Rebūke - Along Came Polly UNRELEASED (Jamie Jones Creamfields 2018)

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Quick shot of Jamie Jones playing this unreleased gem by Reuben Keeney's alter ego Rebūke. This track has got a huge amount of attention the last month or so and is getting huge support by multiple top house DJ's. Sit back, listen and enjoy! COMING 7TH DECEMBERThe original footage ain't mine, it was passed on to me. Credit for the original video - Harry Hamilton!

Rebūke alongcamepolly creamfields2018 live remix

This tune is going to pull faces off everywhere
Dan Rushe
What did you use to record this!!
Do something about it
Germo T.s.
good knit!!!!!!!!
Harry Hamilton
Mia Anthony
wen is this song being released????! 😩😩😩😩🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Remco Janzen
Great track! Heard it at Paradise Mysteryland. Hope it will be released soon.
name of the song ?
An Irish DJ from Donegal going by the name “Rebuke” is the mastermind behind this massive tune - Along Came Polly. Ireland’s biggest DJ right now, favoured by Deadmau5. I hope this DJ gets the fame and credit he deserves!