Watain "Malfeitor"

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Band: WatainSong: MalfeitorAlbum: Lawless DarknessReleased: 2010 by Season Of MistTrack: 2Lyrics:By the blessing of shunned GodsThe cord of life was deformed, twisted into a nooseTo strangle the miscarriage of the IUpon which he shall feast that was spawnedBy the semen of horror's fertileAs his many limbs extend across the Abyssthirteen horns and a million tusksin a thousand jaws that breatheonly to chew the chains that tie him to Assiahand titan is their strengthMetamorphosphordus malformationyour's is the call I followastride the wings of Deathto the crossroadsMalfeitor, the master and servant in unityat one with the Abyss when in your possession I amagainst the blindness of menthine eyes have been granted immunityso that my sight be clear when wielding the Sword of the DamnedFor I am begotten of the virgin whoreas truth and torment, priest and warriornow behold as I pervert and destroy their lawas the image of my philius moists the labia of Shekinahfor dark are the desires that dwell within my heartand the Devil is in my kissYes he isMalfeitor!in your possession I amtwilight god of transformationat the crossroads we meet againI'll pace the path of madness with your banner held highto the death's head trueyes, I am of my father the Devil and the lusts of my father I will do

Black Darkness Lawless Malfeitor Metal Watain

\\m/ \\m/
Hell Yeah.\n
I just f...ing love thist song! \u003c3
Adam Stanley
Fucking A, this is one of my favourite albums in a long time and this tune is just timeless. Whatever your take on their standpoint/ethics/vibe/dress code, you can't take away that this is pure, excellent rock 'n roll and that you actually believe the dudes, even if you don't believe in what they're saying...
Aegir Bjornson
5:08 - absolutely amazing!
Twilight God of Transformation
Alex Riesen
da da da da da dadaaaa!
Allan Gomes Barata
I swear I'm trying to enjoy Watain, but there's something holding me back (no, the lyrical content is irrelevant, I listen to other black metal bands). This may be their first song I truly find amazing. Will listen everything else.
First time listening to this band and wow, this is pretty awesome. Sounds like Mayhem (I'm not that very familiar with black metal, so it may be a bad comparison). Definitely should have checked them out sooner. It's just that their band name sounds like a comic book onomatopoeia of a skillet being hit against a metal pole.
Ari Mazziotta
Pretty good.
Astral Eos
That riff in 5:09 and after, brings out so much despair in combination with grief.\nGreat album.  \\m/
Aşkın Nur Aras
eargasm!!! I love this band sooooo much
Fuck the world and fuck all of you
Camille Michelle
It was so great seeing them play this live...a favorite of mine.
Canyahack Play's
Emperor\\m/ brought me here!
ColombianCoke Sniffer
Cory Banasiak
How I wish to see them live..
CrowiPapan Vlogautusta
Holy shit, i've got eargasm of darkness...
Dead Eternal
this has got to be one of my faves always makes me feel better whatever problem arises
Deidara Sensei
Obito ?
Desi Ozuna
Absolutely astonishing rrrrrrr...
Desiree Haag-Holt
DUR DUR WHO IZ LISTNEN 2DISS IN 2016....average attention whores lol. Still a blasting beat blessing through fire. \\,,/
Dick Dale
i.m riding a freight train with this song blasting in my mind with headphones\nhail Odin
Dustin Bradshaw
This song just keeps you listening.
Edison Mustaine Thrash 666
Dissection\n?\nJon Andreas Nödtveidt\nIs you?\n😮
Eero Hämäläinen
this is watains peak
Elias Marklund
2:03 How his voice becomes more melodic at this point is just fantastic. Wonderful song indeed.
I salute you both !
FNC Danium
so good
Francisco Esteban
i'm so angry with myself of not finding this sooner
One of the best BM song iver listenned to for a while, its now on my \
Fred Vega
Best black metal song ever!
epic shit
HS Notivclon
5:08 How can a solo sound such melodic and exciting? Most people I know think that black metal songs are horrible noises for strange guys, but they're wrong. Black metal is amazing, just like the other sub-genres.
3:59 !!!!
oh trust me there are quite a few massive egos in-between the BM crowd LOL!
Hijo de Satanás
Yes i am of my FATHER THE DEVIL! & the lust of my FATHER!... I WILL DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Horo Kusanagi
Wow That's Voice Similar to Shao Khan of Mortal Kombat
Huscarl Viking
love it
Jake Orabanec
