Use proper footage, not misleading ones
I'm not a Mexico fan but it would be interesting to see them do better at the World Cup in Russia! (If they qualify)
HyperVenom 909
i wish el piojo was are coach
Mexico,nos vemos en Recife. Sera una locura! ;)) Que gane el mejor equipo..Saludos desde Croacia!
The only reason people hate mexico cause they are too cocky when it comes to winning but there team is pretty good with a beast goalie. They have a high chance winning the next 2018 world cup.
Iván Sarabia
Mexico For World Cup!!!!
Jason M
Mexico was for me one of the most enjoyable teams to watch. Unbelievable defence, counter, and goalkeeper :) I'm a german but it was hard to see them go out..but I must say...I believe you were beaten by the best..
Javi iscopapisco
aguebo Diablos rojos de Toluca 👺👹😈👿🔥
Javier Rios
Mexico you better thank usa lol VIVA HONDURAS
Jesse Candelario
Jesus Ruiz
que chinge a su madre El America
Jesús Dorado Ávila
No era penal T.T
Joaco bernal
Me Gusta que gente del todo mundo hable bien de los mexicanos, es algo genial, y yo solo les quiero decir:\ngracias por el apoyo ;)\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\nI really like how people around the world talk really good about the mexicans and i just want to say:\nThanks for the support ;)
Johann Martínez
Los perros Chihuahua.
John Vega
Who's watching this in 2017
Juanes Isaza
Mexico is a team that suprises you, whether good or bad :) I think that's what makes futbol worth watching (:
Kevin A
For the very first time I actually believed Mexico could win a World Cup. Who knows what would of happened if they would of beat holland in brazil 2014. I mean they had a chance to go all the way. What a shame. Can't wait for 2018
Lee Ana
Ochoa is my favourite. Go Mexico! Deseo buena suerte!!! Greetings from Armenia! 
i like how the mexican fans say buro when other teams kick the ball. did i say it right?
MeAlEl Play Minecraft&Games
I always dream of Mexico winning a world, and of wearing the green white and red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael G. Scott
russia 2018 es de MEXICO
Miguel Lopez
I think Mexico can win the next world cup in Russia.....VIVA MEXICO
Mike Poptart
Netherlands got insanely lucky.
Mexican players mentality has been completely changed to a really positive and achiving one do to el piojo..u can tell by the way they been playing lately that they will go far in this world cup.. yea they lost today but they dint give it their all ..their own coach told them not to over do it afraid of injury and also alot of the players that played today are deffenitly not going to be the starting 11 at the world cup matches
Let's go Mexico !
Nestor Makhno
Mi favorite team: Mexico
Oh what?
Mexico \u003e flying divemen
Paul LostRubys
Go Mexico!! they are such a great team they're always great to watch!!! they play with so much heart! and its great to say many people support them that aren't just Mexican. :) we all have faith in you Mexico!!
Peter M.
GREECE please
Prince_fookin _Devitt
my favorite soccer team
I was waiting for this video :D
Raul Jimenez
Biggest underachievers in World Cup history: they've been to most of the World Cups, they have a large population (i.e. a big talent pool), and they're passionate about the game, but they've never gotten out of the quarter finals. Plus, their success is usually tied to high-altitude, high-temperature, high-emotion home field advantage.
Roberto Jimenez
Better then croatia for sure
NO ERA PENAL!!!!!!!!
Salvador Martinez
Santiago Dvivero
Do colombia plz
Sebastián Régules
No era penal
Shock Wavez
As a die hard Mexican fan, I am tired and annoyed of watching Mexico play in the US and the Azteca stadium. They need to play in Torreon, Guadalajara, or Leon. The mexican fans in these cities could give a better vibe than playing over and over again in the Azteca.
Come on Mexico!
Spirit of DS
Finally!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for our profile since you started uploading them
TheMiss Shakespeare
I still have hope. You'll do it great! Go Mexico! \u003c3
Tony Min
1:25 Mexico introduced CHILES to the world. lmao
Let's go Mexico!\nMEXICO!\n..MEXICO!!\n... MEXICO!!!
Zachary Or
Even despite their near-failure qualifying campaign, the team is playing better than in any world cups they've played in since 1998
FINALLY!! I've been waiting for this one since April lol VAMOS EL TRI!!!
azir zeqiraj
gracia muchos  u.s a.
charlie bravo
chris t
mexico is the best
chuy lozano
eMe Games
Have they done England yet?
javier silva
Vamos mexico
jorge vargas
I swear Mexico deserve better in World cups. They've made it to the last 16 the last 6 times now, only Brazil is the only other team to have done that. They should've topped the group in the WC2014. they had 2 unjust disallowed goals vs cameroon, and a croatian player literally slapped the ball from going to to the net in the last group game, but no penalty was given. 3 goals that would've put them ahead of Brazil on goal difference, and don't even get me started on robbens dive. Mexico always being robbed by the referees.
linda michel
¡Ya dijo, vamos a ganar!
manLIKE drogba
Hahaha they brought a donkey to jail
paulo ae
Es triste, trabajar than dicicil para llegar al mundial, contra Holanda en los quarters, ir ganando 1-0 en el 88. Drama
Mexico needs this world cup despite the qualifying history they have great players to pull it off
santiago grass
Lastima lo de México, me dolió bastante cuando quedaron eliminados, pero bueno así es el fútbol. Siéntanse orgullosos de su equipo porque la verdad es un equipazo, Saludos desde Colombia !!!!
porfin ya se habian tardado
victor diaz
I want a unexpected team to win for example Mexico USA Japan (there out) Costa Rica a team that never won before!!!!! :)