evroturi - magaria | ევროტური - მაგარია

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\Hey Marshall. Super glad to see you doing a new DGR vid. Your deck looked really sweet, sorry to see ya get mana screwed. I too once went deep with Melek to a similar result. I did get to copy a Mind Grind x4 and just win but when Gruul just hyper-curves on you and you got Melek sitting in your hand like "whaddya expect me to do about it? I'm just a Weird Wizard." The go deep on Melek plan is just too cute. Fun but adorable... Your opponent's deck looked pretty sweet too. GBW, junk, or as I like to call it Gorzlesnya is probably my favorite color combo for this format. I have made it my personal goal to populate a cleric token from a Deathpact Angel. That would be sweet.

Leo k
martla magariaaaaaaaaaa