Apparently Erik views Watain as a \
Jeremy G
Joanna Gousiou
Ας μαζευτούμε εμείς οι ελληναρες που ακούμε αυτό το υπέροχο συγκροτημα
Jordan Heracles
Muito foda!!!!
without a doubt, this is the best watain song.
LUKE sad
Lewis Gordon
This lyrics are twisted as fuck... But what a fucking tune!
Maria Luiza
Great song!
Marko Elomaa
Don't think that the only \
Matomatic 21
Aliester Black anyone?
in love this Watain..oh that is probably cause I have been playing it all weekend...anyway ..
Molotel Cokctov
love this a lot
Most Live
Myasma Calunga
Perfeito !\n
Souds like Jesus tod by Burzum
I am , of my father, the Devil. \n\n218 forever.
Québec City Tonight !!! Cheers !!!! Mothers Fuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oscar Cartes
Pestreiter J.
One of the greatest Songs of Watain !!! \nSeeing them live, was an mindblowing, trancendence experience \\m/
Psycho Killer
5:08 Por Satanás.... Nunca na minha vida eu ouvi tanto ódio em um riff.
Ray C. Swornaugh 18
2018 and I can't think of another masterpiece like this one...
1:42 i love that words
Roxana Sempertegui
me encanta esta banda ojala lleguen a BOLIVIA
Hails from MOROCO 
Selva Pereira
Sirzechs Azazel
Six Damming
Subconscious Terror
Tarb Aux
That outro... wow!
Teletelo Electro
Black metal big 4:\n\nWatain\nImmortal\nEmperor\nMayhem
Thiago lima Dahmer
Pela bênção dos deuses evitado\no cabo da vida foi deformado, torcido em um laço\nestrangular o aborto do que eu\nsobre a qual ele deve festa que foi desovado\npelo sêmen de horror do fértil\ncomo seus muitos membros se estendem através do Abismo\ntreze chifres e um milhão de presas\nem mil mandíbulas que respirar\nsó para mastigar as correntes que o amarram a Assiah\ne titan é a sua força\n\nMetamorphosphordus malformação\no seu é a chamada eu sigo\nmontado nas asas da Morte\nà encruzilhada\n\nMalfeitor, o senhor e servo em unidade\nem um com o Abyss quando em sua posse Eu sou\ncontra a cegueira dos homens\nos teus olhos têm sido concedida imunidade\nde modo que a minha visão ser claro quando empunhando a espada of the Damned\n\nPois eu sou gerado do prostituta virgem\ncomo verdade e tormento, sacerdote e guerreiro\nAgora, eis como eu perverter e destruir a sua lei\ncomo a imagem do meu philius moists os lábios de Shekinah\npara escuro são os desejos que habitam dentro do meu coração\neo diabo está em meu beijo\n\nsim ele é\n\nMalfeitor!\nem sua posse Eu sou\ndeus crepúsculo da transformação\nna encruzilhada que nos encontremos novamente\nEu vou andar pelo caminho da loucura com a sua bandeira erguida\na cabeça de morte verdadeira\nsim, eu sou do meu pai o Diabo, e quereis satisfazer os desejos de meu pai que vou fazer
Just tried playing this. I have no finger skin left.
Everyone hyped about 5:07. I am banging at 4:00.
Ulises Hernandez
5:07 ... that`s just so EPIC.
Vae Victus
i dont know why but always when i  listen to this song in the beggining \ni am listening to \
Zech Evans
I only found this band because I accidentally bought their shirt when someone put it with the Behemoth shirts. \nI am not disappointed.
I saw them live both times for their Black Metal Warfare tour. Fucking epic! \\m/
anderson Smith
my favourite song with the word metamorphosphordus in it
Very well worked song. Excellent!
clive torment
That is a living entity
this is now one of my new favourite songs oml
I'll pace the path of madness with your banner held high, to the Death's Head Truth, yes I am of my father The Devil, and the lusts of my father, I, Will, Doooooo! So much hate and longing in this section. It's so intense, only to reach a real peak at the melodic riff that follows
filip galka
2:28 This Solo is so fucking amazing.
jerson ricardo bello rodriguez
if this is music to my ears..this is what the world needs darkneess to stop believeving in that fucking christ....
juan padilla
like a los videos de watain
kokkonak kk
You know, Watain and Taake is kinda similar. They've made modern sounds with traditional BM atmosphere and attitude.
melisa ilhan
watain is awesome band
nils nilsson
1 of the best songs ive heard of modern black metal
patatas fritas
yes brother, perfectly epic.
work of art
yann dequatre
watain meilleur groupe de black au monde C est magnifique une musique parfaite 666.Un plaisir pour les yeux en live mais aussi pour leur virtuosite notemment a la guitare
Александр Леонкин
Павук херни не посоветует
This is actually pretty decent mallcore, even if it disguises itself as black metal.